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September 6, 2010
This buddy cop crime comedy/drama is good, I liked it.
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½ May 14, 2010
What a piece of shit. I like just about everybody in it, but it tries too hard to be funny (which it's not) to be a true action comedy and it's not funny enough to be a good comedy. Hines and Crystal are probably the two least believably cops ever (except for Adam Sandler, maybe). True 80's entertainment...if you're actually entertained by it.
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½ December 30, 2006
When two hotshot Chicago detectives have a brush with their own mortality, they decide to buy a bar and retire to Key West after cracking one last case. Running Scared is the kind of film that at least on paper, looks like a pig. The plot is the usual mix of cliched characters and by the numbers plot devices (particularly the inevitable man-boy pleasing finale), and the cast hardly screams A-list. But what this film gets right is the sense of fun; it's tongue is firmly in its cheek and the great comic chemistry between Crystal and Hines is backed up by a constant stream of consistently funny jokes (my personal highlights include the police line-up and Hines' battle of the bird with a ten year old!) It's definitely a matter of taste, but for me Running Scared is at least as good as contemporary Beverly Hills Cop and ranks alongside the likes of Back To The Future, Ghostbusters and Die Hard as my cinematic comfort food, and will forever be one of my favourite guilty pleasures.
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December 15, 2009
30 days to clean up Chicago before they retire to Paradise... Losing their police car, their suspect and having their cover blown is a real bad start.
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December 11, 2006
Billy Crystal and Gregory Hines make a decent cop pairing in this 'last case before retirement' comedy-thriller.
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April 1, 2011
Gregory Hines (Ray) and Billy Crystal (Danny) are two hard boiled Chicago cops hot on the trail of a drug lord Julio played by Jimmy Smits who are willing to sacrifice their own lives and maybe even their own jobs thanks to their reckless ways and their rule-breaking tactics. Their Captain orders them out of Chicago after they accidentally screw up an undercover DEA drug bust. The guys take time off to regroup leaving the wintry Chicago and end up in Key West, Florida. After spending nearly two weeks in the sun filled, bikini paradise, the two decide to retire their positions and open a bar in the Keys but ultimately they just can't let unfinished business lie. Against their better judgment, they return to the fast-paced violent streets of Chicago to finish the one job they've still got to complete.... the capture of their long-time nemesis Julio Gonzalez but the shenanigans turn truly deadly as Julio kidnaps Danny's ex-wife.

Will they survive the two weeks and make it back to the Keys or will the Windy City save two of Chicago's finest from themselves?

Smits was very good as the villain while the chemistry between the lead actors in the film is fantastic, I love the way they play off of each other; their comedic dialogue is impeccably timed. My favorite scene would be the car chase on the train tracks. Good to see Joe Pantoliano up to his usual bad guy mischief as well.
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February 27, 2008
Good film, good performances..very entertaining. The plot could have been better though but this is pretty much what's expected of an 80's buddy cop movie. This film is like a mix between Miami Vice and Beverly Hills Cop.
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January 11, 2007
Hilarious action comedy about two Chicago cops taking on a ruthless drug dealer. Billy Crystal and Gregory Hines make a great team. The one liners come fast and the action ever faster. One of the better cop movies from the 80's.

Ray: "Pointing a gun at a police officer. Can we waste them for that?"
Danny: "I think so."
½ April 4, 2011
This was okay, but very, very forgettable. This is one of those movies you'll watch on PAX channel or something when you have absolutely nothing else to watch.
August 24, 2010
Outstanding buddy cop movie from the great 80's starring Gregory Hines & Billy Crystal as two seasoned Chicago detectives Hughes & Constanza who decide their jobs over the years have become too dangerous and decide to pool their money and retire down to Florida to open a bar. The only thing getting in their way is two younger danger prone detectives and a vengeful drug kingpin who after being humiliated by Hughes & Constanza decides to make things personal against the two wise-ass cops. Action, a popular soundtrack and the perfect chemistry of teaming Billy Crystal with the late great Gregory Hines makes this a favorite film and underrated classic.
½ November 28, 2007
At last, I watched this film! Smart comedy, good action and two great actors playing the main characters! This film was made before Lethal Weapon! It might have been an inspiration, no doubt!
Too bad its sequel - Still Running-was never filmed. We lost a great actor: the late Gregory Hines. May he rest in peace.
January 17, 2007
Now here's a movie that i could have used a sequel for. Super pairing of Hines and Crystal. Great one-liners.
½ June 2, 2007
Great comedy between Billy Crystal and Gregory Hines. Old school movie, but still funny to this day.
May 19, 2007
really surprised me... the john wayne Cowboys reference really sealed the deal for me... Paul walker showed me something here...
½ April 22, 2007
This film is so funny....I really like it...I wish I could find this film on dvd in germany or I would own it by now! lol
April 14, 2007
Well, you was kind of good if you turned your brain off and you were twelve. I don't know how it would hold up, and I don't really care.
January 11, 2007
Great action from a very unlikely action/comedy team. Great villian turn from JIMMY SMITS and Joey Pants.......fin movie. Shot in CHICAGO which was nice for me....
October 21, 2006
I finally just bought this movie. It's really great for us Chi-town folks. And the Chicago/Key West aspect always reminds me of my parents cuz they loved to go to Key West.
½ October 19, 2006
This movie is beyond absurd. I'm pretty sure the director wanted to see how gritty and hard he could make the film. And all that BS about this being a parallel of a children's fable....lame.
September 17, 2006
This is definitely a classic comedy, action - adventure! An oldie but goodie! (Can you believe this movie is 20 yrs old now?!) Go rent it and check it out. ^_~
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