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August 5, 2014
Not always on target, but original.
½ October 19, 2013
Delirious is indeed a funny satire of the paparazzi with good performances from the main actors. Steve Buscemi plays the loser role well, being one of many sharks trying to take that one lasting shot. However, many of the character development in this movie did not get the attention it should have got: depth wise and personality wise. Take Steve Buscemi, who is playing an adult male making pictures. He visits his parents halfway through the movie and is totally disappointed that his parents don't like one of the many sleezy pictures he took. First of all, this 40 plus year-old guy should know this already, second, it's more of a teenager thing to want approval of his parents the way Buscemi wants it ("don't you like my sleezy picture?"), third, it's really not much of an original, thought provoking plot, although the whole movie basically is counting on it. That's really disappointing.

Furthermore, the film is very unrealistic, the main character being such an a-typical bum, way too handsome, way too sweet. The whole falling in love with the movie-star thing, well, I didn't buy it. Sure, it's a comedy, but it could have used a bit more realism and a bit less cinderella meets prince charming. For the rest, i do think it is a fair tale of show-bizz and all the utter bullshit that comes with it. This movie was good, I actually liked it, but it did have mayor flaws. Therefore, three and a half stars is all it's gonna get.
½ January 26, 2013
A good little movie. I still love DiCillo's earlier movies but this is a decent film.
½ January 19, 2013
really enjoyed it. don't know exactly why though. steve buchemi was awesome as always and michael pitt was a good choice for toby. it seems like it's unintentionally funny, and that's what makes it great.
January 1, 2013
this was silly and sexy omg
December 2, 2012
John Candy as his usual lovable self.
August 30, 2010
I remember it being just okay. Nothing to write home about.
October 22, 2012
Good performances by Pitt and Buscemi who went on to work together on Boardwalk Empire.
½ October 1, 2012
Okay storyline. Buscemi was of course the standout.
½ June 14, 2012
this is a really good movie. for some reason i just found it really great. at parts i just seemed to lose track a litte bit of what was happening (but then regained what was) this was a really well made movie with a great ending.
the ending was full of emotion and it was great to see him so happy, i had begun to hate the homeless man for being selfish and unforgiving. but at the end i truly think he made up for it
April 26, 2012
4/25/2012: After an hour, it still wasn't the least bit interesting or funny
April 26, 2012
I thought acting was fabulous... This story has a tender underside
March 14, 2012
Well, I'm a massive Michael Pitt fan, and this could be good. It also needn't!!
February 27, 2012
Really loved the first two thirds of this movie, then weirdly it becomes this totally different movie for the last half hour. Steve Buscemi is amazing and really brings this manic insane annoying character to life.
January 10, 2012
this was funny i liked it.
September 29, 2011
"Delirious" is a terrific 21st-century fairy tale and a delicious indictment of our obsession with fame and celebrity, anchored by the inimitable Steve Buscemi --who's paired here with his "Boardwalk Empire" co-star Michael Pitt. Savagely satirical, it has a sweetly sentimental undertone. Buscemi and Pitt are great together; Alison Lohman and Gina Gershon provide outstanding support. Turns out that paparazzi are people too!
July 2, 2011
I liked it. I guess I like themes of loyalty,friendship, betrayal
and redemption. I loved the contrast of Pitt and Buscemi. I loved the artsy scene of first being in love with the rain of pedals.
½ May 31, 2011
Michael Pitt and Steve Buscemi make an unlikely pair in Delirious! Follow the two through the merciless world of show biz as they portray photographers (paparazzi).
Super Reviewer
½ May 14, 2011
I always jump at the chance to watch Steve Buscemi work, and here he is at his most acerbic self, playing a paparazzi with delusions of grandeur opposite Michael Pitt who does a creditable job as Toby, the homeless young man that Buscemi takes in (and takes advantage of).

The story ostensibly is about their relationship - that of a loser who gets a chance to play Svengali to a naive yet grounded young man who had come to New York hoping to find an acting gig. While this story is interesting what makes the film compelling is that it really gets inside the media/stardom riff. Buscemi's character "Les" (hint hint) points out that those that take the picture are just as important as the stars themselves, because without the pictures there'd be no magazines and without the magazines there'd be very little to keep the stars in the spotlight.

The film further exposes the stardom hierarchy (as perceived by the stars themselves). There's A list and B lists galore, and even an "all access" press pass has levels of true access. It's this farcical nature and twisted reality that Les rails against (in Buscemi's own brash, yet wounded soul way); although his tough exterior hiding a pitiful guy with low esteem riff does get a bit tired by the end of the film. He keeps telling Pitt that the stars are no different from you and me, but yet gets completely tongue tied when he gets the chance to meet Elvis Costello. Yep, Les is a sad loser, one of those who exist on the fringe of society - wanting to be noticed, but without the charm and charisma to make it happen. Even his small victories seem hollow as his parents totally dismiss the fact that one of his pictures got a quarter page spread in one of the trash weeklies.

The film also features Alison Lohman doing a nice turn as a coddled Britneyesque music star that the story of Toby and Les revolves around. The film pokes fun at this type of character by showing a compellingly bad music video of her latest "hit", and then later as she and Costello discuss doing a musical about the life of Brittney Spears - life imitating art, imitating crap. Gotta love it!

Overall I felt that the film could have been tighter. There were scenes that went on too long as if searching for some magical riff that never occurred, and at times the pacing dragged, but overall, while stylized, it did give an intriguing look into the star machine while also offering solid performances by the two leads.
March 21, 2011
this was silly and sexy omg
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