Total Recall: Bruce Willis' Best Movies

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How lucky is Bruce Willis? Not only did he go, seemingly overnight, from tending bar to starring in ABC's hit Moonlighting, marrying Demi Moore, and scoring a Top 10 single, but he also made the transition to movie megastardom -- and then survived the Great Action Hero Purge of the 1990s, jumping to smart indie features (and the occasional blockbuster) while the Stallones and Schwarzeneggers of the industry were left grasping at past glories. And if all that weren't enough, the Planet Hollywood co-founder -- and star of Jonathan Mostow's sci-fi thriller Surrogates -- is also the subject of this week's Total Recall! As always, we left our personal biases out of the mix and simply set the Tomatometer for "awesome," letting the world's greatest film critics do the heavy lifting for us. By limiting our list to only the 10 best-reviewed movies from Willis' extensive filmography, we're undoubtedly courting controversy (sorry, fans of The Player and Grindhouse -- cameos don't count), but hey -- sorting that stuff out is what the comment section is for, isn't it? Let's get the countdown started! Back to Article