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June 1, 2013
Only funny when it wants to be, "The Rocker" embraces the rocker-lifestyle stereotype, but does not fully deliver on a compelling enough story to satisfy me all the way through. Most of the time, the film feels like it is trying to be exactly like School of Rock but with a little more dark humour, and I didn't mind that, but most of the gags fall flat. It's not a bad movie, in fact, by the time the third act begins, it's quite enjoyable, which makes a very average comedy overall. I feel like this film could have had more to it, but there you go. "The Rocker" is a misfire in most areas, but it's not a bad film. With a dumb script, cheesy acting, and a borderline pedofile-esque plot line, this film is a one-and-done movie.
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March 16, 2009
I saw this mainly for the brilliant Rainn Wilson and although I did enjoy it it wasn't quite as funny as I was hoping, or as it could of been methinks.
A slightly more mature 'School of Rock' type of plot which does work better with teens rather than kids but it just doesn't have quite enough cheek to it. Not outright soft porn but it could of done with being alittle bit more edgy as its dealing with rock n roll. Some good laugh moments but again not quite laugh out loud, more of a chuckle, but Wilson does make it better than it should be (straight to DVD rip of 'School of Rock' haha), and the rest of the cast do fit in pretty well too. One thing that did stand out over 'School of Rock' was the people and music in this film actually do come across as real rockers with real tunes, it all looks much more authentic, which helps of course.

Nice film with Wilson summing up the old sweaty has been drummer part very nicely, almost a surprise classic but not quite.
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½ September 16, 2011
Despite the energy and charisma of Rainn Wilson, The Rocker, have just a few funny scenes, bad script and that show a waste of talent by Wilson, others good comedians and the director of Dear Rosie and The Full Monty, Peter Cattaneo. Rotten.
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July 26, 2008
Such an awesome movie. Rainn Wilson was hilarious (: The music was amazing and the other supporting credits from Christina Applegate, Emma Stone, Teddy Geiger, Josh Gad, Jane Lynch, Jeff Garlin, Fred Armisen, Bradley Cooper, Will Arnett and Jason Sudeikis were amazing as well. I also loved Aziz Ansari's small part in this movie as well. If you haven't watched it yet you're missing out on an freaking awesome band movie! (:
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½ February 22, 2011
A comedy for the rockstar in all of us

Very funny and cool movie! I like this movie alot because it's very funny and simply entertains which is key. Rainn Wilson is one funny guy, I knew he was a comedian but never saw his work and was pretty good. The cast was very good too!

Its 1986 in Cleveland. The band Vesuvius is playing in a bar and the crowd is going wild. The band consists of 4 members Lex (Will Arnett), Kerr (Fred Armisen), Trash (Bradley Copper), and Robert Fish Fishman (Rainn Wilson). They all have the big 80s hair and tacky clothes. They look like a mix of Kiss, Aerosmith, and Guns and Roses. The crowd is going wild and at the end of their last number they go even wilder. Fish jumps out from behind the drums and throws his extremely sweaty vest into the crowd knocking a woman over. The crowd still goes wild and Vesuvius goes backstage and celebrates. They keep talking about how great the show is and high fiving each other. They all cheer on how famous theyre going to be and their manager comes down to congratulate them on a good show. He gives Fish the money to go buy some beers and Fish leaves to go back to the bar. Backstage the agent tells them how Matchbox Records really wants to sign them and how big theyll be theres only one catch. They have to drop Fish so the record labels owners nephew can be the drummer. The band protests saying no because he made the band, came up with the name, and wrote half of the songs. The manager says he understands and gets on his very large, 80s cell phone to call the record label to cancel their deal. He mentions while on the phone that theyll be opening for White Snake and the band members change their minds and decide to leave Fish behind. The manager goes back to the bar and breaks to news to Fish. Fish drops all his beers and runs out back to see the band driving off in their van. He chases them and almost makes it through the back door but they drive off leaving him behind. In the van they all talk about how its ok that they leave Fish because he wasnt all that great and how theyll never get the opportunity again. While drinking Jack Daniels, Trash spits it out in shock because Fish amazingly caught up with them and is running right by the van. But they get ahead of him and think theyve lost him. Again he finds his way to the roof and stabs his drumsticks in the roof of the van attacking them all. They put on brakes and he falls to the ground. He sits up and looks at them all. Instead of doing the right thing they back the van up and drive off.

