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January 12, 2011
An extremely uncomfortable drama that follows a man yearning for revenge and doing things he could never imagined himself capable of. The gut-wrenching story is surprisingly moving but it nevertheless goes a bit too far with some poor, shallow symbolism.
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½ September 30, 2014
An emotionally dark and brutal movie, but with the over extended silences and poor camera work the only person that feels like they are being tortured is the audience!
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½ January 12, 2011
If you go into this expecting an extreme torure-porn gore flick you will be left disappointed. This is not a horror film, it is disturbing thought-provoking drama about a father who kidnaps the man responsible for the rape and murder of his daughter and plans to torture him over a period of 7 days. The film is grim and has a cold realistic atmosphere throughout with no musical score and little dialogue. There are only three moments of physical torture to endure, though they are not very gory they still are brutal and painful to watch. But the pacing of the film was quite slow and the ending was unsatisfactory, but the acting was very good all-round.
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½ October 26, 2010
Ok..this movie had 4 stars from me right up to the very last minute of the movie. It just abrubtly ends with a not so satisfying conclusion. It was riveting up to that last minute, however. An unnerving study of the unraveling of the human psyche, spiraling down from hard-working family man to the evil being he was trying to destroy. Graphic and uncomfortable to watch, but realistic in its potrayal of how one man tries to rectify a situation that happens too often in todays society. French or not, a really good film....I just wish they found a different ending. :(
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January 12, 2011
Justice is blind. So is vengeance.

"Every time you torture that man, you're killing your daughter again."

This is *so* not the movie I was expecting. Honestly, the marketing gets this all wrong but I understand why: it's pitched as a kind of Saw/Hostel torture-porn (I *hate* that term) - a film in which the lead well get bloody and sadistic revenge on the man who raped then murdered his 8 year-old daughter, over the course of one week. This is not what 7 Days is at all. It's a shocking film there's no doubt about that, and it is graphic in places. But what it isn't is exploitative or sensationalist. It's bloody and gory but the film does not intend the viewer to get off on this. Neither, however, is the viewer necessarily invited to be feeling the victim's pain or empathising with him, given the horrific crime he himself has perpetrated. Instead, it's a meditation on grief, an exploration of vengeance, and finally, like all good films should be, it's an argument that vengeance is simply not an answer. An eye for an eye, to paraphrase Ghandi, will make the world blind. There is a turning point that you can see from the reactions and the body language of lead actor Claude Legault (here giving a performance of real substance and complexity) where there's a realisation that things are not working out the way they had been planned for. From here, the film *could* have easily gone one of two ways, but instead there are no easy answers, no offensive rhetoric.

Towards the end of this film is one of the most moving scenes I have ever seen. I won't spoil it here, but it's a brave thing to have written and shot as it could have so easily been fudged. Instead, it quietly elevates 7 Days to something quite extraordinarily brilliant.
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March 4, 2010
Unambiguously crafted to exhaust, paralyze and provoke, Podz' grim and gory Les Sept Jours du Talion isn't driven by a particularly solid sense of importance, nor by a very elaborate speech on grief, justice and forgiveness. It's strikingly well-directed and edited, though, and both Legault and Dubreuil dig very deep into these tortured souls, which renders the final result acceptable and discussion-worthy when taken for what it is : a totally unenjoyable morality play. But really, that's just about all the praise one can muster towards it-- I admire and respect it, but won't ever think of watching it again. Still ranks among the top end of genre films here in Quebec.
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½ February 4, 2010
Don't go into this flick expecting a torture porn movie though it has some touches of the genre, it is a psychological drama dealing with the subject of taking justice in your own hands.
"7 Days" itself is very well done, technically and artistically.
½ September 24, 2011
Not an easy movie to watch, given how bleak and downbeat it is, let alone the extremely graphic torture scenes. The acting is solid as well as cinematography, and I liked the total absence of the soundtrack. The story development feels a bit weak though, I wish more screen time was spent getting acquainted with the lead character before the tragic turn of events. Also certain scenes could benefit from being a bit more subtle.
October 24, 2010
Despite the fact that it was pretty much the foreign version of Law Abiding Citizen, I really enjoyed watching it. I would have given it five stars but again, its a foreign film and I'm not a fan of subtitles. Otherwise I thought it was a really good movie and I would recommend giving it a chance.
January 8, 2016
The critics were split on this extremely violent film; I thought it was pointless and disgusting.
½ February 20, 2014
7 Days (French Les 7 jours du talion - OR "The 7 Days of Retaliation") Canadian thriller film - it was written by Patrick Senécal from his novel 'Les sept jours du talion'. 7 Days was directed by Daniel Grou. Starring Claude Legault. It was shown at Sundance Film Festival. The spoken language of the movie is 'French'.

Surgeon Bruno Hamel lives in fine house with his loving wife and eight year old daughter 'Jasmine' (Rose-Marie Coallier). One fine morning Bruno kisses Jasmine before she leaves for her school on foot. The very evening, Bruno answers knock at the door, only to be surprised by Jasmine's classmate who gives him homework for his daughter, who did not appear in the school. Bruno calls the police and joins him in search of his daughter - the police and Bruno locate dead-body of Jasmine, raped and tortured. Police detective Mercury (Rémy Girard) who has himself been suffering from memories of his wife, who was murdered in supermarket-burglary - caught on CCTV footage, that he watches most of the time. Mercury informs Bruno that perpetrator has been caught (after matching of DNA from sperm on victim's body) but the court-proceedings are going to be formality, nothing else. Bruno devises his secret plan, rents a cottage for ($10,000 per day) in woods, buys surgical instruments, and successfully abducts Jasmine's rapist-cum-murderer 'Lemaire' (Martin Dubreuil). Bruno ties him in the cottage and inflicts harsh tortures upon him for 7 days.

It does sound like that usual story you often hear - and to some degree I quite agree with you on that thought. The directing and acting are good - but most of the time the filmmaker does not know what to do next. I mean 7 days title is emphatic and it gives you a thought about what might be in store for you. For me those 7 days passed with no impactful memory of the previous days (what could've actually taken place). - I only noticed a big blow on thigh of the victim by huge hammer, incineration of kidney, and few iron whips.

The film echoes some valid questions about, justice, anguish, law-protection etc.
December 9, 2013
Starts off strong like a revenge flick cranked up a few notches, but slowly turns into a snoozefest consisting of lengthy close up shots, looking out onto the lake and sipping beer.
November 16, 2013
Very nice film enjoyed the emotion throughout the fim
½ September 16, 2013
3.5/5 Talk about depressing. If you are expecting something like saw then go somewhere else. Good movie, but more of a psychological drama thriller and, like I said, depressing.
September 10, 2013
"Celui qui recherche la vengeance devrait se souvenir de creuser deux tombes." Cela me rappelle quelqu'un...
May 22, 2013
Starts out strong but really peters out after that.
March 27, 2013
That's what all child rapist, child killer deserves! Great great movie.
October 14, 2011
I streamed this on Netflix. It is disturbingly engrossing and hauntingly double edged.
December 29, 2012
I'm not a huge fan of 'torture porn' horror but this is the best i've ever watched. And it actually is more of a revenge/thriller than anything. There are some intense scenes, graphic in nature, but also psychologically. Cast is great, pacing is satisfying, there's a delicate approach to everything and so most of the film pulsates with you. It also, in the very last scene, adequately answers the question whether one gets satisfaction from revenge or not. Essential and not only for horror fans.
November 21, 2012
Canadian French revenge thriller with torture porn scenes you won't soon forget!
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