• R, 1 hr. 40 min.
  • Drama, Comedy
  • Directed By:
    Todd Phillips
    In Theaters:
    Jun 5, 2009 Wide
    On DVD:
    Dec 15, 2009
  • Warner Bros. Pictures

Critic Review - Movie Metropolis

...apparently, I have no sense of humor for finding so little joy in the runaway hit comedy 'The Hangover.'

December 13, 2009 Full Review Source: Movie Metropolis | Comments (59)
Movie Metropolis


Mr. Positive

. .

Maybe you are just too much of an old fart to get the jokes?

Dec 17 - 06:34 PM


Rob Humanick

Or maybe humor is subjective, says the 23-year-old. Positive douche.

Dec 18 - 04:41 AM

Joseph M.

Joseph Meador

That's exactly what Mr. Positive was saying, and we don't care how old you are unless you're pandering your crappy movie reviews to us.

Jun 8 - 08:37 PM

american psycho

kevin morrow morrow

this movie was funny. **** u. u ****ing *** i hope u die. if i ever see your face in real life i will beat u 2 death

Dec 18 - 05:16 PM

H.P. Drifter

Guy McPerson

Threatening to beat a man to death for not liking a movie. Classy. Also, you can make threats on his life but you won't say the word fuck?

Mar 6 - 09:41 PM

John Arthur Beaman

john b


Jun 1 - 02:08 AM

Lili Cumonmybaps

Lili Cumonmybaps

Wow...you are a douchebag, a really gullable one too, people are allowed to have opinions a-hole. So STFU.

Dec 28 - 06:01 AM

Alex K.

Alex Kaseberg

This is exactly why everyone now thinks of movie critics as humorless, silly, foppish out-of-touch, untalented frustrated screen writers.

Dec 19 - 03:45 PM

Stephan C.

Stephan Cho

Yes. How dare this man give an honest review.

Dec 25 - 10:28 PM

Emily G.

Emily Getz

I completely agree, just becuase they use the f-bomb as every other word doesn't make it funny.

Dec 27 - 10:14 AM

David W.

David Walz

I'm SO damn sick of the "why do they say the f-bomb like, every other sentence lolz?" If you woke up with NO idea what has happened and you can't find your best friend and you find a baby in the closet and you find a tiger in the bathroom and you are missing a tooth, you aren't going to say "oh shucks, look at that tiger. oh darn, i ripped out my own tooth" etc, etc. Stop complaining. If you can't find a way to see that part of realism, then you shouldn't see movies. ever.

Jun 15 - 12:02 AM

dan t.

dan teasdale

Now go back to your uptight christian family with no sense of humor and no sense of the real world

Aug 20 - 06:54 PM

dan t.

dan teasdale

Now go back to your uptight christian family with no sense of humor and no sense of the real world

Aug 20 - 06:55 PM

Roger W.

Roger Waters

Actually there is not much F-wording in this movie, so what the "f"?

Jan 23 - 08:30 AM

Ellen K.

Ellen Kimball

This is EXACTLY how I felt! I enjoy a good comedy, this wasn't a good comedy. The script and actors were trying way too hard to make it funny, I saw all the funny one-liners in the trailers, and the hype this movie got was over-rated.

Dec 29 - 12:40 AM

Matrix XII

Bryan Fletcher

I totally agree with you. Very overrated movie, if this is a comedy that is supposed to be great, then that is a testament to how many good comedies come out these days.

Dec 31 - 10:58 AM

Dick Pound

callum thomas

forces the baby to make obscene gestures? its not like the baby really gives a ****

Dec 31 - 09:09 PM

Mikheal E.

Mikheal Early


finding certain things funny is not something new...

I may disagree with your view, but I won't downgrade your opinion.

but half this movie had me bustin up....

U watch the office? subtle, slapstick humor is nice.

Dec 31 - 11:07 PM


Wilson Smith

I dunno what else to say other than you're wrong, every single joke was funny.

Jan 1 - 11:37 PM

Mark S.

Mark Svoboda

My sentiments exactly. A great concept, muddled by mediocre acting and an oh-so-trendy post-Talladega Nights script. I also find it hard to laugh when a baby gets whacked by a car door and starts crying. Am I out of touch?

Jan 3 - 10:23 AM

Paul G.

Paul Grady

Im suprised i didnt enjoy this movie much either,,..movies like this and pineapple express are boring,..although this was better,..maybe i shoulda had low expectations and gotten a buzz first,..but everyone was like,."hey you gotta see it"! i wish i saw what they did! i give it a 5 outta 10,.maybe

Jan 6 - 10:41 PM

Kenneth J.