20 years later Fish is working at a call center looking miserable. One of his co-workers keeps talking about the new Vesuvius album thats out and how awesome they are. He keeps bugging Fish about it and he says he knows but isnt that big a fan of heavy metal. His co-worker says he needs to hear it and puts it in his computer to start playing the music. Fish gets upset but ignores it and takes his next call. The co-worker plays it louder and louder bugging Fish to rock along. Fish puts his call on hold and starts pummeling his co-worker. Later on hes fired and thrown out and catches the bus. Adding insult to injury there are Vesuvius posters all over the place and on the bus he catches even an old man is reading a Rolling Stones magazine with the band on the front. Fish arrives to his place and his girlfriend, Carol (Jane Krakowski) tells him she cant make it works since he lost his job over something that happened 20 years ago. Shes about to break up with him and Fish interrupts so he can break up with her first. He then tells her to get out and she says how since its her apartment. Fish leaves with all his stuff.

He arrives at his sister Lisas (Jane Lynch) and is eating dinner with the family. She tells him that shes sorry he lost his job but asks if hell get on his feet within a week. He says no he cant do that and needs to stay a little longer. He then asks his brother-in-law, Stan (Jeff Garlin) how his nephew Matt (Josh Gad) is doing. You can tell Stan admires that Fish used to be a rocker while Lisa is annoyed he wont give up the dream. Stan tells him that Matt got into MIT and that hell be playing with his band at the prom. Fish congratulates him but his niece Violet (Samantha Weinstein) rudely says that its not that great. Matt tells her to shut up. Fish says its a good way to get to the prom and Violet says its the only way hell get to go. Matt says if she doesnt shove it hell shave her head in her sleep. Violet says shed still be the pretty one and Lisa makes them stop. Fish follows Matt upstairs and asks him what his band is and he tells him its called ADD. Fish thinks its called add and Matt has to tell him it stands for Attention Deficit Disorder. Fish says it sounds better and wishes him luck with the show. Lisa then takes Fish to his room and tells him he needs to get a job and leave. Fish asks why she always talks to him like that and she says its tough love. He says why cant she give him kind love instead and she says because he needs a reality check. That night he goes to sleep looking at the stadium in Cleveland.

The next day ADD consisting of Matt, Curtis (Teddy Geiger), and Amelia (Emma Stone) are waiting for their drummer. Their drummer shows up with his mother yelling at him and she tells him to explain what happened. He explains that he brought hash brownies to class and got everyone high and his mother yells at him to tell what else he did to the teacher. She angrily blurts out that he drew a penis on her forehead and now hes suspended and cant go to prom. He also wont get to walk at graduation he leaves with his mother smacking him. They panic and Matt mentions his uncle Robert (Fish) used to play for Vesuvius. Curtis says no and Amelia says they can find somebody else. They then have a series of auditions that go wrong. They have a tatted up drummer with no rhythm, a beat boxer, and a techno dancer. It wakes Fish up and goes to the garage unplugging the device calling it a disgrace to real drumming. The kid says that tons of songs have techno and Fish fires back that just because they play Celine Dion in elevators doesnt make it right. The kid leaves and Fish says his work is done and leaves. Curtis and Amelia look at Matt and ask if thats his uncle. Matt says yes and thinks it would be a good idea to have him play at their prom. Matt goes upstairs and asks Fish if hell do it. Fish says he hasnt played in 20 years and doesnt plan on playing ever again. Matt says that since Fish hasnt been a good uncle it would be nice. He mentions that he only comes around for money or when hes down on his luck and that he called Matt Max for many years. He tells Fish that it would help him to get girls to like him and Fish starts to listen thinking about his glory days. Matt says it would mean a lot to him since Fish is family it would make up for all the times he let his family down. Matt leaves and Fish starts to think about it.

