Trailer Bulletin: The Eye

Behold the horror of demonic eyeballs!

The trailer for David Moreau's remake of Oxide and Danny Pang's The Eye is online, and Yahoo! Movies has it!

The Jessica Alba-led remake won't reach theaters until February, but for an early glimpse at Moreau's take on the story of a woman whose corneal transplants have some sinister side effects, click on the link below!

Source: Yahoo! Movies



Tommy Savor

Not bad...looks interesting. Alba shows flashes that she can be a top notch actress....then certain scenes pop up and I'm like "well....not really, no". We'll see, but it looks promising thus far.

Oct 15 - 08:08 AM



1. Jessica Alba is a terrible actress and her movies are only watched because of her beauty and to peek at her body.

2. This is a remake of an Asian film and the story plot is so cliché in Asian culture. There is already a Japanese, Korean, and Chinese version (and more). And they all suck.

3. Since Jessica Alba is the lead role, this movie is destined to be another The Grudge or Gothika wannabe.

4. Jessica Alba has a nasty personality.

5. Did I mention she can't act?

Oct 15 - 08:41 AM


Jamie Lynn

The other day I tried to tell a guy that Jessica Alba was used mainly for guy-appeal in movies, since she's beautiful and can't act so much... and he couldn't comprehend it. "But she acted in Good Luck Chuck." "Well, yeah," I said, "she acted in Fantastic Four too." Silence. I guess he thinks acting is saying stuff.

That said, I'm not really interested in any movie she's in.

Oct 15 - 08:57 AM


Carlos Monino

I agree with Oldboy. Now Old Boy was a good movie.

Oct 15 - 09:03 AM


John Wolff

I am pretty upset over the whole thing.

The Eye was decent. I enjoyed watching it, the sequel was unnecessary.

American remakes tend to be less suspenseful and are meant for the type of person who doesn't like to read subtitles.

People who don't read subtitles generally don't like to read.

I'm also a little pissed about the One Missed Call remake.

Hollywood can be so lame sometimes.

Oct 15 - 09:07 AM


J'rome Holmes II

Correct. Old boy was a damn good movie. I really wish they would stop ripping off these bad japanese horror flicks. Is originality really in such short supply these days.

Oct 15 - 09:23 AM


Bevan Calo

Old Boy was a great movie. I agree with OldBoy's comments on 1, 3, and 5. But I liked the original and was wondering how OldBoy knows Jessica has a "nasty personality"?

Oct 15 - 10:42 AM


Jim La Rose

I don't care. She pretty, me watch movie.

I actually rather enjoyed the original.

Oct 15 - 11:56 AM


Max Sterling

There is only one Asian version of The Eye, and that is The Eye. Neither Japan nor Korea have remade it. Also, the original is not an "Asian" film. It's a Hong Kong film (despite the Pang Bros. being from Thailand and Angelica Lee from Malaysia). If you want to get technical, you could attribute much of what is in The Eye to the early horror film Mad Love (1935), starring Peter Lorre, about a man whose injured hands are replaced with those of a recently executed knife thrower/murder. Otherwise, I totally agree that Jessica Alba is a horrible actress and that this remake will most likely suck. The original, on the other hand, is quite good, if only because of the fantastic performance from Angelica Lee.

Oct 15 - 12:34 PM


chris harris

Except for one amazing scene involving a mirror late in the film that I can't give away (Enormous spolier- you know if you've seen it), I was really not very impressed with the original. The out of focus ghosts early on that she couldn't quite identify were a nice touch, though.

The US version could easily be better- but we know it probably won't be :(

Oct 15 - 01:51 PM


peter liu

So, which eye did the doctor performed the surgery on?

Oct 15 - 02:19 PM


joshua hutchison

now i'm confused, i saw a box for "naina" in the store the other day and thought it must be a remake of "the eye", but now i'm thinking that i saw "naina" and not "the eye", getting too close to beer thirty to think that hard.

anyhoo, looks like too many clothes for this to be entertaining, think i'll pop in ole butt floss alba in "into the blue" now that movie shows off her true "talents"

Oct 15 - 02:55 PM


Cai Lindh

it doesn't look horrible
then again
im a fool, every horror remake i give too much hope and ALMOST always get let down and crushed, yet here i am again, with that hope, even giving that jessica alba is a fairly bad actress, but oh well. another movie to go laugh at late at night.

Oct 15 - 07:47 PM

I Am Remote

Robert Pilkington

Rene Zellwiger was originally attached to this remake.

I don't know if it's better or worse now.

Oct 15 - 07:50 PM


tom brownbridge

A mediocre actress in an above average body.

Oct 15 - 09:50 PM


luke lyons

hey... jessica alba is so hot and she can act.... kinda... well not really. but I like her and her movies.

Oct 15 - 09:56 PM


First Last

I loved the original The Eye. Thought it had some good scares and a good plot. The sequel sucked. Like someone else said, it wasn't necessary and it wasn't good.

Oct 15 - 11:35 PM


Alex Carracino

Another remake. Who cares...

Oct 16 - 12:15 AM

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