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March 23, 2011
Wait, I didn't just watch a really long 5ive gum commercial? But i PAID for a ticket to a 2-hour 5ive gum commercial.
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½ December 16, 2010
While the original Tron was a tiresome mess, this sequel is in fact a huge evolution in about every aspect, featuring a better narrative, more entertainment and, of course, superior technology and visuals. The result is dazzling fun with an awesome soundtrack by Daft Punk.
michael e.
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December 23, 2010
Tron Legacy takes place about 15 years after the events of the first Tron film where Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) has gone missing and his son Sam (Garrett Hedlund) has grown up questioning where his father went. He gets a text from the video arcade where his father worked and goes there only to be sucked into the digital world of Tron, where C.L.U., a creation in Flynns own image (Also played by Bridges,) Has taken over and Flynn has been forced into hiding in the outskirts of the city that he had created along with C.L.U. With the help of Sam and a girl named Quorra, they try to escape from the digital prison before the gateway closes.

Tron Legacy is definitely a sequel that really steps up the game in terms of the style it shows. It is modeled after the style of the original film but like this new film, the world has evolved drastically since those times and everything is now much more high tech and creative in design. With CG the effects are very much improved from the first film and really are one of the shining points of this film and they look incredible. Now the Light Cycle battles look incredible and now there's not just light cycles, but light ships, light planes, and even light gliders, and each looks incredibly well stylized in this world and the CG really does help make this world and machinery look incredible.

Now Tron Legacy doesn't have the best acting in the world and Hedlund and Quorra can get kind of annoying at some points due to how cheesy their dialogue is, but the main selling point in terms of the acting in this movie, is two people, Jeff Bridges and Michael Sheen. Bridges does a great job at being both calm and collected as Flynn and being a ruthless and horrible prick as C.L.U. and Sheen, though having little screen time, takes major advantage of this screen time and makes it so you never can take your eyes off of him just due to how bizarre and strange he acts and is the big show stealer in the whole club scene.

The main thing that steals the show in this whole movie aside from the effects and scenery, is the incredible music, all done incredibly by Daft Punk. This techno sound that they traditionally are known for truly signifies the hi-tech feel and look of this world, and I personally think this is one of the best soundtracks I've ever heard in a film.

Overall, this is an incredible sequel and a major improvement over the first film in the technical standpoint, and musical standpoint, and this is hands down one of my favorite films of all time. True it does have some falts like some of the dialogue in the film is incredibly cheesy, but the good dialogue from Jeff Bridges and Sheen does make up for the cheesy. I'd say check it out if you want an incredibly entertaining sequel to make up for the stupidness of some other action sequels done in the past.
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½ May 20, 2013
A sad attempt to capture some of the magic of a dated film. The special effects were pretty good though.
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½ April 9, 2010
After the events of the original Tron, Kevin Flynn disappears and his rebellious son enters the virtual world two decades later to find his father. The original Tron was a visually ground breaking film with an fun messianistic plot revolving around a population of personified "programs". Tron Legacy is more an update than a sequel and visually at least, they've taken the idea and ran with it to glorious effect. They've essentially Matrixified the digital world which gave the director room for some visually eye boggling set pieces including the familiar light cycles, disc duels and now light fighter jets. It takes a lot of cues from old school sci-fi, including 2001, Star Wars and even Flash Gordon and at one point even directly quotes kid's classic War Games. The plot is a little workman-like and much of the dialogue functional at best, but the audio visual overdrive certainly maintains the attention. Although Garrett Hedlund is a bit of a personality vacuum, 13 makes a sassy sidekick who's very easy on the eye and Jeff Bridge's' Flynn is an amusing combination of Neo and The Dude. It's a shame that Tron himself didn't get more of a look in as his character was relegated to a kind of digital Darth Maul but otherwise it was a fun bit of cheesy, undemanding sci-fi.
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October 14, 2010
There's not a whole lot to say here. The effects are staggering and the action is exhilarating, but the plot is a little lacking. This would have been an instant classic if the story was as good as the effects and action, but it still stands as a fantastic technical demo and one that is ridiculously entertaining. The sound track by Daft Punk is also killer. Kudos to Disney for hiring them.
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½ January 6, 2011
Slightly less than decent sci-fi film. Could've been so much better if more thought had been put into plot.
paul o.
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December 27, 2010
It was fairly entertaining. But I was also in another world at the time.
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December 15, 2010
All they had to do to make this a decent movie was have lots of cool looking 3d action sequences. What a ripoff.
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½ July 5, 2010
Can you call a film a classic if it didn't do well at the box office back when it was released, wasn't exactly a huge hit in rentals and reruns either and yet people of a certain age think back on it fondly as part of their childhood? The original "Tron" film from the 80s may not show up in a lot of "favorite films" lists, but most kids at a certain age still perceived it as something unique at its time, if only visually. Almost 30 years later, there's the sequel now and you can see that the creators appreciated the original for its impact on special effects and visuals. Especially the beginning makes sure to pay tribute to the predecessor, including wonderfully cheesy 80s music playing at the arcade. To get right to the point: the sequel is a worthy one.

