The 20 Best Things To Give (or Get) This Holiday

Fresh stuff that won't get re-gifted.

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It's the final months of the season and Hollywood's looking around at the movies, thinking about who and what they want to bestow their awards gold on. Likewise, as willful participants of movie fandom, so are we looking for the best cinematic loot to give and, almost better, receive ourselves. Rotten Tomatoes compiles 20 of the coolest things to be exchanged this holiday season.

20. Netflix

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Netflix seems to make our holiday wish list every year, but not without good reason. As far as movie rental services are concerned, Netflix is at the top of the game, and part of the reason is because the company is forever expanding the ways in which we experience cinema. In the past year alone, the company has made several adjustments that make a Netflix membership that much more enticing. First of all, if you own a Wii or PS3, it used to be that you needed a separate Netflix disc to stream movies to those devices; back in October, it was announced that downloadable software would be available for PS3 and Wii owners, making the disc unnecessary. Second, the company also made available a free iPhone and iPod Touch app that allows you to stream content directly to those devices as well, which is great for movies on the go. And lastly, Netflix just announced a brand new subscription option that allows you unlimited streaming of Instant Watching content (though no DVDs) for &7.99 a month. So now there are even more options for movie lovers to see the films they want through Netflix, and even fewer reasons for you (or a loved one) not to have an account!

19. Inception

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Say you got somebody on your list who claims to be into movies, but you're not sure which kind exactly. Solution: Inception. You can do way worse than that, right? At best, said film buff will be in love with the action, the sharp cinematography, and pounding score, and, at worst, be at least mildly intrigued by the ideas put forth in Christopher Nolan's smart blockbuster.

18. RC A-Team Van

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We've always wanted to emulate a certain television character by the name of Bosco Albert Baracus. However, our limited bling budget and sheepishness over the idea of rocking his absurdly awesome coiffure have stymied our dreams. Thankfully, there's a solution: the radio-controlled A-Team Van, which allows me to control B.A.?s distinctive black and red GMC Vandura via remote. We love it when a plan comes together.

17. Hitchcock: Piece by Piece

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The Master of Suspense created some of cinema?s most enduring works of genius, but the root of his genius remains elusive. Good thing, then, that documentarian and author Laurent Bouzereau was granted access to many of Hitch?s more private creations ? in addition to a close analysis of the director?s oeuvre, Hitchcock, Piece by Piece compiles rare photos, letters, and notes from the Hitchcock family archive.

16. TRON: Legacy Light Cycle

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For this season?s holiday movie with the coolest toys, it?s hard to go past Tron Legacy. And whether you?re an old school fan nostalgic for the distant days of 1982 or new to the grid, who?s not going to want one of the many splendid light cycle vehicles from the film? Disney have several available, including the black and white light cycles, which light up when you place the action figure in them. There?s also a deluxe machine that?s powered by the figure, remote control versions that roll off the floors and walls, and more. And for the Tron guy who must have everything, there?s a Sam Flynn replica identity disc -- perfect for waving around in public places or taking to your next Daft Punk show.

15. Toy Story 3 Officially Licensed Toys

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The year?s biggest and best animated film just keeps on giving, with the recent DVD/Blu-ray release sure to bring joy to many this season. Why stop there when there are a million great Pixar toys to go with it? Pair Blast-off Buzz Lightyear with Woody and you can quite literally recreate scenes from the trilogy in your bedroom (Pop-out wings! A flashing light!), or, if you?re feeling sinister, get a plush Lotso Huggin interactive bear and cackle as he reels off creepy catchphrases to the inmates of your abode. The Barbie and Ken ?made for each other? gift set is also a must have for the serious Toy Story 3 aficionado, and a fitting tribute to one of the threequels great breakout stars.

14. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World Soundtracks

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For some of us here, the prelude to Edgar Wright?s brilliant Scott Pilgrim vs. the World -- the Universal Theme rendered in triumphant 8-bir blips -- was among the high water marks of cinema in 2010, the moment that the film sunk its hooks in and never let up. To get that epic symphony you?ll need to grab Nigel Godrich?s original score, the second of two Scott Pilgrim soundtracks that also boasts a slew of additional tracks from Dan the Automator, Beck and others (including the memorable Katayanagi Twins Vs. Sex Bob-Omb showdown). Naturally, the first soundtrack is also essential, a compilation that includes all the movie bands (Sex-Bob-Omb, Crash and the Boys, Metric) and a cool selection of other tracks from the film by Frank Black, Beck, The Black Lips, the Rolling Stone and Broken Social Scene.

13. Iron Man 2 Helmet

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Ever wondered what it?s like to be Tony Stark? Wonder no more! With the Deluxe Iron Man Helmet, you can emulate everyone?s favorite billionaire-cum-superhero. This badboy is loaded with awesome sound effects, including battle sounds and a ?combat missions? button that gives you a task to complete. Now all you need for the complete experience is a metallic suit that can fly and stop bullets.

12. The Elephant to Hollywood by Michael Caine

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Michael Caine is acting royalty, a legend across six decades of movies and a two-time Oscar-winner whose credits range from the swingin? Get Carter and Alfie to The Dark Knight and this year?s hit, Inception. He?s also famous for appearing in the turkey Jaws 4, about which he quipped that he?d never seen the film but was extremely fond of the new extension it helped him put on his house. This and hundreds of other such wry anecdotes can be found in The Elephant to Hollywood, Caine?s autobiography that charts his journey from the English borough Elephant and Castle through his supercool Brit startdom of the 1960s and latter day renaissance in recent years. Caine is as affable and amusing as you might expect, so much that you can almost hear him reading the words to you in that distinctive cockney tone. A must for any movie fan.

11. The Art of Drew Struzan

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You may not know him by name, but we guarantee you?ve seen his work; Drew Struzan is the artist behind some of the most recognizable movie posters of the last three decades, including Blade Runner, Back to the Future, The Goonies, and the Indiana Jones films. This book is a fascinating glimpse into Struzan?s artistic process, and it?s a must read for any real movie fan.