Total Recall: Great Movie Parties

In honor of Mardi Gras, we run down some of cinema's most memorable shindigs.

Today is Mardi Gras, so in honor of New Orleans' finest excuse to imbibe, we at RT decided to pay tribute to some of the greatest movie parties ever. Cinematic shindigs often contain much lewd behavior and debauchery, but for those of us who would rather not have to worry about a designated driver or want to avoid incarceration after streaking through town, these flicks offer numerous vicarious pleasures.


Okay, so maybe PCU was a fairly transparent Animal House ripoff, and maybe its heavy-handed gags about political correctness haven't aged all that well. But as evidence of Chris Young's painfully brief career as a leading man, it's irreplaceable -- and it boasts early performances from David Spade and Jeremy Piven in the onscreen personae that made them famous (unctuous creep and salt-of-the-earth loudmouth, respectively), not to mention some typically fine work from Jessica "Lucille Bluth" Walter and a glimpse of a young Jon Favreau as the headbanging, Bluto-esque Gutter. And, of course, the film's climax centers around a righteous party -- one that manages to set itself apart from the others on this list thanks to the unlikely appearance of George Clinton and Parliament-Funkadelic as the coolest house band ever.


For fans of depravity and decadence, Caligula is a godsend. Fans of good taste and quality filmmaking, however, might want to think twice before delving into this two-and-a-half-hour art/porn extravaganza. Malcolm McDowell plays the horse-consulting, crazy-as-a-loon Roman emperor with plenty of gusto; Caligula's idea of a swingin' party includes watch people be executed by a proto-lawnmower and taking a ride on a ship that serves as a floating brothel. (He also proves to be a bit too, ahem, attentive to a bride on her wedding day.) Roger Ebert called Caligula "sickening, utterly worthless, shameful trash," and if the movie isn't short on memorable parties, few (if any) can be said to look like much fun.


Castor Troy

Derek Williams


Feb 24 - 10:09 AM


David Jones

Where is Dazed and Confused?

Feb 24 - 12:09 PM


Alex D.B.

Proof that I'm not a party guy: I have seen none of these films. Not even half of one.

Feb 24 - 12:27 PM

King Thor

Chris Kalmin

Some funny movies there. Couldn't help but laugh while watching Jon Belushi standing there and staring with that face in the Animal House clip.

Never really realized the Superbad trailer basically gave away the entire movie either.

Feb 24 - 12:37 PM

inactive user

Jared King

Go to YouTube and watch Siskel and Ebert's review of "Bachelor Party", it's hilarious!

Siskel: I'm dissapointed.
Ebert: In the movie?!
Siskel: IN YOU!

Pretty nice list, of what few I've seen.

Feb 24 - 03:47 PM


Mike Greenblatt

I saw the party when I was a teen, funny as hell. Great list! I've seen almost all of them.

Feb 24 - 05:47 PM


Brian Auten

PCU prepared me for one thing in college.

It isn't a party without the naked guy.

Feb 24 - 06:12 PM


Jonathan Groen

Oh my God! I think it's hilarious Caligula is on this list!!! That is one of the most messed-up movies ever! Nice work.

Feb 24 - 08:10 PM


Robert Goodwin

Where's Grandma's Boy? I love that party scene! or even Beerfest's party scene where they crash the high school party. Those are pretty great one's too. I think either of those were better than "10 things i hate about you"'s!

Feb 24 - 09:30 PM


That Guy

Loved Weird Science. If for no other reason than because they turned Bill Paxton into a giant steaming pile of crap.

Back to School is great. What's a party movie without Bubbles.

Animal House's ending is one of the best in comedies. How else could John Belushi become a senator.

Feb 24 - 09:31 PM


Martin Errington

Dazed and Confused, Party at the Moon Tower? Come on, who doesn't love Nicky Katt beating up Adam Goldberg?

Feb 25 - 12:19 AM

Rusty Broomhandle

Jaco Gerber

No 200 Cigarettes?

Feb 25 - 02:45 AM

spitting into the wind

ciaran kelly

with the exception of Superbad and Old School, the rest of the movies on this list sucks. And Animal House for a supposed classic has dated incredibly poorly.

Feb 25 - 05:15 PM


Emmett Grady

Where is Teen Wolf?

Feb 26 - 06:46 AM


Nicholas Fersch

You put Superbad and Old School ahead of Animal House???? You are nuts.

Mar 4 - 12:21 PM


Emmett Grady

Where is Teen Wolf?

Feb 26 - 06:46 AM

Dustin S.

Dustin Shepherd

Where's Eyes Wide Shut on this list?

Feb 28 - 06:42 PM


Nicholas Fersch

You put Superbad and Old School ahead of Animal House???? You are nuts.

Mar 4 - 12:21 PM

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