Of course, the story easily fits on a beer coaster. Flynn's son (accidentally) goes into The Grid to find his father who has been missing for 20 years. It's not surprising to report that the plot has few surprises to offer (at least in the first half) and doesn't exactly reach Shakespearean proportions of drama. The movie's smart enough to add plenty of really gorgeously looking action sequences just at the right times. The visuals of the world inside The Grid is sometimes breathtaking, always impressive, but surprisingly dark. The decent but not stunning 3D effects are limited to this part of the film, the real world remains 2D.

The list of actors worth mentioning is relatively short, considering 80% of the characters are wearing masks throughout the entire film. Newcomer Garrett Hedlund delivers a surprisingly confident performance as the leading man. Jeff Bridges sometimes even channels The Dude Lebowski in his role as older Flynn and reaches the excellent level of acting one can expect from him towards the end of the film. Olivia Wilds's character as female sidekick may not give her much space to shine, but yet she manages to add a quirky quality to it that's rather likable. Michael Sheen as flamboyant club owner overacts by a notch or two.
The problem is the bad guy, a pretty well known but computer generated face, that once again shows that actors won't have to fear replacement any time soon. A couple of times you forget that it's just a computer trick, but most of the time it's a tad disenchanting.

The soundtrack by Daft Punk, mixing a classic score with their pumping electronic rhythms, may be one of the best aspects of the film. Together with the stunning visuals the movie creates a pulsating, enchanting rhythm, especially during the club fight sequence that is a pleasure for all senses.

The final verdict for the film may have been style winning over brains and heart, if it wasn't for the ending, which finally reaches an emotional level the viewer can connect to. And the final frame of the movie is actually so sweet that it entirely redeems the emotionally somewhat cool and indifferent first half of the story.

It's easy to rip this movie apart if you're not willing to suspend disbelief and enjoy pointing out plot holes (or maybe I simply didn't get it.) Or you can just let yourself get drawn into his world and have two pretty damn entertaining hours with this. It's mostly up to the audience.
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½ July 24, 2011
*Looks down with sunglasses at hand*
*Puts on glasses*

"Tron Legacy" tries really, really hard to be a very cool and in some ways, it pulls off its tone. It's got some really breathtaking camera shots and especially with the power of IMAX cameras, it's rich in detail and lighting. But for the rest of the plot, its dreadfully boring and the choreography for the action scenes is very simple. The entertainment value with these action scenes are heightened only due to the CGI effects going about.
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½ January 3, 2012
The unique action scenes and neon world were enticing eye-candy. Most of the characters had at least a little depth to discover, and the social issues included were numerous, surprisingly including eugenics, genocide, and the western God's creation story. A message I rarely see is to embrace the flaws around us as part of the beauty, but this revelation is explained rather than felt. Unfortunately, the plot required some wave-of-the-hands explanations and contradictions to create a conflict and then cuts those hands off to resolve it. But the director lets us know 5 minutes into the movie, when a guard fixes a broken security camera by tapping on his monitor, that we shouldn't try to work out a logic behind this story.
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½ December 31, 2010
Digital action movie. Sam's dad has disappeared for over 20 years. He finds him trapped inside a digital world that his inventor dad had created.
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March 15, 2010
The only way to win is to survive.

Saw it again! Love it! This movie sure is great and could have been even better if more bike action would have been included. Nevertheless is a pure adrenaline kinda movie, pump up the volume style, just like a Lady gaga video. Recommended to all!

The film opens with a flashback to 1989 as Kevin Flynn - now the CEO of ENCOM - tells his son Sam a story about his adventures in the Grid and about how he, Tron and Clu discovered something amazing and miraculous. Sam asks about it but is told to wait for next time as Kevin leaves for work. It then cuts to a montage of events and news reports about Kevin's disappearance, which has not only jeopardized ENCOM's future, but orphaned Sam.

In the present day, the now-adult Sam breaks into the ENCOM Tower and , despite the efforts of the board - including the son of Ed Dillinger (uncredited Cillian Murphy) steals Encom's new software, releasing it online. After being chased to the top of the tower by a security guard, Sam reveals himself and attempts to freefall off the tower only for his parachute to snag on a traffic light, and he is arrested shortly after freeing himself.

