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July 14, 2007
Jodie and Barbara are hilarious. Imagine swapping a day in your life with your mum! Fave scenes - the switch between driving the car and water skiing. Stars a young Jodie Foster.
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August 10, 2011
Comédia da Disney que ganhou uma refilmagem em 2003 com Jamie Lee Curtis e Lindsay Lohan. Um dos filmes mais simpáticos produzidos sob a problemática gestão de Ron Miller nos anos seguintes à morte de Walt, mostra a já clichê história de troca de corpos entre mãe (Barbara Harris) e filha (uma Jodie Foster com 13 anos de idade).

Como esperado para o padrão Disney de filmes família dá época, a produção é extremamente leve, apelando muitas vezes para um tipo de humor campy e pastelão que estariam mais em casa em um filme de Charles Chaplin. Ainda assim, demonstra a vontade do estúdio de conectar com uma platéia adolescente ao abordar a relação da filha pré-adolescente rebelde e da mãe super exigente. Não obstante, ainda há um lado perverso no momento em que a filha no corpo da mãe começa a dar em cima do vizinho de 16 anos e a receber cantadas do marido (no caso, seu pai). As boas atuações da dupla principal fazem com que o filme segure as pontas até o fim, especialmente Barbara Harris, que parece se divertir muito no papel. Totalmente supimpa.
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September 22, 2011
The best film of "body-switching", that I ever saw. Fresh.
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September 6, 2010
My favourite, and the original, version of the story. The cast is perfect, the movie is very funny, and it's exciting too. I loved this movie as a kid.
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December 8, 2009
I tried to watch this one, it was tiny bit too headaching. So tried to watch the remake with Jamie Lee Curtis, I thought the Original didnt cause me Migrane atleast. lol
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September 23, 2009
A bank Holiday morning treat.
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½ January 8, 2007
I loved it when I was a kid, and I give it 3 stars for pure nostalgia. Watching it years later, I can see how good an actress Jodie Foster would end up being and how underrated Barbara Harris was. The chase scene toward the end was completely silly, but it's a 70s Disney movie. What the hell do you want?
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January 31, 2007
The original.
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November 7, 2006
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April 1, 2012
Fun kids movie.
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½ March 30, 2010
I liked this movie because it shows the hardships of the positions a mother plays for her daughter and vice versa. It really shows that you should appreciate people who you love and do things to help you. I also thought that they had Barbara Harris working very hard to act like a child and in the end all of the efforts that went into making this production worth wild payed off emensely. Jodie Foster also was terrific as a mother. Freaky Friday is a moralful film, clever and funny.

Story: B
Acting: A-
Direction: B
Visuals: B-
Overall: B

*** out of 4 stars
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½ August 15, 2010
This original is definitely better than the remake. Both Barbara Harris and Jodie Foster are great in the leads.
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October 11, 2009
I have watched both versions of "Freaky Friday" (2003 and this one- not the 1995 tv remake) and though I understand why the Jamie Lee Curtis/Lindsay Lohan duo can be praised for their performance and why someone wouldn't pick an ancient film to watch apart from Jodie Foster herself-, I cannot overlook that this is a very interesting and demanding story for an actress so young. I think this movie also proves that Foster owes a lot to her early discipline as a thespian -maybe more than she does owe to her talent. I suppose a kid would not be too happy to work so hard as she did- and unfortunately, she never got rid of that clenched jaw. At least now we know that unlike Lindsay... it's because she's spent so many years in a closet!
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½ August 15, 2007
Simple but alright. Some things are better remade and this was one.
April 23, 2015
Goofy Disney movie starring Barbara Harris and Jodie Foster, as a mother and daughter who switch places on Friday the 13th, and get to walk a mile in each others' shoes. The premise is goofy, and the gags are easy, but it is kind of a fun family film that works.
November 21, 2011
What a bad movie. Like hilariously, campy bad. This might be fun to watch with a group of people to make fun of its dated humor, but that's about it. I really liked Barbara Harris, very beautiful woman, and Jodie Foster could have been good if the material had been better for the actresses. Unfortunately the movie doesn't offer much. The movie description mentions the director was well known for television, and it really shows in this movie, and not in a positive manner. Also, I like how the "technology clash" for the mother was one of those new-fangled electric typewriters, lol. I think there needs to be a hard "R" rated body switch movie.
July 18, 2011
Im hoping that my grandchildren will enjoy this film when they get older. I have a DVD copy just in case
May 27, 2010
I will always love this movie!! If anybody ever says that the Lindsay Lohan version is better.....well, they should be put to "sleep"
March 10, 2010
it is so good i love it has an interesting story to it and have a little romance and trouble in it too
½ July 23, 2008
Ignore the later remakes of this movie and go back to the original, where a mom and daughter switch personalities with culture clashing comedic results. Barbara Harris, Jodie Foster, Dick Van Patten and a large cast stars. Gary Nelson directed.
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