12 Days of Christmas Gifts

No shortage of ways to buy your holiday love!

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So many options, so many choices -- it's enough to turn our heads into eggnog! Hence, your pals at Rotten Tomatoes have compiled this handy-dandy guide to being a good consumer this winter, sung to the tune of a classic Christmas song.

On the Twelfth Day of Christmas, My True Love Gave to Me: 12 Movie Gift Sets

Band of Brothers/The Pacific Special Edition Gift Set
Have any war buffs in your family? Even if you don't, these two award-winning HBO series are gripping entertainment, and they're available in their entirety in this hefty double-pack.
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Jurassic Park Ultimate Trilogy
Everyone remembers the first time they stepped foot in Steven Spielberg's awe-inspiring world of Jurassic Park, and now you can snag all three films in one set, along with a ton of bonus features.
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Citizen Kane 70th Anniversary Ultimate Collector's Edition
A perennial contender for "The Greatest Movie Ever Made," Citizen Kane makes a great gift for any cinephile, and this new 70th Anniversary Blu-ray comes packed with insightful bonus material.
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Star Wars: The Complete Saga
Sure, George Lucas did a bit more futzing around with CGI and pieces of dialogue for this latest update on his iconic sci-fi franchise, but the chance to own every Star Wars movie on Blu-ray in one set is a pretty enticing opportunity for any fan.
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The Lord of the Rings - Extended Edition Trilogy (Blu-Ray)
Earlier this year, the massively popular epic saga The Lord of the Rings trilogy was given the hi-def treatment for its famous extended editions, and this is what true fans have been waiting for. The wealth of special features makes this a surefire hit.
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ESPN 30 for 30 Collector's Set
Upon first glance, this may seem like a niche gift, but while sports enthusiasts will surely get a kick out of ESPN's 30 documentary films, those who appreciate great storytelling and solid filmmaking will also find them to be a worthy addition to their collections.
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Harry Potter: The Complete Collection
The saga may be over, but the Harry Potter franchise is one that fans will likely want to own for themselves. What better way to help them accomplish this than by purchasing the full box set of the series, complete with hours of bonus material?
Available Here

Law & Order: The Complete Series
Law & Order is arguably one of the most influential television shows of this generation, spawning several spinoffs over 20 years and changing the face of police procedurals as we knew them. Now, the entire set is available, and though it sports a hefty price tag, most will tell you the show is worth it.
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Peanuts Holiday Collection
Charlie Brown and friends have been making holidays warm and fun for decades, and now every Peanuts holiday special is available in one convenient package. Perfect for those with young'uns or those who simply enjoy a bit of sweet nostalgia during the holiday season.
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Pirates of the Caribbean Four Movie Collection
Yet another movie franchise ostensibly came to a close this year, and now the entire series is available as one set. The Pirates of the Caribbean four-movie collection features a wealth of extras and comes in a nifty treasure chest case.
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Ben-Hur 50th Anniversary Ultimate Collector's Edition
Know someone who loves the classics? This William Wyler epic is one of Hollywood's most astonishing accomplishments, and it's got 11 Oscars to prove it. Warner Bros. pulled out all the stops in compiling the most comprehensive collection of bonus materials for this one.
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Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory 40th Anniversary Collector's Edition
Gene Wilder as the eccentric titular chocolatier is a sight to behold, even decades after the fact. Funny, inventive, and, at times, peculiar, Willy Wonka has been transporting viewers to another world for generations, and this set includes lots of extras for fans to dig into.
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11 Movie Soundtracks

O Brother, Where Art Thou?
The Coen Brothers' oddball mix of Homer and Preston Sturges featured a soundtrack that kicked off a full-blown roots music revival; 10 years later, a deluxe two-disc reissue goes even deeper in to the strange world of American folk and blues.
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With a haunting, ethereal score from Cliff Martinez, and some expert electro-pop from the likes of Kavinsky & Lovefoxxx and College, Drive's atmospheric soundtrack sounds great even when divorced from the movie's sleek visuals.
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Tron: Legacy Reconfigured
Those electronic mischief-makers in Daft Punk let a bunch of folks like the Chrystal Method, M83, and Paul Oakenfold get their grubby hands on their 2010 film soundtrack.
Available Here

Pearl Jam Twenty
The grunge heroes celebrate their 20th anniversary with a retrospective documentary from Cameron Crowe and a two-disc collection of live goodies from the vaults.
Available Here

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1
Bruno Mars, Iron & Wine, the Joy Formidable and a bunch more turn up on Bella and Edward's wedding album; the deluxe edition features four deliciously mopey/swoony bonus cuts.
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The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo
After a successful collaboration on The Social Network, Oscar winner (!) Trent Reznor reteams with David Fincher to make some spooky soundscapes for the American version of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.
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The Muppets
It's time to play the music! The Muppets team up with Jason Siegal, Amy Adams, Joanna Newsom, Andrew Bird and a bunch more to put on a most sensational inspirational celebrational Muppetational soundtrack of the year.
Available Here

For many, Breakin' was a gentle introduction to the exciting world of hip hop culture; this spiffy reissue is not only an invaluable time capsule -- it's also certain to get your party bumpin.'
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An eclectic mix featuring everyone from Glenn Gould to Blondie, John Coltrane to Chic, the Shame soundtrack also contains selections from the score by Harry Escott and star Carrey Mulligan singing "Theme from New York, New York."
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The soundtrack to Sigur Rós's meditative, experimental concert film, Inni is sure to transport you to a phantasmagoric, blissful reverie, as the Icelandic quartet rocks out in a decidedly dreamy fashion.
Available Here

The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Would you like to do the time warp again? Well, with the reissue of the Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack, you?ll finally be able to listen to every song from the movie in one (Frankenstein?) place.
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