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Romero Promises "A Lot of Action" in Next Dead


It doesn't have a title yet, but production is underway on George A. Romero's next zombie movie, and USA Today has the inside scoop -- along with your first look. Back to Article



Gimy Moo

that should say YAWNS instead of dawns. his movies are frikkin boring. if it isn't a sequel by Zach probably won't even be worth a rental. dawn of the dead, the only decent zombie flick he's made. the new ones are Saw-like in terms of bad acting bad writing horrible execution...

Nov 3 - 05:27 AM


Francesco Fernandez Martinez

Lets hope is true because Diary of the Dead was crap, i dont remember a movie were i didt like any of the characters and they were annoying as hell and slow zombies dont work anymore, the cameran guy saw his friend getting eat and his is ''Wait i cant help him i need to keep filming'', wtf, but romero put some action next time.

Nov 3 - 06:34 AM


Joseph McWilliams

As social commentary they're great, but as horror films the Dead franchise has always been kind of lame.

Nov 3 - 06:49 AM


Alpha Z

I don't give a crap what the 3 Obama supporters before me posted. I look forward to this movie! Noboma SUCKS!

Nov 3 - 07:13 AM


Joseph McWilliams

Had enough of the country being run into the ground?

Obama '08!

Nov 3 - 07:34 AM

Nick S.

Nick Simonds

Let's hope this ones better than Diary of the Dead, I literally fast-forwarded through half that movie due to all the terrible acting. You're never going to get an action packed flick like Snyder's Dawn of the Dead (which was balls to the wall the best zombie movie ever), but that's ok. Romero can pull off that sense of creeping doom so well you don't need a lot of exploding heads. I hope those rumors of The Walking Dead comic series coming to HBO pan out, it would be nice to have a longer story arc with the main characters that lasted more than two hours.

Nov 3 - 08:04 AM


Sebastien Thibeau

Funny thing was I swear that George was kind of a liberal but unless the poster up there is just being sarcastic for no reason, his films are pretty left leaning in terms of its attacks on consumerism, racism, militarism and the media.

Nov 3 - 08:24 AM


Gimy Moo

how did this turn into a political debate? oh, cuz john mccain is as stiff as a zombie? aaah, i see. and palin is a bloodsucking vampire. noooow i get the horror references.

faster zombies, better actors, better comedy. 3 things he HAS to do better or else his stuff will continue to suck. Snyder and the 28 series blows Romero out of the water. i don't get the big hoopla with the guy being this legendary dude. i was impressed with Dawn, thats it. this is a big "you suck" to him but...kind of reminds me of George Lucas. stuck in his own little world when he had a big hit and refuses to correct his errors.

Nov 3 - 08:32 AM


Paul Barrett

Yes, Gimy, but you seem to forget that he is the man who pretty much started the whole zombie genre with the original Night of the Living Dead. It's a little dated now, perhaps, but at the time it was a revolutionary movie, especially with its use of an African-American as a hero, who then gets "accidentally" killed by the racist law officers. Pretty heavy commentary back then.

I agree that his movies after Dawn have gotten progressively worse (although I still like the action in Day the most) I still enjoy seeing his take on things. And whether slow zombies are scary is a matter for debate. I would think just seeing your dead loved ones coming back would be bad enough, but people are so jaded these days that slow doesn't cut it, I guess. He doesn't suck, he's just not your cup of tea.

Nov 3 - 09:09 AM


Chad W

I'm just surprised that none of you geeks have not somehow brought TDK into the discussion and how its directorial style should be used to reboot the zombie movie. lol.

Nov 3 - 09:22 AM


Nick Larson

The problem is Romero is a one-trick pony, and he's clinging to it with all his zombie-loving strength. I'd like to see a Romero romantic comedy.

With zombies.

Nov 3 - 10:22 AM


jeremy burnside

i would like to see romero expand and do different types of movies but hes the originator of these types of movies so i wont mind if he does another, but i do hope its better than diary was.

Nov 3 - 10:34 AM


Nate 2709

George Romero; The most versatile director in film history.

Nov 3 - 11:51 AM

the train

Vinnie Oliveri

odd that romero thinks that letting zombie grandma sit in the rocker a little longer is a bad idea, while he lets this series hang on until he finds a cure. i love the original trilogy. i think they are the archetypal zombie movies--the gold standard, the best, and the ones all future zombie-philes will have to come back to if they want to see how it's done.

but enough is enough. we're two movies past the time to put a bullet in the head of this franchise.

Nov 3 - 01:01 PM

Mark M.

Mark Mortimer

Bring it on, I love Romero movies.
Slow zombies rock, running zombies are ridiculous IMO.

Nov 3 - 01:54 PM


Paul Barrett

Nblarson, the problem is that no one would give Romero money to do a comedy. He had a script for a comedy (albeit a zombie comedy) called Diamond Dead that he could do for $4 million, but no studio would back him. When he has tried to stretch out from the zombie genre, the results have been....uneven.

Nov 3 - 02:25 PM

Sebastion Cole


I don't know about this, we have to remember Romero is currently suffering from George Lucas syndrome (Used to have a good idea, but now has no idea what the **** he is doing). Although i can't see his movies getting worse than "Diary of the Dead". That was just an atrocity of an movie and an insult to the genre.

Nov 3 - 10:16 PM

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