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michael e.
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January 2, 2011
It wasnt needed AT ALL.
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½ March 6, 2011
The second worst kids film ever made, it all sucked, the story, characters, jokes, it was all crap.
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½ January 17, 2011
First of all.. this movie has an all-star cast of voices and it's actually pretty cute. I love the plot (killer coffee makers), it's Disney and the guinea pigs are adorable! If you just let it be a kids movie, it's fun.
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½ December 7, 2010
I definitely did not expect much, when I decided to see this film.

The movie probably has THE stupidest plot in the world. The movie is about a bunch of guinea pigs that are highly trained spies that need to save the world from evil robotic cappuccino (I spelled that right without looking it up btw) machines. It was so ridiculous.

The animation was alright. Darwin the guinea pig was so cute, but the script was awful...like shit awful. The dumb jokes, cliche catch phrases, nothing I haven't seen before. There were a lot of characters thrown in like the mice and hamster to make it seem funnier, but it wasn't. It was annoying. Sure the hamster and mice were cute, but the humor was so cheesy. It might've made the 6year old I babysit laugh, but not me.

The fact that they kept referring to guinea pigs as rodents was also really obnoxious. I own a guinea pig, and they aren't rodents. Their DNA is more closely related to rabbits and horses than to mice. It was just annoying. The whole pet store scenario in the movie was also stupid. In one scene, a child going to buy a guinea pig, puts the animal into his lacrosse stick and flings him across the room. Like wtf? It was such a random and unnecessary scene.

Overall the movie fails at life. The animals are cute, but not cute enough that you'd want to waste your time watching this movie.
Movie Monster
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August 16, 2010
Lame but better than most talking animal movies.
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August 12, 2010
Ok this id for kids really but its not my fault I loved it. I just like small animals :D
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July 6, 2009
OMG .... So Silly
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February 14, 2010
Cute flick. It's cliche'd as can be, but it's enjoyable for the family.
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January 17, 2010
just get it on rental. Twas fun but it had its boring moments.
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January 14, 2010
I have to say that the joke near the end pissed me off, when the hampsters said: "Yippee Ki Yay Coffee Maker"! I wanted to walk out of the movie then, but at least the rest was watchable!
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½ December 8, 2009
I never had any intention of ever watching this movie. It was "Not Interested", unarguably, and hands down. Try and think of every clichedand stereotype you have ever heard and essentially you have just experianced G-Force. The only reason I watched this was becuase my family was, and I really had not been around much all of last semester. So, I played the saint and sat through most of it with them. I really do not want to harp of the negative, but there just is not anything good to say about this movie. It doesn't even feel like the people who made it thought it was good. Idk, most of the reviews here say something along the lines of 'good for kids', but just because something is aimed for a younger audience does not give it a free lisense to be lewd and idiodic.
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½ December 16, 2009
Kids will have a fur-ball watching this part-computer generated part-live action movie.
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½ October 31, 2009
Stupid! Very, very stupid! I don't care if it's for kids, a film should at least strive for something likable or original. This has all been done before, but with a lot more humor, in Cats and Dogs. It's another CGI drenched, arse fest that patronizes it's audience. The list of actors earning a quick buck is quite impressive, and at least they put in some effort. Though I have to wonder what Buscemi is saving up for to justify all the, often terrible, films he lends his voice to. Perhaps being referred to as "funny looking" for all these years has finally gotten to him. They could have at least had one single original moment.
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½ October 3, 2009
This is one of the funniest movies I've seen in a long time -- The special effects were fantastic and the dialog was cute -- I really enjoyed it!
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July 9, 2009
Boooring, horribly ploted, horibly humorish! however it sometimes had a good message behind it, if u eliminated the american ideologies behind it! but hey it wasnt that bad!
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½ December 2, 2011
The second worst kids film ever made, it all sucked, the story, characters, jokes, it was all crap.
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½ March 28, 2010
With these type of movies all that matters is that every five year old loves the movie and shouts out in unison "poop in his hand" when the moment comes in the movie. Every five year old will give this movie an A and if you are a parent you must take your child to see it. That's what the producers are counting on, and they could not care less if adults are even interested. I wanted to fall asleep half way through. It's boring, dull, awful story and guinea pigs don't really need to be in 3D... At least other producers of these animated features try to throw something in every once in a while to thank the adults for coming with their little Sally or Johnny. Think Shrek, Toy Story, etc. This has none of that. G- Force is a good film for a little kid but dreadful for a adult.

Story: F
Acting: C
Direction: D
Visuals: C
Overall: D+

*1/2 out of 4 stars
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½ July 21, 2009
Rockwell, Favreau, Cruz, and Morgan are ok as the voices of the four main guinea pigs. Tracy Morgan makes the best of his one liners. You probably won't recognize Nicolas Cage's voice. I had forgotten he was in this and was surprised when the credits rolled. The plot basically involves Transformer-like home appliances causing havoc around the world all over again.
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½ July 15, 2010
There are just two words that sum up this reviewer's thoughts on this over-excitable kid-flick: Easy Peasie. Putting together a decent talking animal movie is not rocket science--nor does it need to be. Believe it or not, there is a simple equation for this sort of thing: overpaid movie stars + typewriter chimps + computer geeks = breezy story with likeable characters that prove realistic and, at the same time, pretty G-darn cute. Granted, it is not nearly as smart as the talking animal movies that Pixar has put out (Finding Nemo, Ratatouille) or have nearly the zing of the talking animal movies that DreamWorks has put out (Madagascar, Kung Fu Panda), but - given the fact that this flick is only partially animated - G-Force amazingly 'toons in a fun-tastic romp.

In this energetic PG-rated family film (also available in 3-D), an elite team of highly trained guinea pigs (Cage, Cruz, et al) becomes mankind's last hope against a fiendish plot to take over the world.

From frame one, the fur flies and never once stops. It helps that this harmless hairball of hyperactivity comes in at under 90 minutes. This reviewer had forgotten that Nicolas Cage provided the voice of a mole and was actually shocked to see his name roll by in the credits. Marketing wise, his inclusion made sense but the role was hardly enhanced by his or any other of the name talent. But who really cares if their beach house was included in the price of your ticket?

Bottom line: G-darn fun.
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