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The movie demonstrates a smart movie geek's obsession with the rhythms and gory details of horror storytelling, undermined by a pompous insistence on spiritual lessons of the tritest kind.

June 11, 2008 Full Review Source: Entertainment Weekly | Comments (17)
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Greg Guro

tritest? Is that a word?
I never knew EW to ever give a film a negative rating. Aren't you worried you won't be able to have an "exclusive" interview with the cast of this crappening?

Jun 11 - 03:27 PM


Ryan Roach

A) Yes, tritest is a word. Look it up. And B) Yes, EW gives negative reviews all the time. Again, look it up.

Jun 11 - 10:28 PM


jt costa

Dear Eddie,
A) Jerk. You are one, look it up.
B) Phosphorescence. Yup, that's a word too, look it up. Use some and pull your head out of that crap reviewer's (Lisa's) ***. That was a weak/horrible review, by a "professional" nonetheless. It was nothing more than a tirade against the filmmaker with a quick synopsis of the movie for an intro.

Jun 12 - 02:05 AM


Ryan La Grou

why do you have to be so stupid

Jun 11 - 04:11 PM


Sandy Fugate

This reviewer sounds as if she totally hates the film, but then gives it a C. I don't get it. Is it horrible or average?

Jun 11 - 04:12 PM


First Last

Horribly average? Averagely horrible? Take your pick.

I agree with her review, and I've only seen clips of the film.

Looks. So. Stupid.

Jun 13 - 12:11 AM


Sri HK

How is she again a top critic? This kinda crap passes as a movie review these days ha? Even freaking lazy to write a two para review?

I give this review a F-.

Jun 11 - 04:41 PM


Aby Li

Learn hot to review a movie first. Crap review.

Jun 11 - 06:52 PM


Matt Heitzman

haha funny that people are trying to attack the critics.

Just accept the fact that MNS is a hack and makes bad movies. This isn't a surprise to anyone.

Jun 11 - 10:31 PM


Bruce Dennis

People may be attacking the critics a bit, but I cant say I blame them at this point. I have read two of the reviews of this film, one from EW here, and I can't help but feel the same way as most others; the review is too short! (really about a paragraph if you dont count the synopsis at the beginning). I think if people are gonna rip on MNS, you can at least give good reasons and maybe go in detail a bit, that shouldn't be too much to ask. Anyone can write a 4 sentence review saying they didn't like it.

You may not like MNS, so if that is the case, you really just want to rip on his fans. All the fans, and maybe the not-so-much fans, want at this point is a decent review!

Jun 11 - 10:59 PM


Gustavo H.R.

"The fact that Shyamalan is a hack"? It's no fact, it's just your opinion.

Jun 12 - 09:10 AM


Christopher Smith

Shyamalan is hardly a hack. I love how people claim he's only made one GOOD movie, when in reality he's only made one BAD one (well... if the reviews for this film are accurate, two now). The Sixth Sense, Unbreakable, Signs and The Village were all very well-made films. The Village was poorly marketed, but it was very good. Even Lady in the Water got a little more negativity than it deserved (the script definitely required a few rewrites, but Paul Giamatti ultimately saved it from being a total disaster) - however, I'll concede that it is his only bad movie.

Jun 12 - 10:45 AM


Jeremy Capello

I've never seen his two movies before the Sixth Sense.

Sixth Sense - Good movie.

Unbreakable - Bad movie. It was a two-hour long character development that led nowhere. It was boring and after he discovers all his "powers" what does he do, he fights a bum and learns that water is his kryptonite.

Signs - Okay Movie. It wasn't too bad, it would have been much better if they never actually showed the alien - I think that was a bad decision.

The Village - Utter Garbage. I don't think there was really anything about this movie that was good. It's only redeeming quality is that it's better than Lady in the Water.

Lady in the Water - Worse than the Village.

So of the five movies of his that I've seen three are pure trash, one is _okay_, only one of his movies (The Sixth Sense) is actually any good.

Jun 13 - 08:05 AM

Victory Class

Darryl Blake

Well, at least he's better than Uwe Boll. MNS at least knows how to direct a movie and make somewhat sense of character development. Technically he's a good director. His Downfalls are the STORYS themselves. For example, My MNS movie is this," We follow a group of people who seem to live normal lives, until people start vanishing, physically being pulled ,warped away if you will. Then new people seem to appear out of no where acting has if they had been there forever, just living their normal lives, until they too are ripped from existance ... (Are a small number of people going crazy ?!!! whats going on)..DUM DUM DUM..(thats thats sound of big drums playing to the reveal)...No what we find out is, they are all spirits living in a (Heaven) or (Hell) yeah, its just like everyday life, Heaven and Hell is no different than what we live now. But the reason people keep vanishing is that their souls are being called fourth to the real earth realm by Psychic who are searching for answers, but in doing so has ripped that particular soul from its own existence and placed it in purgatory/limbo. Where they roam the earth has a tortured soul. Which leads into the sixth sense story line."
There you go, thats my Crazy MNS story, making a offbeat statement about society and religion and whatever else bull**** people what to make of it. In the end , its a story I pulled outta my A** in the 5 min it took me to write this thing.

Jun 19 - 05:01 AM

A Semi Film Buff

John Matthew

if she wrote a review like this, at least give it a D

Jun 12 - 02:25 PM

JC Martel

JC Martel

Signs is freakin' awesome ! Love that movie.

Jun 12 - 05:23 PM


Francesco Borromini

Not sure if I'll see it at the theaters, but if the reviews are accurate...I wonder what's happening with MNS. This would be a downward trend after Lady in...

I found his first three films to be very good.

Jun 13 - 06:23 AM

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