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May 3, 2011
I really love Old Dogs. Even just on the soul fact that John Travolta and Robin Williams are in a movie together was enough to get my attention, but the result is comic gold. After seeing this around three times for some reason, I still think it's just as funny. Now I can see why this was critically bashed beyond belief and people in general just hate it, but it doesn't affect me in the slightest. I think the reason I find this to be so funny is the fact that it takes middle-aged jokes to the extreme. The pill mix-up thing gets me every time as well as the extra tan session. Then there's the great cameos from Matt Dillon and a redneck Justin Long that really send it over the top.
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November 15, 2009
I couldn't stop laughing on people getting hit in the nuts by golf balls, but that, at least, is worth a smile. Not so the moment Dan (Robin Williams) enters a tanning booth and - gasp! - ends up turning browner than an M&M thanks to an operational mishap. And when he and Charlie (John Travolta) discuss their complicated regime of pills and their side-effects, you can be sure that within minutes they'll be taking the wrong ones by mistake, leading to all sorts of high jinks. It's light entertainment in the truest sense of the word, being light on both laughs and substance.
Williams and Travolta as two lifelong friends and business partners share a remarkably poor chemistry.
In the film's favour is that the youngsters, Emily and Zach - the former played by Travolta's real-life daughter, Ella Beau - are likable rather than cloying, Seth Green is, sadly, under-used, and the fact that everyone has to mug so hard for their laughs is an unfortunate consequence of the writing just not being funny enough.
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November 15, 2009
A nice family movie with a little of comedy too. It was a decent story with some heart-felt emotion at the end, of course its Disney...

Charlie and Dan have been best friends and business partners for thirty years; their Manhattan public relations firm is on the verge of a huge business deal with a Japanese company. With two weeks to sew up the contract, Dan gets a surprise: a woman he married on a drunken impulse nearly nine years before (annulled the next day) shows up to tell him he's the father of her twins, now seven, and she'll be in jail for 14 days for a political protest. Dan volunteers to keep the tykes, although he's up tight and clueless. With Charlie's help is there any way they can be dad and uncle, meet the kids' expectations, and still land the account?
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½ February 5, 2010
An often riotously funny slapstick farce that ought to appeal to moviegoers of all ages.
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July 8, 2010
okay, i know i like "bad" movies. but i can safely say i didn't care too much about this one. i thought Wild Hogs was better. but this one had some parts where i laughed till i had actual tears. it was pretty heart warming too. i wouldn't say don't watch it, but if you should find yourself with it on, you won't hate it.
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½ June 24, 2010
prison ruuuules \m/ ......... yeah, it's good one
Jason Lalljee
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½ May 8, 2010
'Old Dogs' is a typically TREMENDOUS train wreck. Allow me to break down exactly what went wrong.

Story- Okay, the 40 year old bachelor story is a little done. That normally would get it a 50 on the tomato meters, but in it's effort to be different, Old Dogs just turns it into something you'd think a five year old came up with. The constant humor about the two leads being grandparents was very untasteful and will make you cringe in your seats.
Average: 9/100

Plot Progression: Doesn't anyone question that the kid characters don't question their mother suddenly brings them a forty- five year old man and tells them he's their daddy? Or the fact that Japanese business men don't question them when their kid gives them business dealings?

My Favorite Parts: After it finished.
Average 2/100

The Directing: It went very fast. When a character couldn't figure out what was happening, we saw it twice. A bland attempt in vain.
Average: 12/100

The Acting/ Characters: I'm so frustrated to see the actors' talent wasted in such a movie. I love them all, but they need to be careful about what kind of movies they agree to be in. Actors did the best with what they had, but unfortunately, what they had wasn't much.

Overall: 11/100
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April 30, 2010
John Travolta has always been highly overrated throughout his entire career. Remember when he almost vanished from the movie screens in the 80's? Then there's Robin Williams, one of the funniest actors ever. But after winning the Oscar for his great performance in 'Good Will Hunting', back in '97, his career has gone downwards. It's a shame, but what can you do when the scripts you get are mostly crap? Ask Robert De Niro, for instance...

So we do have two "old dogs" of the entertainment business together in a comedy. But what could have been somewhat entertaining and funny, turns out to be one of the worst comedies I've ever seen. I'm not going that much in to the story, all of you can read the synopsis, but this I can say... 'Old Dogs' is nothing but a cliché filled movie that doesn't deliver.

I can honestly say that I did not laugh in the movie. Not because of the two leads but because of Seth Green, who is in fact the opposite to Travolta, highly underrated (as a comedian). Seth Green delivers the laughs but it's not because of something new and brilliant that we witness on the screen, but because of the way that he does it. But even these laughs are too few to even mention.

After this film, Travolta is even worse in my books and I really think that he should take a break from acting and hope for another 'Look Who's Talking' sequel. A mediocre film that happened to save his career. Robin Williams should keep on entertaining but for the love of something, read the script first and don't accept every shitty movie you've been offered!

Save your money and go out on the streets to look at real actual old dogs. The ones with four legs. As a dog person, I can say that looking at an old "yeller" taking a crap has more entertainment value than 'Old Dogs'.
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½ April 19, 2010
18/04/2010 (DVD)

'Old Dogs' don't have any new tricks. I didn't hate it but I noticed that I only laughed about three times during my experience.

Although I laughed pretty hard those few times I was aware that it wasn't enough to carry me through to the end and it felt more like a 'Drama' than a 'Family Comedy'.

