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July 11, 2008
A dissapointing cheesy 80's movie that had its moments.
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August 15, 2008
Weird movie.
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½ May 20, 2009
As a comedy, it doesn't quite make it... The story is alright, but the acting isn't great and it's pretty cheesy. There are some funny parts and was okay overall.
½ May 2, 2012
This movie is really good and funny! Jonah Hill is not that funny in this as he is in his other movies!
½ August 29, 2011
just ok kinda quirky rom-com thats kinda lite on the comedy but some nuanced performances are what gives this vehicle the fuel to go.
½ September 12, 2010
First things first, if you enjoy semi-romantic comedies that tend to lean towards the darker, quarky off beat type, then this one is for you! Or, if you just enjoy a great movie, get this one right now and watch it. Hart Matthew Bochner writes and directs his forth feature film and his first since 1996's High School High. More importantly, two years before he directed the fabulous PCU. Anyway, back to this totally awesome flick. Dylan Walsh of Nip/Tuck fame, plays Ray Tuckby. A guy who is about at the end of the rop of life. He seems to be stuck in an unhappy job, living in an unhappy town (Trona, CA) in an unhappy house with his wife and son. About the only thing that even excites him now-a-days is when he runs to the local quick mart to get something for dinner each night. There he gets to chat with Nora whom he has secretly been crushing on since his youth. He even keeps a tin of school pictures and an old newspaper article of Nora hidden in his house. The little town of Trona used to be a prosperous and growing town, but recently the government said it was unsafe for living. The town is basically dead, it never rains and the soil is so contaminated, nothing will grow. But Ray keeps plugging along, even after the town is bought by a local meth dealer who happens to be in his early twenties. The meth-head and his crew of misfits order everybody around and force them into believing that they don't deserve anything more than what is provided. After Ray's Mom and sister kill each other and he finds out that his wife has been having an affair with his brother since 9 months before they had their son Eddie, he has all but given up. He meets the mysterious owner of the new Chevron station, Merl (played great by Danny DeVito) and the two talk about dreams and how they deserve more in life. Ray and Tracy eventually get together and along with the rest of the fed-up locals, they fight back against the drug dealer and his crew. After their victory, the improbable happens; it starts to rain. I love movies with happy endings, and this one really did it for me. It was completely satisfying. I think we've all been at a point where we feel at a dead end and this flick is very inspiring. All hope is not lost here, only laying dormant, waiting for the right time to break out. I've never seen an episode of Nip/Tuck, but if Dylan Walsh is as good on there as he is in this movie, I may have to check it out. He was amazing. He was perfect here as the every man. His love interest Nora, was played by Tracy Middendorf of A New Nightmare fame was equally perfect as the girl, just waiting patiently to be with the man whom she is in love with. The two together are very romantic and heartwarming. Danny DeVito is great as the Chevron owner who sparks Ray's dream back to life. Justin Long plays Spoonie, one of the meth heads goons. He's always great, and he was very laugh-out-loud funny. Jonah Hill plays Eddie, Ray's former son. He was very quarky here, even dark and distrubing, different from what he normally plays. But none-the-less, he was great, just as he is in everything I've seen. I honestly didn't know what to expect with this movie. Most reviews I read pegged this as a drama, but I was laughing more and more with each scene. Maybe those reviewers don't have a sense of humor, who knows. At the end of the day though, I think most people want to feel good, and this movie is definitately 95 minutes of feel good. Check it out, I bet you'll feel better after ...
½ February 5, 2010
The plot moved slow in the beginning, but the movie finished strong. This movie is up to par for a fun weekday movie, but not something to spend your weekend watching.
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½ May 8, 2008
Wow,this movie is a trip.I watched it because of the cast line up.All I can say is this movie is so pathetic you cannot help but find the twisted humor in it.
February 21, 2009
Just Add Water was a movie that kind of left me scratching my head.
There was some good acting, mixed with some bad acting in this one. I am a Jonah Hill fan, but I just didn't really get anything from him in this film. His role of Eddie was just kind of blah for me. I did like Dylan Walsh in this movie. He played the role of Ray well. I also liked Justin Long as Spooner. He was stupid and funny but didn't have near enough screen time.
Just Add Water was a decent story, kind of predictable at times. The stand up to the man story that has been done time and time again. It also just seemed to go slow and really lead nowhere. Nothing exciting to speak of in this one. A laugh here and there, but all in all not really worth the time. I would rather find something else to do with my hour and a half.
