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Undoubtedly M. Night Shyamalan's weakest thriller to date...

November 6, 2008 Full Review Source: Reel Film Reviews | Comments (13)
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You obviously haven't seen the village.

Nov 10 - 08:30 AM

David Nusair

First Last

I will go to my grave insisting that The Village is a misunderstood masterpiece.

Nov 15 - 07:13 AM

Joseph M.

Joseph Meador

Your cinephile peers will probably put you there too!

May 14 - 08:40 AM

T M.


All I can say is... Action/Adventure.

Nov 13 - 08:55 AM

John R.

John Robinson

OJ insists he is innocent too! M. Night is the worst director in Hollywood other than Uwe Boll.

Dec 30 - 12:56 PM

Heather N.

Heather Nelson

Have you seen his movies...
They all hold the same kind of amount of thrills. He`s a director of arts, not big huge block busters.
The Village, Lady in the Water....hmm, ya Im pretty sure the Village was spoofed and not a lot people know what the Lady in the Water was.
So I wouldn`t say it was his weakkest thriller just that he`s a `misunderstood`director. (And no, I am not a fan of him but you shouldn`t be a crictic of a director if his other movies have been less then great block busters lately. I think he peaked at Sixth Sense)

Jan 7 - 03:44 PM

Chris A.

Chris Akley

6th Sense one of the greatest ever.
Unbreakable was VERY good.
Signs was a hell of a ride.
The Village was VERY GOOD.
LITW was fun and a good escape movie.
The Happening was not his best, had a lot of flaws, but I still enjoyed it without spending the whole movie criticizing it. I go to the movies to escape, it let me do that.

Jan 21 - 04:52 AM

Dingbat Charlie

Dingbat Charlie

Yet this but nugget critic still rated it fresh?

Feb 5 - 06:59 PM


bob jenkins

so you happen to like weak thrillers?

Jun 20 - 08:54 PM

Tanner P.

Tanner Pell

So, because it's the weakest thriller he directed... you gave it a postive rating?

Oct 21 - 09:22 AM

Duncan W.

Duncan Willoughby all you idiots out there saying m. night creates masterpieces...think again....his success with the sixth sense and signs was a gimmick...and people paid to see it cuz they blindly thought they were horror sensations designed to leave you with nightmares and twists that boggled your mind when in all reality they were just boring, stupid pieces of nonsense.....notice that his career is beginning to decline dramatically??? thats because people are seeing him for what he is...a phony filmmaker who fails to thrill....people now realize his movies suck and just suck more with each new can't deny it...none of his movies are fact they are rather stupid and want scary? go watch the ring or paranormal activity or old 80s slasher and ghost stories......just to overview shyamalan's career......

Sixth Sense-85% ...undeserved because this movie was an incredible bore

Unbreakable - 68%....stupid premise but some critics are starting to realize the dumbness

Signs - 74% ...are you fqn kidding me? this is probably his worst film.

The Village - 42%...finally people are beginning to open their eyes

Lady In The Water - 24%...see what i mean?

The Happening - 18%...this movie was laughably what if its his first R-rated film...that didnt drive sales one bit...

The Last Airbender - 7%...i rest my case

sixth sense was a rental....after seeing that i vowed never to pay a ticket for any movie with this guys name in the credits...i was just unlucky enough to catch most of them on cable tv.

Sep 9 - 04:07 AM

Kyle C.

Kyle Caldwell

First off, perhaps people would take you more seriously if you learned grammar.
Secondly, although I appreciate your research of Shyamalan, I suspect that you did so only because of your own bias against him and therefore your results were tainted. The Last Airbender was clearly a kids movie based off the Nickalodean serious, Avatar. I doubt there are too many teddy bear hugging children on RT reviewing the latest films they've watched.
The fact that you would even imagine putting Paranormal Activity over classics such as The Sixth Sense or Signs is reflective of your immature and slightly rediculous cognition. The 56% rating of P.A. seems slightly high to me. Shyamalan's films evolve not only the scenes that make you jump, but also the deep emotional horrors that are within our own minds every day. Paranormal Activity is ten seconds of cheap action at the end, and could have been directed better by a preschooler.

Feb 8 - 08:36 AM


Kenneth W.

Oh, the innocent and naive days before "Last Airbender"...

Mar 25 - 07:10 PM

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