On prom night Fish is walking down the hall in his tacky, dated rock clothes. ADD is sitting in the back room waiting for him yelling at Matt that Fish was supposed to be there. Matt says not to worry that Fish will be there and he shows up acting arrogant even though hes late. Curtis says theyll be opening in 5 minutes and Fish looks shocked saying because theyre the headliner they shouldnt start until 11. Amelia says because its the prom it ends at 11. Fish gets nervous and pukes. He then takes a piece of his puke and puts it in his pocket. Amelia asks if he just and he says yes he uses it as a good luck charm. They all get grossed out and go out on stage. Curtis tells Fish to follow his lead and he does. The band starts playing and at first are a hit with the school. Then the prom king and queen are called to do a dance. ADD starts singing a slow song, but Fish starts to get carried away. He starts playing out of rhythm and goes wild. The crowd stops and horridly stares at Fish. He then throws his drumsticks out in the crowd and everyone keeps staring at Fish. ADD storms off mad at Fish because he ruined the show. He keeps going on about how great it was and madly Curtis kicks Fish out of the band.

The next day Fish is upstairs and feels bad about what he did. So he wont feel like such a jerk he goes to Curtis house to apologize. He comes to the door and Curtis Mom, Kim (Christina Applegate), is tending to her plants. Fish approaches her and asks for Curtis. Kim asks who he is and he tells her. She says she didnt know he was so much older than them she thought he was college age. She tells him her name and he notices that she only said Ms. not Mrs. He tries to ask her out and Kim turns him down. She lets him in and he starts talking to ADD about how he screwed things up. He apologizes telling them he has an idea and that they can make it as a band since they have a moody rocker, a punk chick, a tech nerd, and a sloppy drummer. He also tells him that hell get the band gigs. Matt tells Fish to go outside and theyll think about it. While Curtis is quite doubtful, Matt and Amelia agree with Fish that they do have the typical rock band and that if he could get them gigs they would have a possible career. Curtis agrees to it and says hell make Fish apart of the band if he can get them gigs. They look outside while Fish stands on a swing swinging it back and forth.

Soon Fish is trying to get ADD gigs. Hes calling every bar in town and everywhere to get a venue for the band. He goes to a coffee shop and runs into Curtis writing songs in his notebook. Curtis looks pissed to see Fish but Fish sits down at his table anyways. Fish asks him if hes writing and Curtis says yes. Fish asks if he can read some of his lines and Curtis closes the book. Fish then starts saying in a band people should share everything. Reluctantly Curtis gives him the notebook and Fish tells him how talented he is. Fish then starts to ask Curtis if his dad just ran off and Curtis says yes. Fish says hes sorry and that hell be ok and hes glad that theyre in a band together. Curtis then asks Fish if he found them a gig spot and Fish lies saying that its going well. Curtis tells Fish that none of his demos have done well and its a stupid dream for him to hold on to. Fish decides to use an old method of getting in the car and blasting his demo while driving down the street. He says if it makes him feel like hes on top of the world then he is worth a record deal. They get in the car singing ADDs music and Curtis starts feeling good about his music. It works so well he starts warming up to Fish and feels more confident. The next day Lisa answers the phone and yells for Fish. Fish answers the phone and yells in excitement obviously getting them a gig. Fish runs to the garage and tells ADD they got a gig in Fort Wayne, Indiana. They all protest that theyll never be able to go because of their parents. Fish tries to convince them to go without permission but they say no. Suddenly Amelia comes up with the clever idea to lie about going to a church retreat since most parents buy into it. They all say yes and prepare for the trip. Saturday night Fish steals Lisas car and is driving Matt, Curtis, and Amelia. Curtis is writing again and Fish asks what hes writing this time. He reads some lines about being bitter and Fish instantly loves it. Fish gets them all hyped up about going to their first gig talking about how nothing can stop them. Unfortunately they get pulled over by the cops and have to stop.

