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October 25, 2014
Tries hard to be a British "Scream."
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½ September 15, 2009
After watching this film, I'm still not sure if the title, Tormented, refers to the students of the featured High School, or the audience that had to sit through this film. Tormented is one of these films that has a deeper meaning, but it takes it's message to such extremes, that it becomes completely obsolete. Tormented is actually an anti-bullying film, that features an obese teenager, that has committed suicide after years of abuse. Instead of focusing on the ones left behind, the story instead focuses on the popular kids, who continue to "torment" the kid after he's gone, that is until his ghost shows up looking for revenge. The story isn't the worst idea I've ever heard of, but the film was so fake and over the top that it just ruined all it's credibility. Tormented features a fully functional ghost, with emotions, who gruesomely kills people. The special effects that show him as a ghost and the ridiculous amounts of kool-aid blood, were just some of the worst I've ever seen. Magic Mike's Alex Pettyfer stars as the bully and much like the rest of the cast, is far too old to be playing a high school student. Films like this are low budget, and I understand they need a person of name in order to be recognized, but I've always felt that they should cast real teenagers, and give them a chance at breaking into the business, rather than have the roles played by actors that are pushing thirty! Tormented is exactly how you'll feel as this film plays to the lowest common denominator, assuming that only ignorant people are going to watch it. They'll do things like call the victim, Shrek and show goth kids who think it's cool that he killed himself. Tormented is not funny, scary, or anything but a complete waste of time.
½ February 6, 2014
A film highlighting one of the biggest problems with certain low-budget British cinema in that it lacks both ambition and ideas. The school "kids" are all clearly 24 which at least in American slasher films the students don't wear uniforms, but here they do and it just looks as if they are all going to a fancy dress party as the same theme, it's awful. The writing is dire, the characters are from another world as they behave and talk like no real human beings actually do, and the mix of American elements thrown in from time to time just doesn't work and only further hampers the already broken reality in which this is set. I wouldn't be at all surprised if the real kids from the school in which this was shot (clearly during summer break) couldn't make a better film themselves.
½ September 2, 2012
Very enjoyable teenage slasher based on the topic of bullying. One of the boys in the school is bullied and comes back from the dead to exact revenge on those who tormented him in life. Quite a strong anti-bullying movie, filled with great death scenes, and dark humour. Definitely worth a watch.
½ August 13, 2011
The plot was stupid and the horror was lame. There was no remote explanation about the zombie/ghost. But Alex Pettyfer was in it and he was SO hot. He plays the role of popular bad boy who everyone listens to. I didn't know he could act like this! He made the movie watchable but unless you are a big fan of him, don't watch the movie. Its a huge waste of your time.
July 28, 2013
An anti-bullying horror-com that takes place in a British prep school. "Tormented works. The laughs are funny, and the flashbacks to Darren's caught-on-camera torture all too believable."
½ June 29, 2013
A so-so thriller about a spirit with a grudge against a group of college students who seem to be nothing more than narcissistic losers getting what they deserve.
½ June 9, 2013
Fat guy with puffer commits suicide over incessant bullying, comes back from the dead and gruesomely wastes his bullies. Darren Mullett, you are a hero.
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May 20, 2013
Ugh! Can you get more unimaginative?! The film's message should be that the true "Tormented" ones are those who paid $10 for a ticket....
½ April 25, 2013
not only great horror movie but also shows the violence and intolerance between teenagers. great plot, great movie
Horrific R.
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January 3, 2013
This movie is a bit more on the unique side of high school slashers, but not so much in a good way. The camera work and editing stands out most to me, and it works in giving the movie an intense tone, but the problem with this film lies somewhere else. The acting is fine, the plot is basic but not bad... What's horrid is the character development and the dialogue. The characters are exaggerated to the point where I want to rip my hair out. All the comedy in this film falls flat, and the "Cool kids" "Bullies" "Emos" all do nothing but play a stereotypical role and ruin what could have been a decent film, had it been more down to earth.
½ February 27, 2013
Two things make this movie great the gore and the British accents
½ January 25, 2013
Not bad for a english comedy/horror/slasher.
½ November 30, 2012
A British slasher that never really convinces but at least it is somewhat tongue-in-cheek, and overuses the evil spirit corpse's on-screen time.
November 14, 2011
hated it, thought this movie was crap, I will not want to watch this movie even if somebody paid me a millon pounds to watch this film I wouldn't, I thought it was a crap film and I won't watch it again, not if someone paid me
October 25, 2012
British gore. Me gusta.
September 20, 2012
Tormented is a depressing experience for me. A movie that feels so needlessly cold-hearted and hateful as the audience is punished by having to watch cruel and joyless bullying and ridiculous death scenes that come off as entertainment. If I was strapped to a chair and endlessly beaten and tortured for 24 hours, I'd consider it a massage compared to this.
½ June 23, 2010
I watched this film tonight on Sky Movies Premiere. I will admit I only wanted to see it because of Alex Pettyfer (Stormbreaker) and Tom Hopper (who starred as Jeff in Series 5 of ?Doctor Who? in Episode 1: ?The Eleventh Hour? starring alongside Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor), but I was pleasantly surprised. I hate low budget horror films, but this was much more of a slasher film, and very funny in parts, which allowed you to relax and enjoy it.

The deaths are rather imaginative and only one was quite obvious what was good and basically you mostly laughed through each death . The acting is good on a whole, but a couple of the main characters do need some acting lessons, the whole cast is quite young but they have been able to develop each character well.

This film will not be for everyone. It is very 'Skins' (teenager) orientated, as it uses a lot of slang and such. The plot is rather unrealistic but thats what makes it fun, anything could happen, and most things do.

Overrall, ?Tormented? is a funny and entertaining teen horror films which I recommend to anyone who isn't too bothered about what they are watching, who is up for a good laugh, but doesn't mind a bit of blood and guts.
½ September 2, 2012
There's a good deal of humor and a few nasty kills so other than an annoyingly "hip" soundtrack Tormented is a moderately successful newgen slasher that features a reasonable motive and beats the pants off of most others that have tried at the attempt.
½ August 30, 2012
With great direction from Jon Wright, excellent acting from the cast and a superb understanding of the bullying that happens in today's society, this movie has potential and is worth a see.....
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