It does have a great line up I must say but just keep in mind that great expectations may result in great disappointments if you're thinking the casting will save the movie, and I thought 'Bernie Mac' was dead?
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September 17, 2008
It's absolutely hilarious. A tremendously entertaining, heart-warming and outrageously funny comedy that's fun for the whole family. It's a laugh-a-minute joy-ride that's all heart. Loads of laugh-out loud moments and crazy antics that you will enjoy. Robin Williams and John Travolta are brilliant together, they are such a funny and charismatic team. A truly wonderful combination of buddy comedy and a family film. The rest of the all-star cast are terrific, they all give very funny performances. It's smart, very funny and always a great time.
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½ March 22, 2010
Shockingly stupid coming from such personable actors like Travolta and Williams and I was one of the few who liked director Walt Becker's previous film, Wild Hogs. This though--wow.
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March 21, 2010
Old Dogs is another Disney clap trap family film about an older guy (Robin Williams) who is sensible, skittish, phobic, and carefully plans his life. Which, in Hollywood cliche land, means that his best friend (John Travolta) is the exact opposite. So after a night of debauchery a decade before Dan (Williams) learns that he is the proud father of twins AND the mother is going to jail for two weeks for some environmental terrorism. So Dan and Charlie (Travolta) end up taking care of the kids. Hilarity engulfs the screen in a series of old and fart jokes. Run credits.

This is basically a same shit different day situation with Travolta resuming his Dinseyfied role that he had in Wild Hogs (let's not get started on that one) The story is thin, Williams tries to improv, but fails. Travolta just sucks, but he's getting a check so who cares. This is your basic crappy family film that they throw two names in so that you'll go to the theater and rent the DVD. Cash out, people.

But could Old Dogs do some good? I totally believe that Robert Downey, Jr. needs to watch this film with great interest and think about where he wants his career to be in fifteen years. Travolta got his second chance and now look at him. You need to be careful, Robert. You could be starring in a movie like this. Beware. Beware.
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March 11, 2010
Cheap laughs no gasps.
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March 3, 2010
Slapstick? YES! Silly? YES! Heart Felt? YES! A recommendation to people who ignore critics. Yes it is very predictable, but in a very good way. It has it's really good moments, but it also has it's overlong slapstick moments that are overdone. Old Dogs kept me smiling, and the critics missed there mark on this one! I mean really? Razzy? Come on, you can do better than that! Just give the award to All About Steve and get it over with, don't do any nominations. This was a good family film!
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½ February 19, 2010
Old Dogs is hilarious. Even if the majority of the laughs come from laughing at how bad the jokes are. Two men looking after children? Hold on to your hats, as you're about to enter a world of delightfully predictable comedic cliches. The main "jokes" are aimed at Travolta and Williams, and how most people confuse them for the children's GRANDparents, or assume the two are a gay couple. Chortle, chortle. There are also many jokes about Travolta and Williams screwing up opportunities with a Japanese business, only for the Japanese to misconstrue their bumbling as having deeper, more philosophical meaning. They're jokes that the children in this film could have written. The only shining star here is Justin Long, delivering a film saving cameo.
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½ January 6, 2010
Funny this ain't, I'm not too sure why I even watched this, maybe the slight attraction of Williams pushed me towards the ultimate decision hmmmm I regret it though, oh yes. This is some real A-list ego crapola, its totally predictable, very cliched, the jokes and ideas have been done before in many other comedy flicks/shows and its so very childish and cringe worthy at the unfunny antics of Travolta n Williams who are obviously on board for a big paycheck.
Absolutely nothing here to keep you even remotely interested :(
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December 6, 2009
Old dogs tells the story of two best friends have their lives turned upside down when they?re unexpectedly charged with the care of six-year-old twins while on the verge of the biggest business deal of their lives leading to one debacle after another, and perhaps to a new-found understanding of what?s really important in life. Old Dogs follows the same type of comedy as Wild Hogs, two mature men involved in a lot of insane adventures. The plot is a little predictable, the funny moments are very good but some of them are just unreal. The cast is really good, John Travolta and Robin Williams made a excellent couple and both deliver good and funny performances, Seth Green is hilarious, the kids Conrad Rayburn and Ella Bleu Travolta were delightful and the special appearances by Matt Dillon and Bernie Mac, in his last movie; were decent and convincing. In conclusion, Old Dogs is a movie whose only purpose was to entertain and I think that at least it makes the effort to do it.
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November 3, 2009
John Travolta, Robin Williams, Seth Green, Kelly Preston, Ella Bleu Travolta, Conner Rayburn, Matt Dillon, Lori Loughlin

Two best friends -- one unlucky-in-love divorcee (ROBIN WILLIAMS) and the other a fun-loving bachelor (JOHN TRAVOLTA) -- have their lives turned upside down when they?re unexpectedly charged with the care of six-year-old twins while on the verge of the biggest business deal of their lives. The not-so-kid-savvy bachelors stumble in their efforts to take care of the twins (newcomers ELLA BLEU TRAVOLTA and CONNER RAYBURN), leading to one debacle after another, and perhaps to a new-found understanding of what?s really important in life.
Haven't laughed so much during a movie in a long time. John and Robin are great together. Work well off of each other. Seth Green gives lots of laughs too. The kids were great. This is a fun, feel good movie that you won't come away from without laughing or smiling. So if you want to have a good laugh this is the movie to watch.
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December 17, 2009
mainly embarassing, and yet and still with a few bits o'fun
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