The next day Lisas yelling at Fish about stealing her car. She grounds Matt and kicks Fish out the house. Stan thinks its cool and risky that they stole her car to do a gig but Lisa yells at him to shut up. When Fish leaves, Stan tells him to take care of himself and Fish tells Stan to rock on. That day Fish goes to a Chinese food restaurant with the owner to the basement. The owner tells Fish he ordered so much it paid for his kids to go to college and that he can stay until he gets back on his feet. The owner hands Fish a large spoon and Fish asks what its for. He tells him to kill the rats that frequent the basement. Soon a rat comes out of a corner and Fish almost hits it when Matt comes downstairs to find him. Fish asks Matt what hes doing there. Matt tells Fish even though hes grounded and cant see Fish again he came up with a solution so they can still practice and brings Fish a laptop so they can practice together online. The next day they connect on their computers to practice. Fish keeps checking the microphone and camera to see if it works. He hears the others of ADD and walks back to his drums. But hes completely naked butt showing in the camera nothing left to the imagination. They all freak out until he sits down to start drumming. It doesnt make it any better because he keeps moving around with everything freely hanging in the camera. At the same time Violet is trying to do a school project over the internet and on the phone complaining to her friend that she cant make the internet go fast enough because of Matt practicing with the band. She pulls up the page of them practicing and sees Fish naked. She freaks out at first but then puts them on YouTube to humiliate Fish. It instead works in their favor and the band gets over 1 million hits. People even recognize Fish with clothes on in public.

Fish comes home and Lisa, Stan, Matt, and a manager, David Marshall (Jason Sudeikis), are all standing on the front porch. David tells Fish that hes a hit and that even though they mainly look at the video to see the naked drummer they start singing the songs and that Matchbox Records wants to sign them. They later go to a recording studio starting to play their music. At first the song Curtis wrote about being bitter is too depressing and needs to be changed. Fish tells Curtis to sing hes not bitter and to make it a lot more upbeat. They give it a shot and it works making the song easier to rock to. David loves it and offers them a summer tour. In Matts garage, his, Curtis, and Amelias parents are listening to Fish talk about achieving their dream and how going on tour would be a good idea. Kim interrupts and says she doesnt think it would be right to let the kids keep thinking what if all their lives. They agree with her and let the kids go on tour with Fish. The next day the tour bus pulls up and they tour around the Midwest. They first go to a bar and start encountering technical difficulties. But they bounce back and start getting the attention of the crowd. After the show, a fan comes backstage to tell ADD how great they are. Fish tells them they just got their first fan. He then hugs all 3 of them very, very sweaty making them all wet. Soon some groupies come downstairs offering to buy beer. Fish says no because theyre underage but hell gladly take a drink. The groupies say no they wanted to talk to the boys more their own age and leave. Matt, Amelia, and Curtis go upstairs and play video games and text while Fish comes in asking why they arent partying like real rock stars. They say theyre tired after playing and just want to rest. Fish tells them they arent real rock stars and starts jumping on the bed and breaking things. While on tour, they play a show and go to rest, Fish is getting into any and everything out there. Hes jumping off roofs, jumping in pools, and getting drunk at bars. It all goes wrong when the band is having a party in the hotel room and Fish throws a TV out the window. They all get arrested and are sitting down after getting mug shots. Fish goes to Curtis telling him thats what being a rock star is all about. Curtis says hes all about the music. Fish tells him hes right and Curtis tells him why music has been important to him. He says he hopes his father will come back one day if he sees him in music and how talented he is. Fish says he cant keep looking for something thats never going to happen and that Curtis dad lost out. Curtis smiles at him and the cop comes to them letting them know theyve been bailed out. Fish thinks its some fans but then finds all of their parents there. They all yell at Fish knowing he wasnt a mature adult. But Curtis yells they cant quit the tour and disappoint all the fans they have. Kim volunteers to go on tour with them.

