GamerZ: One Game to Rule Them All Reviews

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½ June 26, 2007
Oh my lord... lol. The perfect movie to share with fellow Role playing gamers. Youll die laughing but ya got to watch with fellow gamers to enjoy it truly.
Also a great intro into the ways of Role play games or online RPG's & MMO's. '=)
½ February 3, 2007
GamerZ is such a big hit that it wasn't even on Flixster until after I went to review it only to find it missing from the database. The period of a couple days in which it took for Flixster to add it to the database was beneficial to the score that I am giving this movie, as I have had some time to detatch from the GamerZ-induced pain and animosity that I experienced immediately following viewing.

GamerZ is poorly directed, has borish writing and the characters are not likable in the slightest.

Hardcore basement role players may take interest simply because there aren't a lot of films that stand in tribute to their hobby. GamerZ perhaps has the spirit required in order to do a respectful tribute to geeks, but the film skills just aren't there on any front.

Avoid it like the plague.
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