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½ April 2, 2013
As spotty as Tony Scott's filmography was, it's easy to forget how good he could be. This is my first time seeing REVENGE and I must say that I was surprised by how emotionally involving and artfully directed it was, despite relying on a number of genre cliches. Kevin Costner plays Michael "Jay" Cochran, a 12-year Navy veteran who has just left the service and goes to see his friend, Tiburon Mendez (Anthony Quinn), in Mexico. While there, he ends up falling in love with Tibey's (as his friends call him) beautiful, young wife Miryea (Madeleine Stowe). When Tibey finds out about this, leaves Jay for dead and throws Miryea away in a whorehouse. The remainder of the film is Jay going back to rescue Miryea. Hopefully I haven't given too much away, but the film is 25 years old and there has to be a statute of limitations on spoilers, even if they're small. Since I liked more than I disliked, I'll just get the negative stuff out of the way first. I mentioned earlier that this film relies on genre cliches. One such example, and very key to establishing the central character relationship is the history shared by Tibey and Jay. Apparently, they were hunting buddies and Jay saved Tibey's life one time, so now Tibey is in debt to Jay. That's something that's been done to death in countless films before and since, but it wouldn't be such an issue if that wasn't the extent of it. It was just hard for me to buy that a Navy pilot would have it in so good with a Mexican power broker/kingpin. I also thought the romance that develops between Jay and Miryea was rather cliche, even if it was well-performed. And to be fair, this movie has some great performances in it. Kevin Costner was his usual likeable self, and veteran actor Anthony Quinn was great as his world-weary foil. Madeleine Stowe did fine, but isn't given much to do besides be the damsel in distress once confined to the whorehouse. Now, on to the positives (the rest). This is probably one of Tony Scott's best-directed films, and came a decade or so before he started using his much ripped-off MTV shooting style. There were some really artful shots, e.g., a fire being reflected in sunglasses or beautiful shots of the Mexican terrain. Even the sex scenes were shot well. I also really liked the score, which struck a fine balance between melancholy and tension. But most of all, and despite the cliched elements, the characters were well written and developed, and the performances really elevated the rather pulpy source material. Overall, REVENGE is an artful, occasionally thoughtful action thriller that probably deserves more attention than it got/currently gets. It might have a shaky dramatic foundation, but it's definitely worth seeing for what's built around and on top of it.
March 31, 2015
Too cliche for my taste.
½ March 11, 2015
Well acted by Anthony Quinn, but the story is pure crappy melodrama.
March 7, 2015
Director Tony Scott's overblown melodrama is admittedly ridiculous, but at the same time it has kind of a fun gonzo mashup of Joel Silver 80s action film sensibilities crossed with the over-the-top dramatics of a Douglas Sirk film. The story involves handsome Kevin Costner ending his fighter pilot career by heading south of the border to connect up with his old rich buddy Anthony Quinn, who it's implied early has not come by his money honestly. Quinn has a new pretty young wife played by Madeleine Stowe, so you can guess where the plot goes. When Costner and Stowe strike up a relationship, the implied villainy in Quinn comes out, shooting up Coster, leaving him for dead, and turning his wife into a drug addict and whore. Coster, of course, survives so he can get REVENGE! His journey to getting revenge is a bit of a "Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia" like road movie that features a cast of colorful characters, including Tomas Milian, James Gammon, Sally Kirkland, Miguel Ferrer, John Leguizamo and Joe Santos. The road to revenge does drag at times, but it a stylish journey and pretty enjoyable. If you think you can get into Anthony Quinn yelling, "Faithless, whore!" then this is the movie for you!
½ January 27, 2015
Typical Kosner acting (?) in a story that loses your attention pronto.
September 28, 2014
I liked the original movie that was released in the theaters in 1990! I purchased a copy from itunes BUT it is the directors cut that edits out noted dialogue and themes. Did not care for this version as much! This cut did not improve this film. The movie is interesting and well acted!
June 30, 2014
The ending to this film is seriously heart wrenching. This film is a lot
better then the rating it has. Very under rated film and one of Costner's
better efforts. That ending is one of the best Hollywood has ever come
up with.
½ June 22, 2014
pretty awful, just boring
August 24, 2013
Jamas entendere como ni critica ni publico acepta este filme.
July 3, 2013
You will either love or loathe Tony Scott's 90s revenge flick. Costner is the balls and a serious twitch out of Stowe.
½ May 18, 2013
In the film Revenge actor Kevin Costner plays US Navy pilot Michael Cochran who is retiring after twelve years in the service. He seems to have lost direction and wants to take some time off for himself. He first arranges to go and visit his old friend partner Tiburon Mendez, portrayed by Anthony Quinn, who is a powerful mob boss in Mexico. Exactly why they are friends is a bit unclear but it seems that Tibby owes Jay a debt for saving his life at some point in the past. Once Jay arrives at the Mendez Hacienda he meets Miryea, who is the wife of Tibby. Instantly attracted to one another although initially fighting the chemistry between them, they begin an affair, which comes with massive consequences for all who are involved. This film has many similar elements found in The Wild Bunch (1969) and its shooting location in Mexico greatly adds much to the atmosphere of the story. There are claustrophobic qualities to many of the situations which are enhanced beautifully by the background. The acting is nicely done, as Costner manages to display a barely restrained anger throughout the second part of the film and Anthony Quinn is convincing as the superficially charming but ruthless mobster. Madelaine Stowe is fine for the female lead but seemingly struggles with a Mexican accent and at times seems a bit uncomfortable with the innocence that her character is expected to portray. Revenge was commercially unsuccessful but it is nonetheless a film that deserves to be seen. Costner, being an actor of limited range, was always best at starring in these types of films. When he behaves in rather simplistic types of roles, you get to see the best of him. If I have any complaints, I believe the denouement of the story, although certainly interesting, does not quite fit. The build up to it promises something more of a climatic showdown and the character of Jay would seem by this point to be poised to take his revenge. Perhaps the downbeat finish was done to avoid going Hollywood with a big finale and, as I mentioned, it is certainly effective, and also beautifully and memorably shot by director Tony Scott, but it also leaves a general feeling that there is still business to be done. Overall I believe Revenge to be an interesting and entertaining movie that is very enjoyable at points and well worth viewing.
July 7, 2007
Tarantino's a big fan of this. I can see why, but it was still a little weak.
March 5, 2013
You will either love or loathe Tony Scott's 90s revenge flick. Costner is the balls and a serious twitch out of Stowe.
December 5, 2012
I remember seeing this many years ago & hating it well I just saw it for the second time and it's not that bad, Has some good moments & the music score is beautiful
August 28, 2012
the problem with revenge is that the middle is so dumb its annoying. i've never seen characters acting this stupid before. the first half is kinda slow, but that's okay. the last hour really delivers the goods. but that middle... my god. sooooo dumb
August 21, 2012
Decent film, not bad!
June 17, 2008
Was this meant to be a sequel to 'Top Gun'? The beginning really threw me. Anyway, substandard thriller. Makes little to no sense throughout. Nice Twin Peaks-esq score though.
January 29, 2012
Madeline Stowe is always awesome. Good revenge movie. Sad ending.
January 11, 2012
Not a bad story. But boring, boring, boring.
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