On the tour bus Kim and Fish are already at odds with each other. Fish tells her how shes killing his buzz and she says had it not been for him she wouldnt be on the bus. He takes a nap and they ride along. The tour is going well while on the bus the band starts to discover some things about each other. Since the beginning Fish has been trying to get Amelia to smile but she wont. Curtis tries to make her smile and even glances at her to see if anything makes her smile showing that he likes her as more than a friend. After another great performance David tells them they have a music video shoot. They get excited and soon show up at the shoot. Everyone is standing there ready until they notice Amelias not coming out. Kim runs out with a woman dressed as Amelia and she tells them its a bad day for her. Fish goes to her dressing room to handle it. Amelia yells that shes upset the stylist brushed her hair and she lets Fish see her. Its all messy and big and all over the place. She says if thats what people want her to look like then she doesnt belong in music because she isnt like all the other pop stars out there. Fish tells her shes not like them and that hell help her with her hair. She comes out looking like herself again and thanks Fish. You can tell Curtis is looking for a smile but it still doesnt come. At the shoot Kim and Fish start talking. Kim tells him she used to be a rocker in an all girl band when she was young. He asked why didnt she stay with it and she tells him a 17 year old pregnant lead singer didnt set well with MTV. Fish tells her they had limited vision and starts to see some similarities in both of them. That night after another performance the band does well and David invites them to a YouTube party. A yellow Hummer limo pulls up for them to get in. Amelia, Curtis, and Matt all run into the Hummer while David tries to make a play for Kim. He first asks her if shes heard of a MILF and then says hed never call her that. He calls her a MILMSLT (mom Id like to make sweet love to). She then calls him a PILS (person Id like to slap). David leaves embarrassed while Fish walks out there. Kim asks him why Fish isnt going to a party and he tells her she found 2 ladies to go on a date with. He says goodnight while she goes back to her hotel room.

At the YouTube party, theyre all socializing with the other patrons. Matt is walking around nervous, Amelia notices and walks over to him asking him whats wrong. He says he cant talk to girls and wants to talk to a girl with a shirt on saying she loves him. Amelia says it shouldnt be so hard but he still punks out saying hes never kissed a girl. Amelia kisses him and makes him go talk to the girl and he finally approaches her. Amelia looks over at Curtis seeing him bombarded by a bunch of girls and she looks away. Curtis then looks to see her soon bombarded by a bunch of guys asking for her autograph and he looks away defeated. In the hotel parking lot Fish sees Kim playing Guitar Hero in her room and knocks on her door to get in. She lets him in and they play together.

In Davids office ADD and Kim sit together to see the new video they made. Problem is Fishs face is being covered the whole time by the editing. But the good news is theyll be released to TRL at number 9 in a month even though the video hasnt been released yet. David then tells them they have a chance to play at the biggest venue in Cleveland with 20,000 fans and open for Vesuvius. They all pause and have a look of horror on their faces. Fish storms out and goes to the roof saying no he wont do it and Kim chases him up the stairs. Downstairs Curtis says no they cant do it because theyre a band and theyre a family and would never do that to Fish. At first David tries to get them to drop Fish because hes old and so accident prone hes basically in a full body cast. The band still says no keeping Fish unlike his last band. David says ok and walks away to the roof to talk on the phone and possibly convince Fish to do otherwise. On the roof Kim tells Fish he needs to grow up and that he should take the opportunity for ADD since its been 20 years he should get over it. Fish wont shut up and Kim kisses him right when David walks to the roof to catch them. Kim tells him she did it to shut him up. David then goes to the elevator and catches Curtis on the way up. He tells him hes glad theyre keeping Fish since hes banging Curtis mom it would make since. Curtis gets mad and goes to his room. The next night they perform at another venue and again have a happy crowd. Curtis then tells the crowd hes happy theyre going to open for Vesuvius even though the rest of the band didnt know it. Fish says he wont do it and Curtis says they will since he shouldnt be such a loser if hes dating his mom. Fish gets so upset he jumps in front of the stage spraining his ankles with already broken bones. Kim looks shocked to hear the news and when Fish runs out back she chases him. He says he wont do it and Kim says he needs to grow up again. He says she didnt want to give up on her dream either but she says its true she just chose to grow up. Soon Fish quits the band and goes back home to the basement of the Chinese restaurant.

