"Day of the Dead" Extended Teaser Trailer Video Clip Thingy

George Romero's "Night of the Living Dead" was remade in 1990. And then "Dawn of the Dead" got a face-lift in 2004. Next year we'll be treated to a new-fangled version of "Day of the Dead," and now there's an extended promo teaser to prove it.

Check out the video over at MovieWeb.com.

Written by Jeffrey Reddick and directed by Steve Miner, the new "Day" stars Ving Rhames, Mena Suvari, Nick Cannon, and numerous hungry zombies. We don't have a set release date just yet, but we'll let you know when one pops up.



Rusty Baldwin

Steve Miner is an old school 80's director. If you've seen House you'll know what I mean. It could work but Nick Cannon.... jeez. Hopefully he will die early but WB sitcom good looks rarely do. This just looks bad.

Oct 26 - 09:24 AM


Eric Wiles

Nick cannon?......anyone but nick cannon!

Oct 26 - 09:29 AM


j _

"It's a bad day to be a zombie" - Classic Nick Cannon, only from him, wow...I am stupefied by that line I am amazed (not)

Oct 26 - 10:01 AM


Jonathan Wells

"New-fangled" is one way to describe it. This looks nothing at all like Day of the Dead, not in the movie's look, plot, characters, or time of day that it seems to take place.

Oct 26 - 10:04 AM


Gary Sundt

[b]This is gonna be one smelly vagina...[/b]
Wow... That's all anyone can say...

I've never wanted to have my eye balls ripped out of my head with a cork screw more than I do right now. Its one thing when Uwe Boll makes crap. Its just expected. You go into a Uwe Boll film, you watch to be tortured, fall asleep, or have something to bitch about.

However, it is totally different when some remakes a George A. Romero classic into a obvious POS. My BMs look better than that! Nick Cannon? FUCK NICK CANNON! Kid can't act worth a gad damn, but you what? He isn't even the worst part of the whole thing. They are just plain making a bad movie. Bad reworking of a good story, apparently bad acting (except Ving Rhames... But I've seen this shabangabng from you before. I dig the acting style, but don't give us the same character from 2004 unless its a continuation of his story...).

Oh, and you want to know what else is funny? Another American Pie alum cast in her "perfect horror role!" Tara Reid has some competition for Best Actress now, because the miscast of a good talent like Mina Suvari is almost as bad. Oh well, at least Suvari can act kinda, right?

You know, with this combined with Rocky Horror remake rumors, I'm pretty sure I'm done with the whole remake thing.

Many of you were done with them a long time ago, but I got excited when I heard this because the 2004 Dawn of the Dead was so good. Then this trailer brought me back to sobriety. Zach Snyder was brilliant new talent. But Steve Miner should KNOW better. The man behind Halloween H20 and Friday the 13th Part 2? He knows horror! And he gave us a glimpse of THIS? He should shove it in a closet, and consider it a failure never to see the light of day.

Maybe I just have too much respect for good horror films. But there is so much crap in the genre, and there is a real difference between fun crap and just plain shitty crap. And this is some pretty shitty crap. And I have sat through some shitty crap before. But I won't sit through this. And neither should anybody else with any respect for zombie films or themselves.

Someone should have told me they were making House of the Dead 3. Then this rant wouldn't have been necessary...

Oct 26 - 10:10 AM


Jamie Lott

Instead of an enhanced remake of the Day of the Dead we all know and love they give us a rehash of tired cliches? It has almost nothing to do with the original? Nick Cannon? This movie can burn in hell.

Oct 26 - 11:16 AM


Jud Widing

What does this have to do with Day of the Dead? Just call it a seperate zombie film so we don't have to watch a good movie get pissed all over.

And any movie with one liners like "It's a bad day to be a zombie" is guarenteed crap.

Oct 26 - 12:47 PM


Hobie Wood

[b]Oh yeah, this will stink...[/b]
To disassociate the story altogether from the "Dawn" remake is stupid. Just make your little dippy zombie movie, the way you want it, and come up with your own title. Why besmirch Romero's original, or the excellent "Dawn" remake, for that matter, with this nonsense? Throwing Ving in there won't fool anybody. Pee-freakin'-yew, already.

