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April 22, 2015
This was a very good film. It is based on a true story, so that made it all the more touching. I can only imagine this family's struggle in raising such a child. But even more, Sandra's pain in growing up in such a world and never feeling like she belonged. Sophie Okenedo did an excellent job in portraying Sandra. She is such a wonderful actress. Worth seeing.
½ December 28, 2013
Good movie, very well done, but there was something about its atmosphere that I found a bit .... cheap? otherwise full 4-stars.
May 2, 2014
This is a very involving drama, not least thanks to a strong performance from Sophie Okonedo, who plays a black woman with white parents at the height of the Apartheid era in South Africa. She encounters a lot of prejudice and struggles to fit into society as she is shunned merely for her skin colour.
½ December 28, 2013
A fascinating history but a predictable movie.
November 23, 2013
This happened -- and the situation would be more than ridiculous if it were not so painful. The story starts to drag towards the end, but most of the movie is well put together.
October 30, 2013
Rip out your heart and toss it onto the White Rhinos horn, it will be better off than it having to suffer this heartbreaking movie. So well acted, that the realism bashes your very soul and then kicks it around the park for a while as the actors craft supersedes that of the content. Photography is beautiful as one expects from Africa, background sound is striking. Nibbles: Potjiekos.
September 21, 2013
such an inspiring and beautiful movie
December 3, 2009
I am going to skip this one.
July 3, 2013
A powerful true story !
May 16, 2013
Good but a harrowing journey back into fiendish apartheid.
October 31, 2012
good drama set in 1965 its the story of a south african white couple who sire a black baby and the contriversy it brings in a coutry divided by aparthaid
½ October 1, 2011
Much better than expected. Alice Krige was incredible in this.
½ August 5, 2009
A great premise that totally fails to go anywhere, probably due to the rapid-fire cutting in the early scenes.
June 4, 2012
An excellent, moving, often shocking film. Okonedo is inspiring in the lead role.
½ April 28, 2012
A dark-skinned girl born to white South African parents attempts to explore her identity in a nation deeply divided by race.... Never give up!
April 27, 2012
Skin is the true story of Sandra Laing, a black girl born of two white parents in 1960's South Africa. It is a condition commonly referred to as a "throwback gene" where the blood line has mixed with another race in the past. It can be over a century ago. Anyway, this is Laing's life story and it has been adapted very faithfully as far as I can tell from reading. She actually consulted on the film. Its an incredible story and a tragic one... its incredibly moving and I hope a lot of people get to see it. Sam Neill takes on a gutsy role and is excellent and Sophie Okonedo is wonderful as Sandra. I love it when unique stories are told and this one is equally as important as it is extraordinary.

Side note: I was dumbfounded by the start of this film. A rather large text explaining Apartheid is presented. Do schools no longer teach this as part of history? I realise that time progresses but isn't part of learning history about understanding the wrongs as not to repeat them? A simple title card on the screen reading "South Africa 1960's" would have been sufficient. The film's demographic audience would all know what Apartheid was anyhow and those who don't could have joined the dots by watching the film.
½ December 23, 2011
3.5/5 stars: Based on a true story, this film taught me a lot about segregation outside of the US. I can't imagine the predicament of this family and my heart broke for Sandra in dealing with a problem that was created simply by the color of her skin.
March 21, 2012
Sam Neil and Sophie Okonedo are marvelous in this movie about apartheid South Africa in 1955. The movie highlights the close mindidness of the government, and its citizens during this volatile time in history. The movie was beautifuly done, and really moving. You always think of how bad things were in America during this time with segregation. This was an eye opener to how bad things were in South Africa at the same time period.
Matt S.
Super Reviewer
March 11, 2012
Skin is an amazing, thought provoking, inspirational, eye opening tear jerker in the likes of The Help when it comes to it's subject matter but less known yet beats me why it never made it wide to theaters or gain any nominations, it's a great film that deserves attention. The story is so fascinating and touching that it's quite powerful that it's based on a true story and a punch in the stomach everytime you learn how much so people were prejudice and discriminatory and I will never get their irrational thinking back then, we've came a long way. The performances were great and to me oscar worthy but never gained any notice for some reason and Sophie Okonedo shines as Sandra Laing a black girl born to a white couple in Johannesburg, South Africa and her struggles through life as a confused child to a woman in search of herself. The supporting cast was also great most notably from Sam Neill in one of his best performance and Alice Krige which they both play her parents in a battle of rights and acceptance for their daughter yet are somewhat discrimitory themselves which was sad and frustrating to see as it tares their family apart. As the film came to an end it was bittersweet yet satisfying of a battle won and her rights accepted as freedom rings but the realization of what has come and go of her family is heartbreaking but her new path is now an open canvas of hope that she truly deserved right from the beginning. Overall it's a movie that will educate you and needs to be seen by everyone and it's just a beautiful film bottom line and I highly recommend it to everyone! 8.5 out of 10
June 9, 2011
This Film really took hold of my heart.Poignant True Story about a Colored girl,Sandra(Sophie Okonedo) born to White Parents(Sam Neill & Alice Krige) in 1955 South Africa during Apartheid.They try to send her to a White, Privileged School & a Government ,Legal,& Moral fight begins about whether she is black or white & can be taken from her parents.The Media escalates the issue, & lifelong internal, & family torment becomes this girls life.She suffers ridicule & hate from both races, & an identity crisis that is still relevant today.Her Parents want her to be White, & force her to date White Suitors, to disasterous results, & it is illegal for her to date or marry Black.She falls in love with a Black Man, & is imprisoned for it, & disowned by her Father & kept by him from her Mother.She goes to live with him in poverty, even with his baby, she cannot Marry him, because her parents had her classified her as White,so she is living illegally.The Superstitious Baby Daddy of her two children,Petrus(Tony Kgoroge) blames Sandra for all his, & their Villages, problems because she is "Bad Luck" & he becomes alcoholic & Beats her, forcing her to go on the run, but her Mother cannot help.Her life is a Struggle because she is caught between two Skin Colors.This Beautiful True Story touched me to my Core, everyone should see this as Prejudice hasn't evolved much in all these years.
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