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October 12, 2013
Cushing is such a chameleonic actor that he can transform substantially from one role to the next. In the 'Frankenstein' films, he is a haggard, misanthropic egomaniac who will sacrifice others for his gumption. In Hammer's sensational 'The Mummy', Cushing is the prodigal son of an archaeologist and he is positively youthful and benighted; the polar opposite of his demented doctor. Of course Hammer is reverential to the source material but it also incorporates some intriguing wrinkles into the story such as Lee's statuesque Kharis doesn't masquerades as a modern aristocrat because he is the murderous henchman of Mehemet Bey. Terence Fisher weans the utmost moodiness from the slow-burn tale with a foggy-bog resurrection. The embalming process is delineated in painstaking detail (from the caravan of organs to the final resting place) during a monologue by Cushing. With his towering height, Lee should be a germane candidate for the undead prowler but the facial makeup is too inexpressive to display an emotional range. However his piercing eyes are copacetic substitutes for the middling costume by Roy Ashton. 1959's 'The Mummy' can chalked up as another flamboyant, epic retelling from Hammer Studios. The most impressive element of Hammer's output is their economical celerity which practically ensures that they never overstay their welcome.
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March 27, 2012
For a movie called The Mummy, the movie is certainly about The Mummy... maybe too much so. I see this as just another excuse to get Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee in the same movie together, somehow. The film is so repetitive and explains the same things over and over again, even going so far as to having a lengthy backstory scene, that it's at a constant state of halt. It doesn't move like a natural narrative should, with fresh information and character development at all times. Maybe I'm just asking too much though. After all, this is a Hammer Horror production, and is a bit of a remake of the Universal original, but I think just a little bit more attention could have been paid in the details to make it better. The make-up work is good, and it's shot well, but its slow pace, or lack thereof, make it a difficult movie to sit through. Not that it doesn't have its charms, but it's definitely not perfect.
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½ January 5, 2012
Terrence Fisher's film The Mummy is one of the better takes on Universal Studios famous monster. Christopher Lee adorns the bandages in this Hammer Classic and he delivers a unique performance. This film is superb in its acting and plot. For a monster film, this version of The Mummy is a near flawless take on the classic tale. Peter Cushing delivers a great performance, but Christopher Lee steals the show. Director Terrence Fisher who previously worked with Lee and Cushing on previous Hammer Horror outings directs this classic horror tale. The Mummy evokes thrills and terror. Fisher crafts a solid film, and the cast deliver some strong performances. This is the first time I've watched a Hammer Horror production, and it won't be the last. Though I absolutely enjoyed the 1932 classic starring Boris Karloff, I have to give credit to Terrence Fisher for delivering a new vision on The Mummy. Overall this is a terrific horror film in its own right. Christopher Lee is great in the title role and much like Karloff before him; he makes the character his own. This film is a must see for Hammer Horror fans, and for fans of classic horror films. Christopher Lee adorns his bandages well, and delivers on-screen. This is a well crafted horror gem that makes The Mummy a monster to be reckoned with once more. This unlike the countless unimpressive sequels makes you cry out for your mummy.
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September 5, 2010
An okay mummy movie, it has good actors, and it's pretty exciting in some scenes, but overall it's not that great, it's okay though.
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October 21, 2007
The 'Mummy' films made by Hammer were much duller than the 'Frankenstein' or 'Dracula' movies. This one starts slowly but finishes well, and Lee's make-up looks superb. Possibly one of Hammer's most attractively photographed movies.
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January 3, 2014
Made at the beginning of Hammer's horror run this reunites Cushing and Lee but their relationship is much more in the vein of their 'Curse of Frankenstein' venture as Lee gives a (mostly) mute performance as the title character. Cushing brings his usual gravitas but the film lacks the 'horror' of a lot of their other partnerships and although beautifully directed it is all a bit pedestrian.
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August 7, 2007
When ever I thought of mummies, I always thought of them wrapped up in cloth, which is something the 1932 version was missing. Koloff was creepy but he had too many lines.....for a mummy lol. Christopher Lee's mummy has no lines, he's a monster and nothing but a monster. Yet, Lee still manages to be effective in the role. If you want a scary monster movie to watch on Halloween, this is the version to see
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August 25, 2007
Original and schlock horror at its best.
½ February 9, 2016
Not as masterful as Hammer's adaptations of Dracula or Frankenstein, but pretty good on its own, especially with Cushing and Lee at the head of the cast.
October 31, 2015
Solid Cushing/Lee Hammer horror film with great performances and stunning set pieces, but the pacing and writing are as a slow as a mummy on this one.
½ May 17, 2015
Acting as both a remake and a tribute to the Universal Mummy franchise, this one looks great but doesn't really deliver anything new from those before it. Great characters, Lee as the Mummy and its makeup are both wonderful, and there are some really nice artful scenes. The storyline isn't new, but it's still pretty fulfilling and entertaining.
½ December 29, 2013
He was sentenced to get his tongue cut from his mouth.

In the 1890s a mummy is discovered in Egypt that has been placed under a curse. The interaction stirs the mummy and he begins to awaken. The mummy is taken back to Europe to a collector but is lost in route close to his scheduled destination. People in the village start turning up missing. A local man, whose wife looks a lot like the princess the mummy was scheduled to marry, tries to solve the mystery murders.

"A man's best friend is a horse."
"It's a dog."
"It's a horse. I'm not drunk."

