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Brazil Reviews

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August 29, 2014
Finally sitting down to Gilliam's Brazil, it felt good to sink my teeth into a dystopian tale took itself only as seriously as it absolutely had to. Painting on themes from Orwelle's 1984 (okay, it practically IS 1984), Terry Gilliam gives you a vision of the future that, despite all its black comedy, is something truly to be avoided. I mean, the current wealth of post-apocalyptic themes is not without their merit (everything from Hunger Games to The Walking Dead) but it almost seems like the filmmakers are trying to show you a world that would somehow be cool to live in. And you can see this mind control tactic is working when you find yourself sitting down at a table with full grown adults who, in order to participate in an serious discussion, require you to accept the rational probability of a zombie apocalypse. And what is with L'Oreal's "Capitol Collection"? I mean, Hello! Did you guys see the movies? Did you read the books? Better yet, do you know the shit storm that's rolling its way to the capitol in the shape of Mocking Jays part 1 and 2? Should call it the "Target Collection". And that's being lenient.


No, Terry Gilliam probably saw the Fulci and Romero rags popping up and thought, "Well the zombie thing is neat, but not for me." The closest we get to the reanimated dead is the hauntingly effective Katherine Helmond as lead Sam Lowry's plastic surgery-obsessed mum, Ida. Oh boy when you see what her and her friends get up to at the hands (read "scalpels") of docs Jaffe and Chapman and friends, you'll be begging for some good ol' flesh-eating zombies. Ah... the simpler times.

The whole story hinges on the growing distraction experienced by one low-level government stiff, Sam Lowry (played by Jonathan Pryce), while investigating a catastrophic clerical error involving a fly and a typewriter (I know, I have already lost half of you) that resulted in an innocent man being arrested as a suspected terrorist and dying during interrogation (Oh hey! You're back!). Gilliam's distaste for consumerism rings loud and clear in Brazil as Sam Lowry chases madly after the damsel in his dreams (Jill Layton played by Kim Greist - made flesh in the form of the stricken family's well-meaning apartment neighbour) amidst the devotion to cheap consumer goods that saps the world around him. The government, totalitarian and overreaching as it may seem, seems totally incapable of getting it together enough to see what Sam is up to. Of course, as in 1984, just as Sam and his damsel settle down for "a little necrophilia" (calm down, he falsifies her records to indicate she is deceased), the Gendarmerie crashes through the windows and doors to apprehend them both.

The storyline is simple enough to follow along with and I think that's the kind of canvas that works best for Gilliam's warped but charming mind. The truth is, my one paragraph synopsis is way too simplified. And it is AFTER Lowry's apprehension that we see the shit really go down.