Kenneth Jolley

I don't think it was meant to be a slapstick comedy. Its more or less WTF???? moment from he time they wake up to the time they find doug. It's like being a freshman in high school and getting to spend the weekend parting with seniors. you wont remember the majority of it but you know you had a good time. YOu have to admit that a tiger in the bathroom was awesome and then to find out it was Mike Tyson's mad it even better.

Jan 10 - 05:56 AM

Mark G.

Mark Goddard

Yes, I'm still waiting. Very lame film.

Jan 16 - 04:57 PM

Jo B.

Jo Blo

Never. In fact, it's frighteningly unfunny.

Jan 18 - 01:00 AM


Erik Thompson

You gotta be kidding me! This movie is so much better than the stupid crap that passes for comedy. With the crap that passes for comedy these day, what with Will Ferell, Austin Powers and the re-made Pink Panthers, The Hangover was a breath of fresh air. Was the comedy raunchy and vulgur? At time yes, but really no more so than Caddy Shack. This movie actually had a plot and a mystery in between puking, lost teeth and naked gay chinese men. This was one of the best of it's genre in quite a while and seems the Foreign Press and Critic's Choice also agrees. Perhaps you should take extra vitamins and see if you can build up your humor muscle. This movie hit one out of the park.

Jan 19 - 10:06 PM

Brett Lindholm

Brett Lindholm

I completely agree with your review. This is the most overrated movie in a long time. Not nearly funny enough to live up to the box office success and universal praise. None of the actors were worthy of a leading role and supporting roles by Mike Tyson and the Ken Jeong were not funny

Jun 3 - 09:21 PM

Luke B.

Luke Blanch

paging doctor ******... doctor foggot

Jan 29 - 10:33 PM

Trevor T.

Trevor Tucker

you should have turned up your hearing aid, because it was funny from then opening line of the movie

Feb 2 - 07:15 AM

Opposite Girl

Kortaka West

I'm a high school student and I watched this movie last night. Didn't laugh once! I felt like I should because my friends had been raving about how awesome and funny it was, but I thought it was pretty lame.

Feb 2 - 10:34 AM

Mehran J.

Mehran Jafarian


Apr 4 - 09:08 PM

Sharon T.

Sharon Tang

Go polish your glasses in the corner nerd

May 28 - 10:52 PM

Opposite Girl

Kortaka West

@Sharon T. and Mehran J.
LOL. I'm a nerd and a douche because I don't find the completely immature humor of 'The Hangover' funny? I was just being honest and sharing my opinion in reply to a completely ageist comment by Trevor T. You two both resorted immediately to name calling without even telling me why you disagree with my opinion in the first place. With these comments, you guys sound like you're even younger than me. Maybe that explains why you liked this movie?

Jun 18 - 09:08 PM

J R G.

J R Greenwood

Nope. Not funny. What could have been an amazingly funny movie was reduced to the same old bull****. For me, it was about 45 minutes of waiting for something to actually happen.

Feb 8 - 09:09 AM

J R G.

J R Greenwood

Nope. Not funny. What could have been an amazingly funny movie was reduced to the same old bull****. For me, it was about 45 minutes of waiting for something to actually happen.

Feb 8 - 09:12 AM

matt g.

matt g

As with all great stories, particularly with dramas, the plot takes time to develop and this movie began by working backwards.

If a story simply unfolded itself in 30 mins - allowing the viewer to know exactly what was going to happen, would you even bother staying in the theaters?

As with the opening sequences that you out right criticized - they were actually quite realistic. If you were stoned, drunk or in this case "hammered" you would have absolutely no recollection of previous events. In which case you would have to work and think backwards.

As with all movies, many aspects in film are "exaggerated." People watch film to get a laugh, and experience something new. As with all action, comedies etc. Movies are an exaggeration of our daily lives in order to invoke emotion and thought. Would it be so interesting to watch a movie with me spending 10 mins to type this comment? I believe not.

You criticize many aspects of the film which i found it to be more realistic and effective I will not list them all because it's simply a waste of time.

But I will say this - I loved the cinematography (the handheld close-ups) which allowed the viewer to feel the staggering movements of the actors.

I loved the script and the absurdity of it all.

And if I may say so respectfully - you most likely are a bit old fashioned and classically set to understand the humor behind this film.

Feb 8 - 09:13 PM

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