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Creature Reviews

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Super Reviewer

December 27, 2011
This movie is a cross between The Thing From Another World and Alien. Actually, in a scene that made me laugh, a character suggests killing the alien in the way they did in The Thing. By the way, the actors are just so-so, Klaus Kinski is the only big name in the cast. The best thing about this movie was the special effects and make up, it's unfortunate they didn't have a great story to support them. Overall the movie is bad, but not it's not one of the worst sci-fi horror movies.

Super Reviewer

June 11, 2007
Best of the 'Alien' clones.

Super Reviewer

November 30, 2009
Klaus Kinski be blessed
Jason R

Super Reviewer

October 8, 2009
A cheap knock off of Ridley Scott's Alien, I couldn't get into it, despite trying very hard...
June 25, 2014
Cut-Rate Alien knock-off, if the crew never got off LV-426 and it starred Ferris Bueller's father and Francine from American Dad. It's sort of amazing it can crib fully wholesale from such a seminal film and still exist. And it does it so badly to boot!
January 16, 2013
At first I thought this might be so bad it was good, but the further along it went the more I realized it was just a bad amalgam of a variety of films of its ilk.
October 3, 2011
I guess everyone was looking to cash in on 'Alien' in the early 80's. By being so bad, this film really showcases how great of a film 'Alien' is. It is certainly hilarious in its truly awful construction, acting, effects, and everything else. A seriously bad wanna-be in every sense of the term.
August 7, 2007
Most reviews I've seen have called this a low-budget Alien rip-off and that's pretty much true; the "creature" in question even resembles the titular Alien.

What does this have to recommend it that Alien doesn't?
1. Brief female nudity, if you like that sort of thing.
2. An exploding head!
3. The one and only Klaus Kinski as Hans Rudy Hofner. I give Creature an extra half-star for his presence alone, though I do wish he'd gotten more screen time.
4. The darkly sexy security officer Bryce, who resembles Sean Young in Blade Runner (with wonderfully epic cheekbones) and who has a penchant for black leather, prescription drugs, and big guns. Hofner unsuccessfully tries to seduce her; the two of them were the most interesting characters in the movie and I frankly lost interest when they disappeared from the screen.

Also features one of the dumbest Horror Movie Don'ts I've ever seen in the opening sequence: when two astronauts come across a pod with the creature inside, one of them wants to take a picture and demands the other stand next to it "for scale." He then demands the guy SIT ON TOP OF the pod when he "can't get them both in the frame." Yeah, like you couldn't just step a little further back or have him crouch next to it or something if "scale" is that important: the instant you hear him told to sit down on it, you know the creature is going to rip through his space pants and literally tear him a new asshole.
July 26, 2007
Creature has to be one of the worst films I have ever seen (not THE worst, that is still held by the movie The Good Girl - I still shudder at the thought of that one). This movie came out a few years after Alien and to put it in a good way: it is a cheap knock off.

The movie starts out showing a space station in earth's orbit getting rammed by an out of control space ship. The model effects are so bad, I swear you can see the wires in some places.

The main part of the movie follows the rescue team sent out who are trying to find out what happened to the space ship's crew. They go to Titan, a moon of Saturn, there they discover a lone alien creature that has the ability to turn its victims into zombie-like creatures, which it can control. It uses the "zombies" to lure the rest of the cast out into the open.

The highlight of the movie is when the creature, for no real reason, bites the head off one of the luckless crew members. However, it does not do it in one bite. It takes a chunk out of each side of the woman's neck then the head falls off and bounces down the stairs. This could have been a very nice touch in a horror movie if it was not for the fact this movie had almost no budget. I could really believe that the special effects department for this movie had a budget of about 50 dollars at most.

This is one to miss. I have to admit it is in my DVD collection but only for the reason it was pawned off on my by a former colleague who was giving away some of her less watched DVDs.
May 15, 2007
Good and fun cheese! William Malone's Creature (originally titled Titan Find) is a wild and entertaining rip-off of Alien, The Thing and your typical 80s zombie flick. The story is crap but the filmmakers know that. The actors are cheesy but good. The effects are suspect but ambitious and suitably...goopy. The score is cool. Wendy Schaal is cute and cool, Diane Salinger is suitably badass, Klaus Kinski rules (as usual) and, I don't care what the dopes on imdb say, I thought Marie Laurin was awesome. She's sexy and gives a pretty darn good performance, especially in her two "femme fatale" scenes. If you like these kind of films (Forbidden World is another one), check it out.
March 19, 2007
This puppy rocks-Just think about it, an alien creature that uses dead (or dang near dead) humans as decoys to lure more prey-scary
June 24, 2014
I think it opened its eyes.

