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½ January 18, 2011
This is like a modern version of Pat and Mike in a way, but slightly funnier. Still it's a predictable romantic comedy. Overall it's pretty good.
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October 5, 2006
Barbra Streisand's really funny and has plenty scenes of her sexy butt. Ryan O'Neal and Barbra are the best couple stars of 1970's since 'What's Up, Doc?'.
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July 5, 2009
I saw this as a kid when it first came out in the theatres. Although having not reviewed it since, I remember it being a half decent flick.
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June 12, 2008
Even though it reunites the starts, it doesn't even compare to "What's Up Doc".
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½ March 7, 2009
Delightful, charming comedy showcasing the talents of both leads.....impossible circumstances bring out the tough in both of these...what a reflecton of the 1970's!!! LOL
July 20, 2007
This was such an AWESOME love story in its hey-dey!! I have fond memories from when I was younger and watched it!
May 28, 2007
i guess all the crazy ramblings of barbara streisand was supposed to be cute and funny, it just annoyed the shit outta me. but ryan o?neil was adorable as always.
½ July 1, 2006
Round up every copy. Burn them, burn them all. Find the original print and destroy it to the cheers of the townspeople, who know they'll be safe from the chance of their children and their children's children ever having to be subjected to this utterly pointless garbage.
½ September 28, 2014
The whole premise is hookie and tripe so why the hell did I like this movie;well beats the hell out of me but I did anyway.
½ January 28, 2010
Barbra Streisand plays ryan o neils personal trainer He is a struggeling boxer trying to make it to the top and she is thefire in the cracker that he needed :) Great feel good Film.. Wanted to drop the Chips And Do a few crunches ;p
½ August 11, 2005
Barbra Streisand was undoubtedly hoping for a repeat success of her and Ryan O'Neal's "What's Up Doc?", but this isn't in the same league as that film. The chemistry between them has faded and the gags are too few and far between. It does have some good moments though.
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