Terence Fisher, director of Horror of Dracula, The Curse of Frankenstein, The Hounds of Baskersvilles, Dracula: Prince of Darkness, The Brides of Dracula, and The Revenge of Frankenstein, delivers The Mummy. The storyline for this picture is really entertaining and fun to watch unfold. The action scenes aren't outstanding but the acting and character development is very good. The cast includes Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee, Eddie Byrne, and Yvonne Furneaux.

"He was buried alive in a secret tomb especially prepared for him."

I DVR'd this picture this last Halloween season during a Peter Cushing marathon on Turner Classic Movies (TCM). I found this movie very interesting and well written. I wish the action scenes were a little better, but the overall plot and theme were executed very well. I strongly recommend seeing this if you're a fan of the old school horror genre.

"They wouldn't know an Egyptian from a Chinese acrobat."

Grade: C+/B-
½ August 5, 2009
After successfully reworking Universal‚(TM)s Frankenstein and Dracula pictures into The Curse of Frankenstein and Horror of Dracula, Hammer Productions decided to again turn to another Universal monster for box-office hit. I can‚(TM)t blame them as if a formula works then don‚(TM)t fix it. This time it was The Mummy and it reteamed stars Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee with director Terence Fischer

Despite the title this is not a remake/reworking of the original Universal film. The story is actually a reworking of that film‚(TM)s sequels The Mummy‚(TM)s Hand and The Mummy‚(TM)s Tomb. Despite those films mostly being B-movie drivel, one good aspect comes from this reworking‚¶more shambling mummy action! Universal‚(TM)s original Mummy only had Boris Karloff on screen in his full bandaged mummy form for a few moments. Not here as we get Christopher Lee shambling around killing as the mummy for almost the entire film.

When a British expedition uncovers the tomb of an Egyptian princess, they awaken the mummy of her lover and high priest who in turns seeks revenge! Like in the Universal film The Mummy‚(TM)s Tomb, the mummy gets transported to England to hunt down the members.

Peter Cushing is great as always and so is Christopher Lee despite the fact that his face is covered up for almost the entire film. The production values are as usual very good (some of the Egyptian sets do look a little fake though). I however wasn‚(TM)t that aw struck by the make-up work for the Mummy. This image of the mummy comes nowhere near any of the original Universal films.

Like Universal‚(TM)s original Mummy this film isn‚(TM)t quit as good as Hammer‚(TM)s first two horror hits The Curse of Frankenstein and Horror of Dracula. It‚(TM)s still a grand Hammer feature and a classic of the genre. It was followed by two sequels, The Curse of the Mummy‚(TM)s Tomb and The Mummy‚(TM)s Shroud (a fourth ‚mummy‚? film titled Blood from the Mummy‚(TM)s Tomb was also made but it was based on a Bram Stoker story and actually did not have a mummy).
September 5, 2011
This Hammer relaunch takes more the 1940's Mummy movies than from Karloff's classic 1932 film...which right off the bat might worry you. I was, however, pleasantly suprised with the finished product. The Mummy is one monster than looks better in color for sure. And Christopher Lee makes the most out of what is usually a hapless role. What we are left with is probably the best Mummy film I've ever seen which, while not really saying much, is a suprise. It takes the aspects that worked from the numerous sub-par at best Mummy sequels of the 40's and blends them together for an enjoyable enough film.
July 7, 2013
The Mummy (1959) is a movie I watch at least twice a year. It's just so entertaining and fun. In my opinion, this is one of the best horror films ever made, and it's definitely Hammer's finest hour. Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee are the best part, as always.
½ March 10, 2012
Peter Cushing plays a British archaologist who is warned to not enter the tomb of an ancient Egyptian princess. Naturally, his party ignores such a demand and they are then cursed to be hounded and ultimately murdered by an undead mummy (Christopher Lee). This movie continued Hammer's streak of loosely remaking the Universal Horror movies with bold color, added violence, and an English sensibility. The movie's script is a bit stiff in some areas, but that's more than made up for by Terence Fisher's direction and assured performances by Lee and Cushing.
November 6, 2011
Good old fashion horror flick with Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing doing what they do best. A very short film that spends too much time on backstory and not enough time with the main story. Could have been a lot more scarier, but it is okay for what it is.

Grade: B-
July 31, 2011
Hammer Film's version of The Mummy is much more a traditional monster movie than the Universal original. Peter Cushing stars as John Banning, son of an archeologist who opens the tomb and pisses off the wrong Egyptian. The Egyptian then follows John, his father, and his assistant back to England where the mummy is set loose to get revenge. Long scenes of backstory and flashbacks feel like a misstep in this one as it slows down the action. It takes about an hour for the mummy to show up and that is a major misstep for a film of this type. Once the monster is on screen however, the film kicks into gear. Christopher Lee is perhaps misused as the monster because you cannot tell it is him, but that's because the makeup is fantastic and Hammer Film's workhorse director Terence Fisher was not afraid to show tight close ups in full light. The effects team made an impressive monster and Fisher does an excellent job of making the mummy seem huge and imposing. Despite a few stumbles and a rather boring 2nd act, this ends up being a decent Hammer flick. The mummy treatment alone makes it worth seeing and no film staring Peter Cushing can be a bad film, he's just so damn cool.
½ September 27, 2008
Nice little Hammer horror film featuring Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing who as always respectively play the villain and hero. Creepy and cool, it is a nice treat for fans of horror throughout the century.
October 20, 2010
Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee are legends.The Mummy is a classic Hammer film for the true fans of the horror genre.
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