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There isn't anything as comically grisly as the exploding head or Carl Weathers' arm removal, both well-remembered moments from the original Predator.

July 9, 2010 Full Review Source: Associated Press | Comments (14)
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Wes K.

Wes Konick

Ok so you want moments exactly like the first??? How original. There have been so many movies with similar aspects that you are looking for since 1987. This movie was pretty close to 1980 with a little 2010. It was a great break from the BS movies and over the top action that try too hard. It was a great SEQUEL to the original. Watch them together and they probably show up seemless. Great movie but nothing new.

Jul 10 - 12:43 AM

Jeffrey d.

Jeffrey deIpolyi

Are you serious? I think the "help me" scene was pretty memorable, although I don't want to give away any spoilers. I caught myself laughing at the jokes, and I liked the integration of the music, as it reminded me of the first film. But to give this movie a bad rating just because it didn't emulate its predecessor is just down right idiotic.

Jul 10 - 07:18 AM


j s

Hell ya man, everthing you said is right on. I was thinking the same thing when the old school tune came on.Good movie.

Jul 11 - 04:23 PM

Pete K.

Pete Kesic

EXPLODING HEAD? when did that happen in predator1?

Jul 10 - 07:30 AM


Ron Mominee

Did you SEE the original? Then you would have seen Bill Duke's head explode from a Predator weapon when he ducked his head under a log.

Jul 10 - 07:42 AM


Ron Mominee

remember? His brains hit the lens...then is cuts to the Predator target emitter shutting off, and him walking away still cloaked.

Jul 10 - 07:45 AM


Josh Ryan

To be honest, I don't that quite classifies as an 'exploding head.' If you're interested in seeing an exploding head- see the movie Scanners. Also, this review is absurdly awful & I've yet to reading anything as comically horrendous.

Jul 10 - 10:35 AM


Lateralus Grates

His brains hit the lense because... I know you can do this.

Jul 11 - 03:49 PM

Pete K.

Pete Kesic

that's not what happened, because afterwards dillon looks at him and macs head is INTACT.

I WIN, YOU ALL LOOOOSE, especially the IDIOT reviewer.

Jul 10 - 11:34 AM


Lateralus Grates

His head has a giant hole in it. The fact that you are even arguing otherwise makes you a complte idiot.

Jul 13 - 11:58 AM

Pete K.

Pete Kesic

no offense meant to you guys, i was just making a point to the reviewer.

Jul 10 - 11:35 AM

Double D.

Double Dee

Yeah I saw the original a bunch of times which proves it had to be great and I don't recall Carl Weathers' head exploding. I'm about to shell out $7.50 to see this new one but I guess this reviewer is saying I should pocket that money because this movie is bad?

Jul 11 - 01:38 PM


Lateralus Grates

That's because it wasn't Carl Weathers head that exploded, it was Bill Duke who was blasted. Did you even read the comments you plebe?

Jul 11 - 03:48 PM


Komentor The

The review seemed very balanced. The fact that some of the commenters here are calling the reviewer names gives the impression that they just saw the rotten tomato but didn't think it necessary to read the review.

Aug 16 - 11:12 AM

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