• PG, 1 hr. 55 min.
  • Drama, Classics
  • Directed By:
    Elia Kazan
    In Theaters:
    Apr 10, 1955 Wide
    On DVD:
    May 31, 2005
  • Warner Bros. Pictures


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East of Eden Reviews

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September 7, 2014
The story of Cain and Abel, I mean Cal and Aron in WWI California. While not based on the whole John Steinbeck novel, but only the second half of the novel, still a great adaptation. Probably the best of James Dean's roles.
July 27, 2008
A son desperately views for his father's approval, despite being overshadowed by his perfect brother. There are incredible performances in this film, for a sweeping biblical like drama with lots of icky emotions and wants.
July 3, 2014
Brilliant. James Dean really commands the screen. Great characters in a great story.

Super Reviewer

July 1, 2014
The son of a farmer desperately seeks his father's approval.
In this film James Dean looks like he could either violently explode or be disintegrated into a million pieces by a light breeze. His performance is a showcase in vulnerability, which, in a way, is was acting is about - the vulnerability and availability of an actor's emotional truth and interpretation of the character. The story is fine, but by the end of the film, all I can remember is Dean, whose performance is a master class in what acting should be.
Overall, see this film for James Dean.
June 7, 2014
The only film James Dean saw before his death with him in the leading role, is still one of the young actor's finest performances.
April 8, 2014
A film that compels you with its underlying depth. James Dean is remarkable.
December 21, 2010
While his next film Rebel Without A Cause was his most well known, East Of Eden was Dean's lead role debut and has his finest performance of his short-lived career. Exquisitely well shot with some cinematography far ahead of its time, and based on a Steinbeck story (usually great as always) fronted with a genuine, chilling yet emotional performance from James Dean, this film soars with a WW1 era story about an introverted boy who feels out of place with his father and much smarter brother and seeks gratification by seeking the kind of love his father couldn't offer while also trying to redeem his good side and rid of his supposedly so-called rotten side. The film is never dull, always amounting to something, and has its moments of fun, tragedy, drama, and romance. The transformation of things from the start to end is remarkable, more or less as a result of Cal's actions.
April 17, 2014
Directed by one of the most respected filmmakers in america, East of eden was one of the three movies on James dean's entire career. Dean's performance is so moving,electrifying and powerful that many compared him with another method actor of his time (Marlon brando) and many other called him a copy of brando, Dean was a complete different creature, a phenomenon that lasted around 5 years and vanished forever but that still lives on three superb masterpieces (Rebel without a cause,East of eden and Giant). East of eden its a brilliant drama about youth rebellion and loss,desiire and conflict, all of the above focus on Dean's character, Cal.
April 7, 2014
I read this book in HS right up until the point where Kate shot Adam which was convenient because thats about where the movie pics up. James dean only doing a few movies makes it so hard to tell if he was a talented actor but i think this role is different enough from the other 2 i have seen him in (rebel without a cause and giant) to make me believe he was more then just a pretty face. The biblical references and symbolism are far from subtle, almost like its written for children (zing).
March 7, 2014
Excellent film version of Steinbeck's novel with fine performances all round charting the strained relationships and Dean's desire to be accepted as an equal.
November 16, 2013
It takes a director like Elia Kazan to draw such a a histrionic and emotionally intense performance from his lead, (just as he did with Marlon Brando in A Streetcar Named Desire and On the Waterfront.) and to capture the expanse and mood of the California setting so perfectly, the ironic contrasts between the beautiful backdrops and the troubled people mirroring the written work of John Steinbeck superbly.
January 19, 2014
This is an American classic. It's a real shame that James Dean died so young, because he's amazing here.
January 2, 2014
"Mr. Trask, it's awful not to be loved. It's the worst thing in the world. Don't ask me - even if you could - how I know that. I just know it. It makes you mean, and violent, and cruel. And that's the way Cal has always felt, Mr. Trask. All his life! Maybe you didn't mean it that way - but it's true. You never gave him your love. You never asked for his. You never asked him for one thing."
January 1, 2014
East of Eden is a powerful adaptation of John Steinbeck's epic novel that is smart and complex and also shows off the great acting talents of James Dean and Julie Harris.
April 27, 2011
I feel like i might need to watch this a few more times to fully appreciate it. That being said it is a fascinating family drama that deals with similar father/son relationship issues that Rebel Without A Cause did and has James Dean in a similar role. All in all a classic 50's drama that is worth a watch.
March 7, 2013
Wow... Boggled by this one. Nothing like the epic book by Steinbeck. It was almost like this was simply an episode of the book. I was expecting a lot more from this one...
November 2, 2013
Good, but not nearly as detailed as the book. James Dean, however, is sensational.
N.A 6287
October 3, 2013
The novel East of Eden by John Steinbeck is a great book with a wonderful story. The movie on the other hand was messy and missing the key elements of the book which made it very hard to follow. To be fair if you watched the movie without reading the book it probably seemed alright. This movie was missing a lot of the key concepts of the book and important details. The movie started out with Cal following Kate around but if you didn't read the book you wouldn't know who they were or what was happening. Another problem about this movie is they completely missed the themes of the book. They sliced up the book, selected a few random parts, added a few new details of their own, and just threw it all together. What happened to the very important Timshel? Where was Lee? He was a major character and very important to the story. All the biblical allusions got left behind too along with the first 3/4 of the book. Like i said before though, if you had just watched the movie and not read the book the movie was probably decent and interesting but at the same time confusing.
Vanessa P.
October 2, 2013
Although this movie could've been seen as good and filled with great acting in comparison to movies from its time, East of Eden lacked background information to viewers who didn't already know the background given in the book. East of Eden did however integrate some humor into the typically serious story. A lot of scenes from the movie were arranged differently than they were placed in the book, but it helped the reader's understanding of the boom by giving a visual picture of the events portrayed in the original story. The characters of East of Eden, the movie, were also slightly exaggerated in comparison to the book. Overall, this movie was helpful for the most part and I would say I liked it. I would have enjoyed it a bit more if it would've been created in present day Hollywood using better actors and better effects.
Kye M.
October 1, 2013
The movie East of Eden is hilarious in contrast to the novel. John Steinbeck and Elia Kazan seemed to have seen the movie through different perspectives. Cheesy saying and disgraceful acting made even the serious parts of the movie funny.

The first part that was funny about the movie was that Kazan decided to start the movie about in the middle of the novel which left out a huge part of the plot development. It brings tears of laughter to my eyes trying to picture an individual who is attempting to figure out the whole movie without knowing the real Cathy. Secondly, the laughter continues with the ferris wheel scene. Abra tells Cal that she is in love with Aron and that her and Aron are going to get married, but 30 seconds later she kisses Cal. This part demonstrates the unpredictability in the comedy of the film. Lastly, in the ensuing argument that follows the ferris wheel scene, ends with one of the greatest use of english. The words spoken by Cal can only be translated by a fictional character known as the Tasmanian Devil. This phrase is the part of the movie that turns it into a comedy because it turns a dead serious scene into the funniest part of the movie.
Overall, I highly recommend this movie to all who are looking for a good laugh.
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