½ September 2, 2008
Good low budget, good moraled movie. Like the actors in it that is why I rented it. and I'm glad I did. A town to stand up for themselves is a movie that...is...if done right good
June 27, 2008
I feel like this film had an inconsistent feel to it. I feel like a lot of it took place in an alternate reality in some ways... But at the same time it was trying to be grounded in reality.
Either way, you don't really care for the characters or their situation. Justin Long was utterly wasted and Jonah Hill came close in their roles.
I guess this movie has a happy ending, but overall it just depressing and you are glad you don't live in Trona.
½ October 25, 2013
Should you decide to commit suicide before watching this movie you will be assured of not being further depressed by the main content. Danny and the Tortoise bring an awakening to the story with their usual whit and charm. The film has a mild upbeat ending with the Tortoise making a steal. Nibbles: Lettuce and Tomato Salad.
½ March 29, 2013
Just Add Water manages to be a feel-good comedy, with over-the-top, humble characters; reminiscent of Office Space, though not as good. Ray Tuckby trying to fix his once great town, is surprisingly emotional, and is something I can get behind. With a movie this endearing, it's a shame that the last half-hour fails to be as good as the rest of it; yet, the ending is still nice, but it could have been better if the lead-up wasn't so anti-climactic. Danny DeVito even lampshades how easy it was. Still, this movie is worth a watch; you can find it on Crackle for free, on PC, tablets, PS3, and Xbox 360.
January 13, 2013
It's just a sweet and simple indie. A dime a dozen.
½ October 9, 2012
Little slow in the middle but overall not bad
August 3, 2012
A very quirky romantic comedy. The acting is ok, but the fact that it shows a dysfunctional family and a rundown town is great, but the plot is sketchy. The fact that the teenagers run the town practically is weird, but at the same time makes sense because all the folk are lazy or not strong. The film really shines with Devito and I enjoyed it, but it's not phenomenal. Check it out on crackle right now
½ August 1, 2011
Thoroughly enjoyable film, which I'll watch again. Don't understand the cranky reviews; lighten up - this is fun!
½ April 27, 2010
Water symbolizes beauty and compassion in this underachieving black comedy. But there isn't any water in the town of Trona, California, and there hasn't been for nearly two decades, making its drought-plagued stretch of land a breeder of nothing but ugliness and apathy. Having lived in Trona all of his life, Ray (played by the doe-eyed Dylan Walsh of FX's "Nip/Tuck"), a toll operator, is bogged down by the desert town's constantly dreary mood, and, as a result, allows everything in his life to be molded by those around him -- he's bullied by a meth-head teenager named Dirk (who owns the rural area and cuts everyone's utilities if they don't submit to his commands), he puts up with his fatuous, droning, agoraphobic wife, Charlene (whose next-to-absent enthusiasm is only evident when she's fighting someone to remain indoors), and obliges his son ("Superbad"'s Jonah Hill, in a rather lackluster role) upon demand that he's taken to a hooker hang-out to lose his virginity. Nonetheless, and perhaps to the further detriment of the story's practicality, Ray remains a martyr throughout, turning his unremitting smile upside-down only when he catches Charlene in the sack with his cry-baby brother, Mark (and even then he politely asks, "Can we talk?").

Eventually, as one might have supposed, Ray is inspired to take control of his life (by an independent gas station owner played by Danny DeVito -- there's no way you could've predicted that), and so he does. He pursues the neighborhood mini-mart's cute cashier, Nora (Tracy Middendorf, whose kind face proves to be a crucial one), who has crushed on Ray since high school, organizes an overthrow of Trona's tyrannous proprietor and his crony pack (which includes "Live Free or Die Hard"'s Justin Long), and brings the water back into the Californian community and, ultimately, his life.

"Just Add Water" is an inconsistent, misguided attempt at what other films have already done. It's often sweet -- director Hart Bochner crafts a handful of tender jiffs, one between Hill and a pro, amusingly named R'ch'lle (I apologize if you share that name...for having to endure the name itself and for poking fun at it), and the others concerning Ray and Nora -- but all the sweets in the world wouldn't get this film past its lifeless characters or its similarly unresponsive production (script/direction/acting).
April 16, 2010
a very enjoyable film to watch not to much to think about, good guy beats bad guys and gets the girl, class
½ September 28, 2009
Dylan Walsh character comes across more pathectic than sympathetic maybe if they made him grow a pair of ball earlier on in the film it might of had a chance. A thumbs up for Melissa McCarthy performance as crack whore made me laugh every time she came on onscreen.
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