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½ January 28, 2009
As a first generation, similarly "inappropriate" Asian American who grew up in a predominantly white city never quite feeling as "Asian" as other people seem to view me, there is no other comedian I can identify better with than Margaret Cho. Her range is fantastic - she can do hilarious impressions of everyone from asian "old school" relatives to George Bush and Condoleeza Rice, gay men to snotty 14 year olds, Japanese film samurai to Ukiyo-e pictures. I admire her tremendously - a brave, intelligent woman who manages to utilize her own closely-observed experiences of racism and sexism to educate the audience about it. An example - "Whenever I go to a dinner party, inevitably someone tells me 'Too Much Information,' and, 'Don't Go There.' -- Problem is - I live there. I bought a house there. I'll TAKE YOU THERE!'." She wisely advocates the need for constant communication and discussion to bring about the "CHO REVOLUTION."
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June 14, 2010
Thumbs down. I love Margaret Cho but this is bad political humor.
June 5, 2006
Unless you're a homosexual, a feminist, or a Cho Fan, don't watch this! - Not only is it rarely humorous, it's just whining! It's this kind of attitude prevalent in society today that gives feminism and homosexuals a bad reputation. - America is a democracy. Most people are heterosexual. The majority rules, fuck you.
January 22, 2008
Margaret Cho is always funny, and although this is good, it does not contain her best routines. Fun though.
½ September 18, 2004
Though Revolution is not as funny as Cho's prior two concerts it shows maturity and more insight into life's gifts such as relationships and child birth. If you are a fan anything with Cho will do, if you are not a fan start with her earlier efforts.
August 17, 2004
[b]DVD [/b]First Viewing, 1 Machado film seen

I have huge respect for Margaret Cho. Not only can she be funny, but she uses her art to express her angst against the world. She is truly an artist, even if a lot of her jokes are about crapping her pants. I heard that [i]Revolution[/i] is the weakest of her three stand-up comedy films. I will be sure to check out the others.
½ August 10, 2004
So last night I watched Cho Revolution. It was a bit different than seeing it live but still funny as hell. So at least I got to laugh for a little while. I think I've been doing a bit better. Not as depressed and hiding in my room as much. I don't think I will be completely happy until I find a better job and I'm able to start paying my bills again without as much worry.

I got an e-mail from a former co-worker and friend down in Ohio. She just moved into a new place closer to work. Before my move to Michigan we were planning on moving in together. Now once again I'm at those "what if" moments. "What if" I had stayed in Cleveland and kept my job and moved in with her? I sure think I'd be a lot happier than I currently am. I wasn't happy down there and that's why I moved back to Michigan. But now that I'm not happy here I think that I just may not find happiness anywhere.

So anyway, on another note. Last night I had a very strange dream. .. wait it was two dreams. Whatever. I had this dream that I was being followed around a building by a serial killer but that is not the strange part. I had a second dream but it was exactly like the first one but it was from someone else's point of view. Like one example was in the first dream I would be in one room and hear the noise of a door slam and then something shattering. Well in the second dream I was the person who slamed the door and then knocked into a case that had plates in it and they fell and shattered. But I was me in both dreams. It was just very weird. If anyone has thoughts on this let or has had dreams like this let me know because I'm starting to feel kind of creeped out by it.
June 20, 2004
I've been watching "Last Comic Standing" this season pretty religiously, in that I've managed to catch every episode thus far. It's an inspirational experience, one that prompts me to ponder trying to do stand-up comedy myself. I mean, I'm at least funnier than the likes of ANT ("I'm gay! It's funny!") or Tammy Pescatelli ("I'm Sicilian! It's funny!").

And then I watch Margaret Cho.

Margaret Cho makes it look so easy. Sure, her jokes aren't always hysterical, but her delivery is. Sure, her politics sometimes get in the way of being entertaining, but she can follow a long anti-Bush rant with a joke about fisting that will make even the hardest-hearted Republican giggle inside.

REVOLUTION is Cho's third concert film, and astonishingly (especially after watching LCS, where comics pull the same gag out of their mouths three nights in a row) it's all new material. Sure, she goes back and does an impression of her mother, but it's a bit like a band playing their "big hit"--you know it's going to happen, the audience wants it, and it's certainly fun even if you've heard it before, so just go along with it. It only lasts for a minute or two anyway.

The highlights of REVOLUTION include Cho taking on Bangkok sex shows, Asian portrayals in films and pooping all over her car due to a diet she was on, but even between these rolling-on-the-floor-laughing bits, there's some gold to be found. Fans of sexual and scatalogical humor will be satisfied, and it's to Cho's credit that the humor never feels like vulgarity for the sake of vulgarity. She's out to entertain, not to shock.

The makers of REVOLUTION have wisely taken a step back from NOTORIOUS C.H.O.'s shots of the audience. In fact, the only time we see the audience is at the brief beginning--thankfully, there's no footage of irritating fans doing their own Margaret's mother impressions to make us cringe. No, this is Cho's show, and the filmmakers know it.

Sure, it's not all great stuff. Cho's wrap-up speeches (NOTORIOUS' gay marriage tirade, REVOLUTION's lengthy diatribe about discrimination in general) are pretty much just playing to the choir, getting the obviously pro-gay audience worked into a frenzy before she leaves the stage. Her opening Bush jokes are strangely lackluster, focussing on the old "nu-cl-lar" pronounciation. (We know he can't speak coherently by this point) But the middle... the middle is prime Cho.

As for LCS, I'm rooting for Jay London (yeah, everyone hates him. I don't care.) or Corey Holcomb. I miss Jim Wiggins.

(And what the hell, WILL DURST doesn't make it to the finals? WILL DURST? The man's had more laughs in his dead skin than ANT's ever gotten.)
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