Total Recall: Best Football Playing Actors

In preparation for the Super Bowl, we've assembled a killer lineup of gridiron-to-screen stars.

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Terry Crews

Terry Crews is much better than at stealing scenes than stopping ball carriers; he played three seasons as a linebacker in the NFL with the Rams, Redskins, and Chargers, and racked up only three tackles. However, Crews has found his niche in Hollywood as a strong character actor, with brief (but often outstanding) roles in a number of films, including Get Smart, Street Kings, and Balls of Fury. His performance as an overly amorous suitor in White Chicks was one of the best things about that guilty pleasure, but his best work may be as former smackdown champion and porn star-turned commander-in-chief, President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho, in Idiocracy. Perhaps his best-known starring role is as Julius Rock, the put-upon father on TV's Everybody Hates Chris.

Brian Bosworth

The Boz is a poster child for high-profile NFL busts; during his brief career with the Seattle Seahawks, the former Oklahoma star was better known for his wacky mullet and bad attitude than his defensive prowess (he registered only four sacks in his career, and was memorably bowled over by Bo Jackson). Retiring after three years, Bosworth brought his chiseled good looks and anti-authoritarian mind-set to Hollywood, starring as an undercover detective in Stone Cold. The film failed to make the Boz into an action star, but nevertheless, he's had greater longevity as a thespian than as a jock, with a few starring roles in movies and on TV. Bosworth's most memorable recent performance was as a prison guard in the Adam Sandler remake of The Longest Yard.