Oct 26 - 01:00 PM

Master King Sexington

Tyler Jones

Hell Yeah!!! I love Nick Cannon. This movie will rule!!!

Sorry, had to be different from everyone else

Oct 26 - 01:47 PM


Brian Lorenzo

WHERE THE HELL IS GEORGE?!?!?!?!?!?! HE SHOULD GET HIS ASS HERE AND FIX THIS PEICE OF SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NICK CANNON?!?! ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!!!!!!!!!!!. look the way i see it, if you wanna make a remake that has nothing to do with the original, insted of that shit, just give Ving Rames a shotgun and let him kill zombies for and hour and a half. now thats a movie!

Oct 26 - 02:16 PM


Brandon Adams

I couldn't believe my eyes. This remake is gonna make House of the Dead look like a masterpiece.

Oct 26 - 02:58 PM


Brandon Adams

I couldn't believe my eyes. This remake is gonna make House of the Dead look like a masterpiece.

Oct 26 - 02:58 PM


Nick Danczyk

Yeah, sadly, this looks terrible. The only one I feel bad for is Rhames though. I can't believe they can go from doing such a good job with the Dawn of the Dead remake to this...

Oct 26 - 03:23 PM

The Merm

Michael Mermelstein

even a bad zombie movie is a great freaking zombie movie. At worst a zombie movie is unintentionally hillarious and violent. a bad day to be a zombie? so bad its good gold right there.

Oct 26 - 03:37 PM


Will Potenberg

[b]If everybody here is pissed off about remakes, . .[/b]
Latino Review says that The Warriors is getting remade.

old news

Oct 26 - 05:35 PM


First Last

I LOVE zombie movies...

..but damn, this looks like pure, made for television shite.

Oct 26 - 07:30 PM

Aqueryan Reloaded

Andrew Bosma

Until and unless people en masse begin to exercise the self-restraint necessary to boycott these soulless productions thereby putting an economic hurting on these commercial ventures they'll continue to get made.

When I was a teenager I regrettably did not possess the discriminating taste I've subsequently acquired. I simply wanted my [horror] 'fix,' quality be damned. Well, if someone had been able to explain it to me back then the way I'm equipped to explain it to the undiscerning youth of today, I probably would have listened to that person.

Consider this pizza metaphor: No matter how badly you might be craving pizza, if it's after hours and the only place open is Domino's...well, the right thing to do is to muster the willpower to put that craving on hold until the next day, when you can get a REAL pie at a REAL pizzaria.

Sooner or later, a real horror film gets released. During the lean time, there's always classics to revisit and less well-known fare to aquaint oneself with. But to mindlessly respond in Pavlovian fashion to the assembly-line releases of the newest unnecessary sequel, remake, or otherwise uninspired dreck is simply shameful.

Exercise your right to just say no, and remind others that they too can make a difference by overcoming their 'programming' to blindly consume without consideration of quality in an effort to gain instant - and ultimately unrewarding - gratification.

Oct 26 - 07:34 PM


Ryan Taylor

But I like domino's. their thin crust is pretty damn good. On the other side of the coin if everyone stops seeing most horror movies (because most of them really are crap) like you suggest then the studios will just respond by making less of them. I'm not saying people should goto a crappy movies just because they can hope for a good one someday. But it doesn't hurt to take a chance and see something they didn't get the best reviews or a ton of good buzz. There's plenty of movies I really enjoyed that a lot of people hated. It's all about entertainment.

While that teaser didn't look great I'm still going to give the movie a chance when it comes out. It's not like anyone has seen the movie yet.

Oct 30 - 10:53 AM


Sean Ludwig

It doesn't look Uwe Boll bad. But it's certainly not going to be GOOD. Eh, screw it. I'll just cross my fingers that I get to watch Nick Cannon get ripped apart and eat my popcorn.

Oct 26 - 07:55 PM


First Last

This honestly looks straight-to-dvd flick like Return of the Dead 4, House of the Dead 2... just awful.

Oct 26 - 08:10 PM


Matt Bible

[b]Since when do zombies defy gravity???[/b]
In the immortal words of J.J. Jamison, "Crap, crap.......mega crap!"

Oct 26 - 08:39 PM

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