Sam eventually makes bail and returns to his apartment and is met by Alan Bradley, who tells him about a page he received from his Dad's office in the arcade. Reluctantly following the tip, Sam locates a hidden doorway behind the arcade's Tron game which leads him to a secret workshop. He begins searching through his father's computer and unknowingly activites a digitizing ray which transports into the digital world. As the confused young man takes his leave and steps out onto the Grid, he is spotted by a Recognizer, and the programs within assign him to the Games.

He is taken down to the Armoury Sirens, to be clad in armour and given an Identity Disc. Upon arriving in the Disc Wars Arena he narrowly manages to survive and spends his final round battling against Rinzler, who recognizes Sam as a User after seeing him bleed. Clu, who has been watching the events, has Sam brought to his lair. As the two talk, Sam believes he is speaking to his father. However, Clu denies this and has him sent to the Lightcycle arena while a mysterious figure watches them.

Sam is teamed with several other programs in the ensuing race againt Clu and his followers, but ends up as the sole survivor of his group. He is saved from deresolution by the stranger who - while driving away in a Light Runner - introduces herself as Quorra. She takes him to a secret hideaway "off the grid" where Sam is reunited with his father. Over dinner, Kevin answers Sam's biggest question, regarding where he went all those years ago. Kevin relates how he was able to access The Grid, and brought along Tron, as well as Clu to help him create his perfect world. Kevin also reveals that the miracle he mentioned before his disappearance was the birth of ISOs - a brand new form of program created by the Grid itself. However, altercations arose when Clu felt 'imperfections' were rampant on The Grid. Clu then proceeded to take over by ambushing Kevin and Tron. Tron protected Kevin, but was derezzed in the process. Kevin then escaped into seclusion, but also was witness to Clu destroying the ISOs, as he believed they were not part of the perfect plan.

Later, Sam argues with his dad as he believes they can still make their way to the portal - which will remain open for eight Grid-world hours - and return home, but Kevin objects, citing that this is exactly what Clu would want: a prime oppurtunity to steal Kevin's Identity Disc and use the information stored inside to manipulate the portal. Kevin is also certain that it was Clu who sent the page to Alan.

Realzing that Sam is frustrated at being unable to help, Quorra tells him of a program called Zuse who could be of assistance. His mind made up, Sam takes off in Kevin's Lightcycle and keeps guards off his trail by handing the lightcycle away to another program as a distraction. Unfortunately, Clu traces the vehicle's point of origin and investigates Kevin's hideout only to find it empty.

As Sam explores the city he crosses paths with the Armoury Siren known as Gem, who offers to take him to where he needs to go. He accepts and they arrive at the End of Line Club. Gem calls on club owner Castor who reveals himself to be Zuse. However he betrays Sam to Clu and although Quorra and Kevin intervene, Quorra's arm is derezzed in the ensuing brawl, Kevin's disk is stolen as the trio escapes, and the club is ultimately bombed when Clu double-crosses Castor and Gem.

Kevin and Sam continue to argue over what to do next and decide to take a Solar Sailer to the portal. As Kevin reconstructs Quorra's arm he reveals she is in fact the last ISO. As Sam and Kevin bond with each other, Quorra reboots her system and finds out that Kevin saved her.

The trio eventually find the Rectifying Room and realize Clu is making an army by forcibly reprogramming programs to escape into the Real World to "perfect" it. As they try to find their way out, Kevin recognises Rinzler as his old friend Tron, who was not derezzed, but has lost his memories after being reprogrammed by Clu. Quorra then passes the men her disc and distracts Rinzler so that they can track down Clu. Meanwhile Clu has Kevin's disc in place and as he is revealing his grand plan to his army, he is presented with - and insulted by - Quorra. Upon recognizing her as an ISO, Clu dismisses her after mentioning he has something special in mind for her.

After the Flynns contemplate their next move, Kevin seeks transport for them to escape in while Sam makes his way up to Clu's lair and takes Kevin's disk. After a failed attempt to quiz Clu's henchman Jarvis on Quorra's whereabouts, Rinzler returns to the lair with Quorra and engages Sam once again, with Sam emerging victorious after knocking Rinzler off a ledge. Sam and Quorra use a digital wing-like parachute to make their escape and meet up with Kevin in the Light Jet hangar. Clu then finds the disk gone and derezzes Jarvis for letting them escape before he and his henchmen give chase in their own Light Jets.

Sam is sent to the turret of the jet and manages to blast everyone except Rinzler and Clu out of the sky. As he is ordered to fire at Sam, Rinzler begins to regain his memories of being Tron and turns against Clu with the battle cry "I Fight for the Users!" As the pair battle in mid-air, Clu wins and flies after the heroes once again while Tron is left sinking to the bottom of the Sea of Simulation, being restored to himself in the process and regaining his white circuit coloration.