The band gets a replacement drummer who seems to be completely ungrateful and nonchalant about getting the spot. He doesnt even fit their image. Fish decides to get a job while Stan helps him in the interview because its where he works. Fish also cuts his hair off to look the part totally giving up on the dream. That night Amelia and Matt are waiting for Curtis while the replacement drummer isnt paying any attention to them blasting his headphones. Curtis comes in and Amelia yells theyve been waiting for 2 hours while he was hanging out with groupies obviously mad. Matt tells him they need Fish back and that Curtis was mean to him. Curtis said he was selfish and immature and they replacement drummer is fine. Matt says hes not because he looks like an Abercrombie model. Curtis walks off upset.

The next day Fish is going to work and sitting at the table eating lunch. Curtis approaches him at work and sits down to tell him hes sorry and how much it would mean to him if they played for Vesuvius. Fish still refuses and Curtis tells him hes not a working stiff. He tells him he needs to stop going after something that was never there and to open that night with them. Fish changes his mind and gets excited enough to jump on the table to be crowd surfed out by Stan and his co-workers. That night they show up at the arena and David tells Fish hes glad hes back after the big fight. They all go backstage to change for the show and rehearse when the members of Vesuvius run into ADD. They start talking to ADD and Fish asks if they remember him. They laugh and say they do remember him the whole time in a British accent. Fish asks why they changed their accents all of the sudden even though none of them are from England. Fish then says hes been waiting for 20 years to tell them what hes wanted to do and says if it were a week ago he would be clawing their faces. But now hes over that and wishes them good luck. They part ways and ADD goes to perform. After a good show and the crowd going wild ADD goes off stage. Curtis then asks Amelia if she would like to go to dinner and she says shell call Matt. He says he just wanted it to be the 2 of them and she gets excited enough to smile and say yes. Fish is happy that she smiles and she keeps smiling for a while. Next Vesuvius is being cheered on stage and ADD watches them from the side. During the show things are going wild until Lex drops his microphone while singing and the music skips for a little bit showing theyre lip synching. The crowd doesnt notice it until Lex runs around on stage trying to cover it up and knocks over all the equipment by accident because of his mistake. It costs him because the sound crew cant fix it and the crowd knows booing them off stage. ADD looks shocked that for 20 years Vesuvius isnt singing anymore while David is on the phone freaking out to the record label explaining it as an Ashlee Simpson situation. Vesuvius is kicked off the stage by beer cans and everything else being thrown at them and they angrily leave. Soon the crowd keeps chanting ADD over and over again. David says no it doesnt look good outdoing Vesuvius and it would piss of the record label. Curtis says they dont have a choice they have to go on stage and perform and get a new manager. David changes his tune saying hes ok with it but Fish tells him once again hes fired. They go on stage and perform to a crowd of screaming fans and the movie ends with them jumping in a still shot.
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May 17, 2011
The Rocker is similar to School of Rock but to give it credit it is a very different film. Rainn Wilson is quite good I thought though he does go into Jack Black territory a few too many times for my liking. For the most part the humour is steady and subtle but now and again it does have some genuine laugh out loud moments. The supporting cast is good with a good measure of cameos and to be honest, I thought it was pretty good as light-hearted comedies go and it avoided most of the usual cliches which was a nice surprise.
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½ July 24, 2010
really funny. B
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½ July 15, 2010
Rainn Wilson first staring role. Despite the fact he's very funny, this is a not so funny film. This is a School Of Rock ripoff that has a bit more comedy elements in it, but it ends falling flat and never quit gets there. And the band in this film A.D.D sounds like Jonas Brothers which sucks and really misdirects the audience into thinking that this film is about a drummer playing in a kick ass rock band, it's not. Rainn Wilson plays drums for a stupid teeangsty band to play drums, but if it would've been a real rock band, the story would've been better and maybe funnier. In the end this film was bad.
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July 4, 2010
Cliched but more-or-less funny. Predictable, but with one good twist. If you miss this one you're not missing much, but it's brainless and kind of fun.
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½ September 19, 2008
Pretty lame. Nice to see Christina Applegate in something, but flat story, not that funny. Would not recommend it unless it was the only thing on tv.
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April 5, 2009
It's not quite as funny as I thought, and even though a good majority of what's onscreen has been done before in some way, shape, or form, this is still an ok and entertaining movie.
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February 10, 2009
Not entirely a "School of Rock" ripoff but Dwight's character is practically a copy of Jack Black's role. The script though was pretty funny in my opinion, there is one guy in here that could pass as Jonah Hill cuz they talk, act, and look the same. Funny movie.
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½ August 27, 2008
"Opportunity rocks"

