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July 26, 2011
Although the story is predictable, this movie is hilarious and very entertaining. I really liked Lloyd and the rest of the cast, they did a great job in their roles. The slapstick comedy doesn't take center stage, it's balanced with the story and the action. And it has a great ending. I recommend seeing this movie.
August 11, 2009
Harold Lloyd is usually overshadowed by Keaton and Chaplin, but not for any good reason that I know of.
July 27, 2009
This is still only my fourth Haroly Lloyd picture, but I have loved every single one of them. Each of them have their own hilarious moments along with originality and quite a bit of heart. The Kid Brother seems to have a lot more gags than the other Lloyd movies I've seen, but I read that that is the way he wanted the movie done. The first hour did get a little boring and repetitive, but the last 20 minutes was hilarious, thrilling, and uplifting. Any Lloyd or silent film fan should definitely check out this underrated film.
July 16, 2013
one perfect movie in terms of timing (you can adjust your clock to its three-act-structure), imagination and and overall ingenuity. those were the days, my friends, when the top movies were just right. that - long drawn-out - finale ranks among the greatest ever made. despite being a comedy, it is full of nailbiting thrills. vintage heaven. forgive me for my english. it's onla a second language. four stars or 10/10!
March 30, 2013
Ver películas cercanas al comienzo del sonoro nos pone en aprietos siempre. La idea de que un cambio tecnológico siempre implica avances es discutible. En el caso del sonido, hasta se podría asegurar que su aparición en el cine fue un retroceso, o quizás un parate en el desarrollo del lenguaje (complejo) del cine mudo. Michel Chion dice que en realidad debería llamarse "cine hablado" al "cine sonoro", porque "...el cine desde su nacimiento fue sonoro" (desde el comienzo se utilizó la música para acompañar las proyecciones)". La película The Kid Brother es una de las tantas pruebas del desarrollo complejísimo al que se había arribado en el "cine mudo" para el año 1927. Una película con varias tramas que se entrelazan, cuya música nunca se vuelve monótona; la misma -apelando a las variaciones sobre un leit motiv- siempre está resaltando o marcando momentos específicos de la trama. Una película divertida pero no superficial, de la mano de un Harold Lloyd afiladísimo en su performance. Una joya para volver a ver una y otra vez.
July 28, 2012
This is my favorite Harold Lloyd film, and probably the funniest silent comedy I've seen.
February 17, 2012
The Kid Brother is one of Harold Lloyd's best efforts. It's certainly the most emotionally gratifying and most heart-warming of Lloyd's films that I've seen, but it's not the funniest. There were some great moments of comedy genius, but a good majority of the jokes feel outdated and flat. Despite this, the entire experience is still very enjoyable. It may not but a hilarious laughter-fest, and the writing is somewhat shoddy, but there are a lot of brilliant moments of physical comedy, and emotional connection, and it makes for a great experience.
January 3, 2012
Best silent film ever from the 1920's.
½ July 9, 2010
I'm more of a Keaton silent film fan, although this film has a good heart I just didn't laugh as much as the film would have wanted me to. Some of the gags are just very dated and stale, which isn't particularly the films was made 83 years ago! Harry Lloyd's humor doesn't hold up as well today as Keaton or Chaplin for me, but it's still a classic story with a cute romance, and some silly/stupid physical bits. Also, there's a sailor monkey: always a good thing!
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