As the trio head toward the portal, Kevin asks Quorra to do something for him. Upon reaching their destination they are confronted by Clu, who insits he was simply following the directive Kevin programmed into him: to make a perfect world. Kevin rebutts, stating that he made a mistake in doing this and apologizes to Clu for realizing too late that they couldn't perfect the Grid. However, Clu attacks him and the bridge to the portal breaks off, separating the group. Clu then tries to steal Kevin's disk but is surprised to find Quorra's disk, and chases after Sam and Quorra as they activate the portal. Just before Clu reaches them, Kevin absorbs his counterpart into himself, destroying them both and engulfing the Grid in a tremendous explosion.

Back in the real world at long last, Sam keeps the master key in the form of a microchip-shaped necklace and pages Alan, telling him he was right about everything and will take control of ENCOM with Alan as chairman. As he leaves the arcade, he finds Quorra outside and she asks what they will do now. Sam then takes her on a ride on his motorcycle, showing her the real world.
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January 25, 2011
Pretty impressive SFX however the story was weak and the script was poorly written. Those cheesy one liners....seriously? Get a good script to match the amazing visuals then we'll talk.

Also, Garrett Hedlund was soo cute.
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July 16, 2010
The Disney mega sequel to the Jeff Bridges vehicle of 1982, Tron is a smorgasbord of sensory details that enthrall and enlighten your film watching experience. There's no question that Disney took considerable care: making the visuals a giant step up from the first film, the music was done by the most popular electronica group in the music industry, and they computer generated Jeff Bridges entire face onto a body in order to match the storyline. Yes, an entire character is actually a CGI trick, a sick visual that has left me numb, in a moral sense. We can all agree that that was a tad unsettling, but the actual effects were mind boggling. The scenes that include the archaic and sickening games between programs and the one user made me bite the inside of my lip for happiness' sake. The storyline tied into the original concept for the first film, so this only works as a sequel. As a stand alone, it just doesn't work with this dull storyline. The Grid is so abstract a concept, we're not obviously given who the real villain of the story is, and there are all these references to the original that aren't addressed, or explored to their full extent. I did like the use of new characters, including the very chic and yet magnetic Olivia Wilde as Quorra, and the pragmatic but pompous role of Castor, strangely given to Michael Sheen, identified for the political Oscar contender Frost/Nixon. The system being created, the strange Jeff Bridges' double, and all these cruddy scenes where one person speaks in a monotone whisper did nothing for me. The effects and score moved together fluidly, but altogether it was an underwhelming watch.
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December 18, 2009
Cast: Jeff Bridges, Garrett Hedlund, Olivia Wilde, Bruce Boxleitner, James Frain, Beau Garrett, Michael Sheen, Anis Cheurfa, Conrad Coates

Director: Joseph Kosinski

Summary: While investigating the mysterious disappearance of his father, Kevin (Jeff Bridges), techie Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund) lands in a beguiling computerized world of enslaved gladiators, where his dad has been living for more than 20 years.

My Thoughts: "I am not familiar with the first movie nor was I with exactly what the film was about. But I got it in the mail and I'm not one to turn a movie away, so I sat down to watch this movie that is visually fantastic. I was very impressed with look of the film. The story left something to be desired though. I was hoping for more action. I did think the acting was done very well by all. Just felt like there should have been more story and more action to make this one great. But it is still worth seeing."
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½ September 18, 2011
After waiting a whole year for this movie, i'm going to be honest and say that I was let down. They visuals were insanely good, but visuals can only hold up so much when the plot is weak.
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½ January 21, 2011
If it weren't for the visuals, this film would be a real let down.
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February 25, 2011
Tron Legacy is a visual and musical treat, it surpassed all my special effects expectations, but sadly in everything else it was a horrible disappointment for me. Years after the disappearance of his father Kevin Flynn( Jeff Bridges), Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund) is told by his fathers friend that he got a page, from his dads office, that has been vacant for years. He goes and comes across a computer world called the grid, and is sucked into it. Its run by things called programs, and one program who is a clone of Kevin took over many years ago and trapped Kevin, his name is Clu. There he realizes his father is hiding, being helped by a woman named Quorra (Olivia Wilde) who has dreams of seeing the outside world. They plan to escape, but must stop Clu before he releases an army on our world. The plot was good for 30 minutes with all the original Tron references, but soon its just became boring and stupid and really disappointing, and as Roger ebert wrote, he called it "a catastrophe." The actors weren't bad really, but I truly hated some of the actors in this film, such as Micheal Sheens character, very bad. The ffects were amazing, and are some of the best I have ever seen in my life, but thats all they truly focused on. The music was also trememndous, it had truly set the mood and effects. There was one scene of action, which made me really mad because they couldve done a lot with there budget. Great effects and music, but made me very disappointed.
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