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The Hound of the Baskervilles Reviews

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Michael G

Super Reviewer

January 4, 2011
Fantastic casting and superb direction make The Hound of the Baskervilles not only what I'm sure is one of the best Sherlock Holmes adaptations (actually, I'm nowhere nearly qualified enough to make that call -- this is the second Sherlock Holmes movie I've seen and I challenge you to guess what the first one was...) but one of the better Hammer productions. Given the talent involved, The Hound of the Baskervilles is everything you'd expect. Peter Cushing and Andre Morell are magnificent as Holmes and Watson and despite Christopher Lee's name in the cast, I wasn't too distracted by waiting for him to go bad and wasn't disappointed (um, spoiler alert) when he didn't. Really good stuff...

Super Reviewer

September 5, 2010
I saw this movie on TV, I'm sure it's confusing enough without having the commercials interrupting all the time, but I really had a hard time following it. It wasn't bad, though, there were good actors too, it's just that the story is confusing throughout.
Dean !

Super Reviewer

March 5, 2010
A great British hammer horror starring Peter Cushing. Still my favourite version of this story!
Red L

Super Reviewer

August 20, 2009
Good whodunit

Super Reviewer

July 10, 2009
Call me crazy, but "Hammer Time" has only ever meant; dimming the lights and curling up on the couch for some chessy, creepy horror films.

To this day a low budget, mediocre Hammer film is more enjoyable to me then most of the big budget horror films of today. There is just a look and feel to them that makes me all "warm & fuzzy" inside.

It had been awhile since I'd seen this, but as a child I remember thinking it was REALLY creepy and cool, plus I always enjoyed Sherlock Holmes books & films. The thought of a "hell hound" roaming the moors at night Is horrific to a child, especially when you've read the book which gives a more detailed discription of the beast!

As an adult I realize that the opening scenes with the nefarious "Sir Hugo" are actually quite racey and bit controversial. The (not so subtle) sexual undertones regarding Sir Hugo's plans for his servants young daughter are disturbing to say the least.

All of your Hammer standards are found here...a great cast, great atmosphere, interesting sets, mediocre special effects, hammy men chewing the scenery, damsels in distress, damsels seemingly in distressed who actually are not who/what they seem.

Now THAT'S my idea of a good time!

Super Reviewer

September 13, 2007
Hammer's version of one the the most oft-filmed stories in cinema is also one of the best. It features artful direction from Terence Fisher (who was also responsible for Hammer's Frankenstein, Dracula and The Mummy) with a great use of colour and light and shadow and a nice sense of period. The familiar and likeable pairing of Cushing and Lee head a solid cast of British character actors, and Marla Landi is striking as the local fiery temptress. It's just a shame that the stunt-hound was so bad!

Super Reviewer

January 25, 2007
very good

Super Reviewer

April 5, 2005
[color=darkred]Peter Cushing Week concludes here at The Revolutionary Cinematheque with "The Hound of the Baskervilles", a 1959 version of the oft-filmed Sherlock Holmes story about an apparent curse haunting the Baskerville line. Cushing plays a rather lively Sherlock Holmes in this good solid adaptation that places the emphasis on horror and action.(It reminded me of the treatment given to the previous year's "Horror of Dracula", also directed by Terrence Fisher.) There are a couple of differences with the source material, namely that in this movie, the Baskervilles suffer from a congenital heart defect.[/color]

[color=#8b0000]Note: It is weird seeing Christopher Lee playing a good person for a change...he would play Sherlock Holmes' smarter brother, Mycroft, in the underappreciated "The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes" in 1970.[/color]
David S

Super Reviewer

October 24, 2011
This has always been one of my favourite Hammer films. It looks glorious in technicolour and you would never guess that they were working on such tight budgets. Cushing is a great Holmes and I wish Hammer had done more in the series. There are a few liberties taken with thes story (a stray taranatula and a scene in a mine shaft spring to mind) but this is still one of the best versions of the Hound story, even if the hound looks a little silly. A Hammer classic!

Super Reviewer

January 31, 2011
Hammer meets Sherlock Holmes with very predictable results - that is, more blood and little or no subtlety. The cast and cinematography are actually rather good but none of the "soul" of Conan Doyle's great, atmospheric detective story is in evidence.

Super Reviewer

September 5, 2008
Asolute classic. Lee will always be better as Dracula but this sort of film filled my early days. Greatmovies.
April 16, 2008
The best Sherlock Holmes movie ever made. Two master actors in Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee show off why they are masters. Great dialogue and chemistry between the two, good writing and a well-adapted screenplay from the best Holmes mystery novel. Top-notch cinema.
January 2, 2008
Peter Cushing is awesome as Sherlock Holmes and Christopher Lee is great as Dracula...I mean as Christopher He's great in it.
July 9, 2007
It's amazing how much this tale and this movie specifically inspired Brotherhood of the Wolf. Seeing Pete Cushing and Chris Lee onscreen in this one, with lots of dialogue each, is a treat. It's a very cool piece of work and one of my personal favorites that I've been meaning to show to others. :>
January 29, 2014
A rather Waspish Holmes from Cushing, but a superb rendition of Watson. Sir Christopher Lee is perfect casting too, and Miles Malleson never disappoints. It has the Hammer touch which taints the original storytelling, but it is entertaining and fun viewing.
August 11, 2010
I love Peter Cushing.
February 2, 2013
Sherlock Holmes, a legend of literary fiction. Who better to bring the classic character back to life than the Hammer house of horror, a legendary film studio in its own right. Terence Fisher directs this 1959 adaptation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's most popular tale, THE HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES, starring Peter Cushing as the brilliant detective. Cushing is ideally cast in the role, delivering a quirky and arrogant performance that is quite befitting of the character. He is met with equally impressive performances by the entire supporting cast, including Andre Morell as Doctor Watson and the great Christopher Lee as the last surviving member of the Baskerville household. Fisher draws a dark Gothic drapery around the swampy moors, which lends a chilling atmosphere to the growing suspense as Holmes and Watson attempt to unmask the mythical beast that haunts Baskerville Hall. Though slightly abridged and modified to better suit the sensibilities of the silver screen, Hammer's version is surprisingly faithful to the story and overall mood of the original novel. After over fifty years, THE HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES remains as one of the best Sherlock Holmes mysteries to date.

-Carl Manes
I Like Horror Movies
Mark  Delledonne
January 13, 2013
Version with evil daughter.
June 16, 2010
One of Hammer's finest moments & easily the best Sherlock Holmes film ever made.

Take note Guy Ritchie
November 19, 2012
Having watched the Basil Rathbone & Nigel Bruce version more times than I can count, I found myself comparing this Hammer Films remake (starring Peter Cushing as Sherlock Holmes and Christopher Lee as Henry Baskerville) to that classic. And, in fact, they are nearly identical plotwise, only departing here and there from Conan Doyle's original novella (with Hammer abbreviating things more). Cushing is a bit more daft or daffy as Holmes than Rathbone ever was but Andre Morell makes for a more competent, less humorous Watson. Hammer scores points for its more evocative mise-en-scene, but my heart belongs to the 1940s.
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