Brazil is not for everyone. As a matter of fact, those who spend most of their time on gadgets themselves - concerned more that the gadget work rather than what functions it can perform - may find the subject matter involving a gross over-developed obsession for consumer goods offensive. The flavour is decidedly British - that is to say, very Monty Python-esque. The inciting incident involving the arrest and interrogation death (at the hands of a delightfully macabre Michael Palin) of the wrong Archibald Tuttle is a stunt only a "Something completely different" alumni could get away with. If you have a taste for the delightfully absurd, Brazil should go down smooth. If you require your fare a little more clean cut, rife with right angles, pop culture references, and generally catering to the list of acceptable responses... Well, you best look elsewhere.
August 27, 2014
This is a very strange movie, in that I can't exactly wrap my head around it, but at the same time, it uses its arsenal of surreal images in such an entertaining manner that it doesn't exactly matter. The story, at times, can get a little confusing, but it comes together in an interesting and entertaining manner, which in a way, makes up for the film's slightly overstretched length. The characters are quite strange, but the acting helps in so many ways, and the characters are fleshed out pretty well. Perhaps my favourite parts of the movie, which I'll admit is also the weirdest, are these surreal daydreaming scenes in which the main character is depicted as a winged hero whose goal is to save the woman of his dreams. These scenes are the most bizarre parts of the movie, but they also showcase the richest imagery in the film, along with representing a form of blissful insanity. Overall, this film may be strange and hard to follow, but with its unique twists, it's entertaining enough that it's worth at least one good look.
May 23, 2014
A visual masterpiece!
August 5, 2014
Quirky and dark, Gilliam presents a demented-Dr.-Seuss vision of the future in what is easily his best film. With themes ranging from the monotony of bureaucracy to the ridiculous nature of some progress, Brazil still manages to be endlessly entertaining and hilarious. An odd gem.
Anthony B.
July 22, 2014
A bit of a mess. But certainly a visionary mess, and never a boring one.
July 27, 2014
so visionary. so brilliant.
July 19, 2014
The bureaucrazy world is enthrilling but i didn't like the dreamy. Visions. De Niro is fanastic!
July 22, 2014
Equal parts disturbing and hilarious.
July 21, 2014
horrible to watch, couldnt watch it to the end.
March 30, 2014
dark, funny, distressing and wonderful.
July 12, 2014
El trailer es muy curioso
July 6, 2014
utter madness and bloodcurdling chills. loved it.
July 3, 2014
The highest point of Terry Gilliam's career; the director presents a unique look into the wonders of the imagination in an alarmingly boring (possibly foreshadowing) world. The film truly shines, with excellent performances from both Jonathan Pryce and Michael Palin.
Sgt. Cockstrain
July 3, 2014
Hugely imaginative sci-fi fantasy based around the absurdity of bureaucracy and danger of overly powerful governmental control. It has a very agitated tone throughout which can get exhausting at times, combined with the feeling that almost anything can and will happen makes for a very interesting, unique watch. It is a tad too scattershot in its storytelling, but still very well made, dark yet still quite funny, with ideas to spare, in fact there's almost too many ideas packed in there. Still a good, worthy film though.
Ernesto J. Menendez
June 29, 2014
(Sorry for my bad english) Brazil is a surprisingly disappointing mess, full of doubtful conversations, unfinished characters and a permanent dizziness which makes the movie a (literally) sick ride into madness. The movie is very hard to follow and am still not sure exactly who all the characters are, or how they fit. Perhaps it is not supposed to be clear; perhaps the movie's air of confusion is part of its paranoid vision. The movie itself is its own enemy.
June 24, 2014
Director Terry Gilliam is a fan favorite of movie nerds everywhere, but I've always had something of a love/hate relationship with the filmmaker. He's definitely daring and ambitious, and his films are anything but ordinary but they are also exceedingly hard to follow. "Brazil" is arguably his most popular film, but it's also one of my least favorites of his films for that very reason.

As I sat down to watch it for only my second time, I was determined to get lost in it and not just lost, but I was left scratching my head after just an hour. The movie looks amazing, endowed with a budget that would let Gilliam's imagination run wild but the story is a disaster. Many people are able to find genius in it; I only wanted out.

The great visual style only carries the picture so far when I had little to no idea what was happening at any given moment. Realizing the film's limited commercial appeal, the studio heads refused to release it for months resulting in a notorious showdown between Gilliam and Universal Pictures, and frankly that story sounds infinitely more interesting that the one told in the film. I consider myself an intelligent movie lover always looking for something outside the norm, but this is an extremely trying and uninvolving picture that went right over my head; impressive to look at but little else.

"Brazil" is a film that I really wanted to like, if only so I could say that I belonged to that select group of people who can honestly say that they get it. Unfortunately, I can't say that in all good consciousness. It's an impressive undertaking that failed to move me,
June 19, 2014
There is no denying that the effects and world-building are magnificent in Brazil, but it is nonetheless essentially a boring film that is very much incomprehensible, almost unwatchable trip into one person's mind that is not mainstream in the most negative way possible.
June 19, 2008
What a strange flick....
June 1, 2014
science fiction gibi bi?i, ama 1985 y?l?nda böyle bir film yap?lm?? olmas? önemli, en nihayetinde de bir a?k hikayesi denebilir falan filan..
May 24, 2014
Brazil deserves better than a 70%. Needless to say, I shall re-watch it to fully get this thing.
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