Disney Unveils Tron Legacy Trailer

RT sneaks a look at the forthcoming trailer

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Yesterday Disney unveiled the first full-length trailer for Tron Legacy at a handful of select 3-D Imax locations globally -- and Rotten Tomatoes were lucky enough to be there. We hate to be teases but we couldn't resist sharing a brief description of it anyway, ahead of the trailer's official premiere.

Going generously beyond last year's teaser, the new trailer gives us more of a sense of the film's story, as we see Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund) get drawn into the search for his missing dad (Jeff Bridges) -- who's seen here in what appears to be a CGI younger version and as the older guy we'll no doubt meet in the movie. Then there's an eclectic montage of cool images: cyber-babes, cycle racing, the appearance of the original Tron arcade game, and one especially weird shot of a guy sporting an electric white mullet and playing what might be a keyboard guitar -- the entire soundtrack, lest we forget, is being done by French synth rockers Daft Punk.

Best of all, though, we got a real sense of the scope and design of the film, which looks to have stayed true to the original's minimal graphics while using that style as a basis for its updated visual sheen. The light-cycle racing is the highlight, especially viewed in 3-D IMAX and set to an extremely loud sound mix.

Sure, it's just a trailer; but from the looks of things so far, the movie can't get here soon enough.

Check out the first teaser below. And stay tuned: we'll have the new trailer as soon as it's officially released.