The Office star Rainn Wilson portrays a drummer named "Fish," who gets a second shot at fame 20 years after getting kicked out of his band on the very night they signed the record contract that made them stars. Fish has spent the past two decades languishing at soul-crushing day jobs while his old bandmates became legends, continuing to grace magazine covers and dominate the radio. He might just get another chance at musical success, however, when his teenage cousin invites him to drum for his high school garage band, and they end up catching the ear of record executives. Now, Fish is determined to live the hedonistic rock & roll lifestyle he missed out on 20 years ago, but his new bandmates don't appreciate his hard partying -- and neither do his middle-aged knees. This Fox Atomic comedy co-stars Christina Applegate. Shawn Levy (Night at the Museum) and Tom McNulty co-produced the feature, which was penned by Wallace Wolodarsky and Maya Forbes, and directed by Peter Cattaneo (Opal Dream).

I find The Rocker highly amusing, sue me. While its no School of Rock and Rainn Wilson is in no way in the league of a God that is Jack Black, The Rocker finds its way to audiences with its rockin soundtrack and the comedic power of one Rainn Wilson, who also plays one of the most lovable TV character ever, The Office's Dwight Schrute.

The gags and the jokes might seem out of line at some point, but quickly recovers as Rainn Wilson's hilarious antics make up for it for the whole duration of the movie. He's fast becoming one of my favorite comedian out there. Although Rainn Wilson's attempt to promote the movie proved to be futile, Jenna Fischer being locked up in the back of his Firebird so that you will watch the movie, and quite frankly it didn't fare well in the box office which I found rather odd because the movie is a comedy. This is the kind of movie that people will actually spend their money on and just have a good time watching it, they put Beverly Hills Chihuahua in the top spot for two straight weeks and this hilarious romp didn't even make it to two weeks. Hysterical.
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September 23, 2008
The Rocker (2008): Starring Rainn Wilson, Christina Applegate, Teddy Geiger, Josh Gad, Emma Stone, and Jane Lynch
Rainn Wilson heaves this movie up on his comedic shoulders and carries it through its Disney-esque storyline. He plays Robert "Fish" Fishman, a rock drummer who's kicked out of his band just as they're about to hit it big (ala Pete Best and the Beatles). The band in question is "Vesuvius", and they go on to become hair metal gods (they have the Motley Crue choreography hilariously down pat). Twenty years later, he's still holding a grudge, even beating up a co-worker who plays the new Vesuvius cd in the office. Fired and homeless, he moves in with his sister (Jane Lynch), and her family. His nephew, Matt (Josh Gad, in the Jonah Hill role), has a garage band (they're set to play the prom), but their drummer has quit, so they're forced to hire uncle "Fish". Although the prom show was apparently a disaster, with alot of schmoozing and male bonding with the lead singer/songwriter (and his hot mom,played by Applegate), Fish is made a permanent member of their band (called A.D.D.). After an internet rehearsal becomes a youtube phenomenon (due to Fish's nude drumming), the group signs to a major label, records a cd, and goes on a small tour of the midwest. Eventually, they are even asked to open for Vesuvius at their induction into the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame. The lead singer/songwriter for A.D.D. is an angsty, Jonas brothers reject: he writes bad songs and the band is bad in general (Emma Stone, the Lindsey Lohan clone is probably the strongest of the kid actors). Vesuvius is actually a better band with better music, which makes it especially hard to believe the ending. The plot is very standard, but Wilson still provides quite a few laughs. Definitely a movie for Rainn Wilson fans, but not necessarily for fans of rocknroll.
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August 18, 2008
standing in front of an audience is this generation's date with marilyn monroe: a dream come sooo true, dude. and so yet another rags-to-riches story of a garage band making it to the big leagues (so reminiscent of tom hank's "that thing you do!" that i had to slap myself...or was tom himself slapping me...), only this one's "twist" is that the spark to fame and fortune is an ex-old-school-heavy-metal rocker's second chance.'s a balanced effort, with not terrible music, and with a smile or two included. i liked this.
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August 26, 2008
THE ROCKER is a pretty routine comedy with a good lead performance by Rainn Wilson, and some nice comedic work from the supporting players (including Jonah Hill look-alike Josh Gad). Like I said, we're not talking greatness here... I'd say about 60% of the jokes work, but it's a fun little flick all around and feature perhaps the best line of dialogue this year:

" John Lennon is rolling over in his grave to hide the giant boner you just gave him!"

It's nice to see Peter Cattaneo, oscar nominee for THE FULL MONTY, back in the director's chair, but he doesn't come close to that film here.
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½ May 19, 2008
Fish: We went from paddling in a canoe on the creek to flying down a mountain in a tank. What did you guys think?
Dave Marshall: I think John Lennon's gonna flip over in his grave to hide the boner you just gave him.

Rainn Wilson (Dwight from the Office) stars in a standard, but entertaining comedy about a drummer who gets a second chance at making it big.

Wilson is Robert "Fish" Fishman, the former drummer for an 80s hair band, Vesuvius. After a big show, Vesuvius is given their big break, only problem is, Fish has to get kicked out.

Robert 'Fish' Fishman: It's not "stealing" if you're family. But, seriously, don't tell your mom.

20 years later. Fish has gone nowhere in life, and finds himself living in his sister's attic. His nerdy nephew Matt, played by Josh Gad, one day alerts Fish that they need a new drummer to play with them at the school prom. Fish eventually accepts, they play, Fish goes overboard, but decides to try and help the band out by finding them another gig.

Robert 'Fish' Fishman: 1991 called, they want their teenage angst back.
Amelia: No, they just called again they want that joke back.

Eventually, the band develops success through a rather funny way due to YouTube, leading to the fame that Fish always wanted.

Other funny moments ensue, as the band go through the motions of becoming famous, Fish grows up a little, and other revelations occur.

Wilson, given the chance to headline a film, is actually pretty good. He does a great job at separating himself from Dwight on the office, creating a new and mostly fun character.

The movie also features a large supporting cast of comedy actors, which includes Christina Applegate, Jane Lynch, Jeff Garlin, Will Arnett (who is always hilarious), Bradley "The Sack" Cooper, and Fred Armison. Some are used more than others, but they do a good job.

The movie works well in a lot of moments, bouncing off of wacky one-liners, some gross out scenes, and smart ass comments, but the plot tends to get in the way. By that I mean the fairly conventional story beats involving fights in the band, character romance, and the past coming back at Fish. Adding to this however, the stuff involving the teen band members works fairly well.

The movie may drag in some spots, but it does a good enough job at continuing to supply the laughs and not dwell to much on the more serious stuff.

I have seen this movie in a sneak preview over two months before its release. I am not sure if anything will be changed, but this was a fun enough movie, that bodes well for Rainn Wilson in the future.

Fish: What? You guys never kicked over your drums in anger, then jumped off the stage, and then twisted both your ankles?
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September 9, 2010
"John Lennon is rolling over in his hide the BONER you just gave him!."

"Kurt Cobain, more like BURT Cobain"

Lookout for SNL Alum Fred Armisen.
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½ July 29, 2012
Lacking any actual comedy, "The Rocker" proves that Rainn Wilson should not be allowed to carry his own film. Saved by the gorgeous Emma Stone and some actual good original songs, this "comedy" ends up a bit too predictable and unwarranted.
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