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Painfully predictable.

July 27, 2009 Full Review Source: At the Movies | Comments (17)
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April S.

April Sorenson

You are saying you actually predicted that the villan was actually had a form of dwarfism? If you did you just might be the only one.... Anyway's to me it was a pretty good flick that, yes, at times were predictable. But just not the dwarfism part.

Jul 27 - 10:47 AM

jim m.

jim mendoza

what did you predict? that there was something wrong with esther? lol.

Jul 27 - 04:16 PM


billy madison

this critic is smart! Must be a burden to be as perceptive as him..

Jul 28 - 12:48 AM

Jared T.

Jared Turner

Painfully Predictable?? you are truly an idiot

Jul 28 - 06:43 AM

Christopher S.

Christopher Spencer

This guy is a complete moron! Predictable? Really? So, he's saying that he saw the twist coming? Bullsh*t! The only way he got his "journalistic" break is by nepotism alone. I've stopped watching At The Movies because of this douche. GET RID OF HIM!

Jul 28 - 11:43 PM

Lee P.

Lee Parker

I decided a long time ago to go see every movie Loser Lyons trashes. I have seen some great ones lately, including this one. Thanks, LOSER! "Predictable?" This guy couldn't predict his crap hitting water while sitting on a toilet!

Jul 30 - 05:54 PM

Jake n.

Jake nunya

Ben Lyons is a joke. Even his co-host told him off, saying Orphan was very good. It was not cliche at all after the mirror scenes. And if he really calls this predictable, than I don't know what isn't predictable. Ben Lyons just hates mainstream horror and doesn't even give it a chance. It's gross watching the **** that comes out of his mouth.

Jul 31 - 08:00 PM

Ben J.

Ben Johnson

I made an account just so I could say that Ben Lyons is a ****ing idiot. It's as if he didn't even actually see this movie. ".. apparently it only takes three weeks to adopt a child." Uhh.. if you actually PAID ATTENTION, they suggested that they'd been going through the process (home-environment review, etc) for a while. And they didn't tell their parents because, you know, she WAS holding them at knife point.

Why the **** does this guy even have this job?

Aug 4 - 11:54 AM

Ausautas V.

Ausautas V.

Saw it coming "a MILE away"????That doctor on the phone had me by the neck right up to when he spelled it out in scientific terms.
Kind of weird and disturbing, but not what I expected. (I think sexual abuse would have been predictable. This twist we got also had an interesting way of green lighting you to stop feeling too much sympathy for the messed up kid, unlike "The Good Son").

Grabbed "first available child"? It was the most remarkable kid in the litter.

Aug 5 - 01:39 AM

Ausautas V.

Ausautas V.

oops, "first available child" was Tim Brayton.

Aug 5 - 01:44 AM

nico d.

nico donatelli

there wasnt anything predictable about this movie, it had me suprised the whole way. i loved the big twist at the end :D........... so Ben Lyons shut the hell up

Aug 6 - 06:17 AM

Ottawa Fred

Fred Maack

This movie blew. Don't care for Ben Lyons but he's right about how everything was predictable (minus the twist). The twist was inconsequential. We knew that there would be more and more bizarre incidents and that there would be some final night time battle to the death between mother and daughter. I've seen What Lies Beneath, Single White Female, The Hand That Rocks The Cradle. This was no better.

Oct 18 - 11:53 PM

will s.

will stamp

while i WAS surprised by the twist at the end, i certainly don't think this movie was good enough to call for critic-bashing because of a negative review.. i'm sure there are much better movies whose rotten reviews could be combed over..

Oct 25 - 10:52 PM

Stewart Allan

Stewart Allan

You couldn't be more wrong,Ben. Judging by the other comments,you're getting called out on the twist,and I'm apparently another fool who never saw the twist coming.

Jul 19 - 08:33 AM

Sara Wilson

Sara Wilson

LOL, I just finished watching this movie. I thought it was amazingly awesome. I knew before I even opened my computer that there would be that person who said "I knew the twist beforehand."
There's no way possible that such a unique twist "dwarfism" could have been predicted out of thin air. Come ON, guys, it's ok to not know every thing before it happens. It must be miserable to try to predict everything instead of just watching and letting the movie take you through twists and turns. Oh well, at least I had a great time watching tonight.

Dec 20 - 05:14 PM



You're painfully a liar.

Jan 31 - 06:16 PM

Mihael Tomin?ek

Mihael Tomin?ek

At our place we agreed after first day child was home, that massacre will be (not knowing what we are wathing), and Husband will be wasted. At scene when little sister pushed Ester away it was we bet on that same little sister will shoot Ester. Ok, she shot, missed and hit ice. That was actualy one rare moment of real-life possible scenario. It would be too much even for that movie if little would hit Ester in the head, not hitting mom.

Feb 13 - 06:07 PM

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