A crew of American scientists arrives on a distant planet to research some alien artifacts. Shortly after arriving, they discover a German ship. They head over to the ship and find it abandoned with nothing inside it but dead bodies. It doesn't take long for the being responsible for killing the Germans to target the Americans.

"What we found is great evil. It's using us for food."

William Malone, director of House on Haunted Hill (1999), Scared to Death (1980), Feardotcom, and Parasomnia, delivers Creature. The storyline for this picture was fairly poor and an obvious knock-off of Alien. The special effects and acting was also below average. The cast includes Stan Ivar, Wendy Schaal, Lyman Ward, Diane Salinger, Klaus Kinski, and Jim McKeny.

"We can only assume the team is dead."

I grabbed this off Netflix because I had seen the movie poster and VHS box in the video store a ton as a kid but never saw this film. I decided to give it a shot and determined this is nothing special. Unfortunately, the alien was nothing special, the special effects was nothing special, and the overall film, nothing special. I recommend skipping this picture.

"That stuff is going to rot your brain."

Grade: D
August 18, 2013
If you really like Alien (1979) and have already see the movies which inspired it [It! The Terror from Beyond Space, 1958 and Planet of the Vampires (1965)] as well as those trying to cash in its success [Inseminoid, (1981) Forbidden World (1982) and Galaxy of Terror (1981)], then this may be worth your view. There is a bit of The Thing (1982) [based on The Thing from Another World (1951) which in turn was based on the 1930s novel "Who Goes There?"] thrown in for good measure. Decidedly low budget, the acting and direction demonstrated this for sure. Some good over-the-top horror scenes, but with no real suspense. There are few frights but the potential for such was much greater. Not a total waste of time, but there are similar, better movies to watch.
January 30, 2012
Another semi-entertaining Alien clone. This one loses big points for having sitcom quality camera work.
August 13, 2012
Proper 80's, Alien inspired, space horror. Poor performances, creature and sets ensure nostalgic fun for any 80's sci-fi fan.
Julian T.
December 8, 2011
I guess everyone was looking to cash in on 'Alien' in the early 80's. By being so bad, this film really showcases how great of a film 'Alien' is. It is certainly hilarious in its truly awful construction, acting, effects, and everything else. A seriously bad wanna-be in every sense of the term.
August 24, 2011
To be fair, ''Creature'' would have still sucked even if 'Alien'' never existed.
March 30, 2011
In my mind, I remember the name Creature to be associated with films like Aliens and Dune, however unlike the other movies, I had not seen Creature over and over since the day it was released, I saw it in the theater and that was all. I can't remember if it was the first movie I was spooked enough to walk out of or not, I don't recall whichever movie that was, however being that it might be that also added to my memory of it, since I had no memory of the actual storyline at all.

That being said, I decided to rewatch Creature to finally put it to rest and see if I still enjoyed it these days or not.

An alien creature over 200,000 years old has been resting on one of Saturn's moons. Two rival exploration companies land on the planet, the German's before the American's, but both crews start falling prey to the creature one astronaut at a time.

The creature takes two forms, one of these little mind controlling creatures that attach to your head and control your actions, and the second the large creature you see in the movie poster, very Alien'esque. Its apparent goal is to kill everyone, but it's smart enough to take over some bodies for use to sabotage equipment and lure others to their doom as opposed to attacking directly.

The worst effects in the movie is when the creature is "eating" a person, taking nibbles or bites of someone, just horrible. Effective use of smoke and lighting makes most effects easily bareable for fans of the genre. The one scene of nudity seems horribly thrown together for sheer use of nudity, as what it boils down to is the creature mind controlled her, made her nude, performed the scene, then put her back in her space suit to be found later by her crew. Mind-boggling to say the least how that scene got in there.

Klaus Kinski plays a smaller role in this movie for fans of his, but it's not too rivoting in my opinion.
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