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½ November 18, 2012
A former political reporter interviews a soap opera actress.
Largely a two-hander, Interview features strong performances by the two leads, writer/director Steve Buscemi and Sienna Miller. The chemistry between the two actors is strong, and Miller, especially, is able to find nuances in the banal.
The script's pace seems off. It's hard to hold a film audience's interest with only two characters and a single set, and when the camera should be moving, it isn't and vice versa. Buscemi isn't a great director, but he gives himself and Miller plenty of freedom, which saves the film from becoming too trivial and claustrophobic.
Overall, this film is decent and worth seeing if only for the leading actors.
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July 10, 2007
The characters are not very likable, but they are never boring, and are quite fascinating. The dialogue is well-written, very biting, and makes for some really good battles of wit and ego. Buscemi (Who stars, directs, and co-wrote the script) is fantastic as the frustrated, bitter journalist with skeletons in his closet. He's my favorite actor, and I love him as a director, but it's Sienna Miller who really amazes me here. She is excellent as the vapid, manipulative starlet who has a lot more depth to her, and is smarter than she leads on. This is a good movie, but it would be amazing and much better off as a stage play.
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October 28, 2008
If you watch the trailer for Interview you may be left with the impression that you're about to watch a throwaway episode of Iconoclasts. But if and when you actually watch the movie you're going to be in for something different. Crap, pretty much. Interview started off alright enough. Sienna Miller was great and Steve Buscemi was okay too. I wasn't truly sold on their chemistry and that eventually gave way to Buscemi (who also directed) giving into self-indulgence of Woody Allen proportions. Not to mention sticking one of the world's douchiest twists on at the end. Interview's not even 90 minutes long so you're not pissing away that much of you life by watching it but you'll still probably wonder why in the hell you watched it.
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July 10, 2008
I at first found all the emotional twists and turns to be off-putting, but once I gleened that this was all about role playing and that what was being said at any particular time was either false or a half-truth, this film worked for me.
Yes, it is a lightly veiled 2 person play, but the confining aspect works in its favor.

Good performances by Buschemi and the female lead, and although I saw the twist at the end coming, the multi-layered effect of condemning preconceptions still made me smile.
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May 20, 2008
Interview is a recent film directed by and starring consistently brilliant actor Steve Buscemi. In fact, it is a remake of a 2003 film of the same name by deceased Dutch filmmaker Theo Van Gogh. Buscemi stars as Pierre, a political journalist who is forced to do a interview with an "it girl" soap opera star named Katya, played by Sienna Miller. It's a minimalistic concept that results in a snappy, dialogue-driven character study. Indeed, 75mn of its 90mn run-time are spent in one set with the just the two characters interacting with one another. Interview is very much an actors' film, which is what I would expect from Steve Buscemi, who you could definitely call an actors' actor. This is the first time I've seen a film directed by Buscemi, I only learned after watching this that he has directed several films before (which I intend to check out asap). And his directing style meshes well with the material, showcasing the fine performances of the leads and remaining largely unburdened by anything other than the developing relationship between the characters, their revelations and their conflicts, the human drama that naturally erupts when two people at the end of their rope are in one place for a significant amount of time. The only real beef I had with the film is that I'm not sure I liked the way it ended; underwhelming to be sure. But overall, I really liked this film, and it really shows why Buscemi is so well respected; that he can put in such quality work both behind of and in front of the camera. His co-star deserves a lot of praise for her work in the film as well. Buscemi fans, scoop this one up!
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July 13, 2007
I thought Buscemi was ok in the flick but I really didn't feel as if the movie was telling a story. The conversation shifted heavily so fast that i was wondering if these people had some sort of A.D.D. issue.
It's a good premise but I don't think it was pulled off as well as it should have been.
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March 19, 2007
Review coming soon.....
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December 18, 2007
The movie was very simple and there's pretty not much to the movie except observe the beauty of Sienna Miller. After falling out with his editor, a fading political journalist is forced to interview America's most popular soap actress.
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½ September 3, 2007
This was a great tribute to Van Gogh by Buscemi! Very clever story..and it made me decide to give Sienna Miller another chance.
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June 2, 2008
I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. Yes, there was lots of talking and little action. But, I felt like I was watching a game of cat and mouse, only Pierre (Buscemi) was playing checkers, while Katya (Miller) was playing chess. It was a competition, but the journalist didn't have a clue of the score until far too late in the game. If I am going to listen to a "talkie" like this, there has to be dialogue that sounds like natural speech and this one delivered. There was conflict without violence, tension without sex, and one comes away wondering which one of them deserves more pity. Far from a waste, I found it to be well worth the investment of my time. No sex, no blood, and all talk. Not everyone's cuppa.
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½ August 5, 2008
[font=Century Gothic]In "Interview," Sienna Miller, an actress who desperately wants to be taken seriously, plays Katya, an B-movie actress and television star who desperately wants to be taken seriously with the worst cell phone ring tone in the universe. Her being an hour late for an interview with journalist Pierre Peders(Steve Buscemi, who also directed), who has one eye on an ever growing scandal in Washington DC, only serves to annoy him and thus their meeting is doomed before it has a chance to properly start. To make matters worse, she indirectly causes his cab to crash but taking pity, brings him back to her loft to tend to his injuries...[/font]

[font=Century Gothic]"Interview" might have worked as either a stage play or in its original Dutch, but not in its current incarnation, especially with its awkward and inept staging and camerawork. Any figurative dance between two characters like this one can only succeed when both characters are on equal terms which is not the case here since Pierre is such a loathsome, unprofessional character. Do I sense some hostility towards celebrity journalists, by the way? My problem with celebrity journalism is not that it is all about the negative but that there is little privacy given to celebrities(By osmosis, Pierre is well aware of Katya's fluctuating bra size) and the inordinate amount of attention that it is given.[/font]
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August 21, 2007
Unlikely yet engaging bout of verbal sparring between starlet, journalist.
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July 20, 2007
What a tricky little movie. As Ebert points out, it's fascinating to watch the way these actors portray celebrities and journalists as they seem them. This movie is two people talking, flirting, attacking, playing mind games on each other, and everything in between. The ending...I'm not quite sure how I feel about the ending. It kind of mocked me and my expectations and desire to see this film play out, in a way. Steve Buscemi is great as always. I'm barely familiar with Sienna Miller (this is the first movie I've seen her in, and I know she's somehow connected to Jude Law...that's pretty much it), but I couldn't take my eyes off her. Of course, she's beautiful, so that didn't hurt. But I don't want to undermine her performance.

The dialogue is riveting.
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June 8, 2009
Sienna Miller is certainly trying hard to prove herself as a serious actress - and she's good in this. And Buscemi (also writing and directing) is his usual brilliant self. Sadly, the two characters are not interesting or likeable enough to hold the film for it's short 80 minute runtime.
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½ May 28, 2008
Steve Buscemi is perfect in this movie and Sienna Miller is captivating.
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April 8, 2009
Insufferable, annoying, pathetic, contemptible characters hoard the screen with their whiny creepiness for an hour and twenty minutes, each trying to trump one another in a competition to see which is the lowest form of life. A "twist ending" almost saves this film, until you realize the lack of consistency it has with the rest of the film. The only saving grace this movie has is the fact that the near hour and a half you spend rolling your eyes, watching these lowlifes actually has some point in the end, albeit not much of one.
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November 18, 2008
Fairly disappointing and kind of boring.
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October 3, 2007
Great writing and performances.
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