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The Hole Reviews

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August 20, 2014
One of the worst "scary" movies I've ever seen, failing on so many levels that it is neither scary, nor even intriguing. It devolves into pure silliness and it's not even the fun kind of silly. I kept on asking myself, "Who greenlit this?" The plot is so non-sensical and sketchy and executed so dispassionately that this film becomes a complete bore that does nothing but straddle the line between silliness and sheer tedium. I know Joe Danté is known for classics like Gremlins, which admittedly isn't all that scary, but at least Gremlins is nostalgic and fun, but "The Hole" has absolutely no redeeming qualities about it, and feels incredibly dated despite being a modern film. It's just a patchwork of mediocrity and is itself a bottomless HOLE of nothing.
Miles K.
July 21, 2014
Really fun, very authentic 80s throwback.
July 15, 2014
This was a good movie, It was kind of like a more mature Goosebumps for people over 13 great for people over age 13, didn't see any blood or bad language, and it was mildly creepy at parts. Good fun and an interesting storyline the acting was great as well. Definitely a movie worth watching, aimed at teenagers.
February 14, 2014
Muy light, tirando a infantil por el poco miedo que da y lo obvia que es
July 11, 2014
Painfully predictable, mostly boring and extremely campy...and not in a good way.
July 2, 2014
It's not all original, but it's all fun and all very precisely made. Can't fault the production at all.
Sgt. Cockstrain
June 27, 2014
A simple fun little movie that's very well put together, and the young cast are at least likeable. It's not by a long way very scary, but it is entertaining, somewhat funny in places, and worthy of a look.
Dave J
February 11, 2014
Tuesday, February 11, 2014

(2012) The Hole

Older brother, Dane (Chris Massoglia) and younger brother, Lucas (Nathan Gamble) stumbling onto a mysterious dark hole abyss from the basement of their new house. And of course, they don't properly lock it resulting to strange looking things and beings coming out of there. Viewers are never explained about the whereabouts of Creepy Carl (Bruce Dern) who's the original house owner. The end of the film convolutes the so-called hole, and is not as gruesome as other horror films but it is similar to "Poltergeist" particularly the scary looking clown scene.

2 out of 4 stars
June 7, 2014
A slow start but develops well with some creepy and well done horror visuals. There's not a lot of comedy although it seems to be marketed as partly this, although it doesn't really need it.
June 7, 2014
wow ummm just seen this movie 4 the 1st time n think that this is a good movie 2 watch......its got a good cast of actors/actressess throguhout this movie.....i think that bruce dern,teri polo, nathan gamble, haley bennett, chris massogolia, play good roles/parts throughout this movie......i think that the director of this kids/family/mystery/suspense/sci-fi/fantasy movie had done a good job of directing this movie because you never know what 2 expect throughout this movie.....YOU HAVE GOT TO WATCH THE END OF THE CREDITS THROUGHOUT THIS MOVIE AS SOMETHING HAPPENS AT THE END OF THE CREDITS THORUGHOUT THIS MOVIE........its got a good soundtrack throughout this movie......i think that this is such an enjoyable kids/family movie 2 watch its got a good cast throguhout this movie.......its got good special effects thorughout this movie.......i think that Dick Miller (uncredited cameo) as Pizza Delivery Guy, was good throughout this movie in his cameo role.......i think that John DeSantis as Monster Dad, was good throughout this movie......i think that this is such an enjoyable sci-fi/fantasy movie 2 watch its got a good cast throughout this movie......i think that this is such an enjoyable movie 2 watch its got a good cast throughout this movie.....its got good special effects thorughout this movie......i think that this is such an enjoyable movie 2 watch with a good cast throughout this movie........
June 6, 2014
A scary but quite awesome return of Joe Dante!
Joey A.
November 7, 2013
Cheesy, borderline corny towards the end. The premise remained rather shallow throughout, to my dismay. It's such an interesting concept. Still, it was decent entertainment for an hour and a half.
April 12, 2014
A creepy little horror film for kids - with scened and themes that may be a little too strong for the younger ones
February 18, 2014
I really enjoyed it. I had no idea what it was or was about, but it was very entertaining.
February 11, 2014
There are definitely some spooky parts but mostly it felt like a prolonged episode of Goosebumps.
January 25, 2014
A great movie with all the 14A trappings. A couple young heroes, adults who don't believe them, a cute neighbour girl to join in the adventure. Classic. Amazing Finale BTW.
Anthony L

Super Reviewer

January 2, 2014
It's nice to see Joe Dante back in the directors chair again. The Hole is all good fun and very reminiscent of his previous classics; Twilight Zone, The 'Burbs, and the brilliant TV series Eerie, Indiana. It didn't feel like anything new but rather a return to the films I loved in the 80's. I loved the Bruce Dern character, a real nod to Lt. Mark Rumsfield. That and the very much appreciated Dick Miller cameo did it for me, give me this over Super 8 everyday. Could the king of Cartoon kooky be back?
D J.
December 29, 2013
Coulda shoulda woulda been more but sadly wasn't.
Brenda J.
December 24, 2013
Not bad. This movie is like a horror for young adults. Not so scary but still a little creepy.
Aaron B.
December 1, 2013
Not a bad little horror film.
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