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Silent Night, Deadly Night Reviews

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March 25, 2009
Pretty bad as a slasher ,more of a porno actually. Some intensely violent scenes and not one women in this film under 50 for does not take her shirt off
June 17, 2014
As a fan of slasher films, I don't know why I waited so long to see this wonderful, demented piece of slasher film history. I was also curious to see this film because of all the controversy that surrounds it even 30 years after its release, as parents and many other people denounced for not only being a Christmas-themed slasher flick, but one in which the killer was dressed as Santa Claus. Plus, having it be an 80's slasher film just sweetened the deal because I love all the glorious cheese that comes with many films of that era.

In 1971, Billy Chapman and his younger brother, became orphans after a deranged killer dressed as Santa Claus murdered their parents on a drive home on Christmas eve, which Billy had the misfortune of witnessing. It was especially traumatizing to Billy because it came just after his nutcase grandfather told him that Santa Claus punishes naughty people.

After this incident, the two boys are put into an orphanage where Billy still has recurring problems whenever Christmas comes around and is savagely punished by Mother Superior whenever he acts up during these times for several years.

At age 18, Billy gets a job working at a toy store, which goes great for awhile until Christmas comes around and his traumatic memories begin to resurface as they always do. This time, however, things become horrible when Billy is forced to dress up as Santa for the toy store, which causes him to snap when he witnesses one of his co-workers trying to rape a female co-worker, triggering memories of the killer raping his mother. From this point, Billy snaps and goes on a killing spree to punish those he deems naughty.

The plot is very over the top in a way that you would expect from an 80's slasher flick, and it also gleefully revels in its premise that it knows will piss off uptight people. For a gorehound, slasher, and B-movie fanatic, this premise is a dream come true in the best possible stupid ways. I appreciate the fact that the script created a psychology for Billy as to why he became what he did, but the script also has a habit of giving hilariously awful dialogue ("PUNISH!") and putting him into the usual slasher flick scenarios like killing off a couple having sex, chopping off a bully's head as he sleds down a hill, along with the usual tropes. Let's just say it's not up to par with the slasher film masterpiece, Black Christmas (1974 original). The script has a lot of interesting ideas, though, and there are moments of genuine intrigue that could have been made better.

The acting, as expected for not a slasher but an 80's slasher film, is pretty campy. The actors try their hardest to be super-serious, but the script simply won't let them do a particularly good job. But, they're certainly not boring, even the characters who are inevitably going to get killed off because they fall into the pigeonholes of their characters (Like the couple that gets killed after sex is interrupted. Remember the lessons slasher flicks taught us: pre-marital sex is bad because you're going to die a horrible death should you engage in it!). They made every wacky, blood-soaked scene a lot of fun to watch.

In terms of horror, there isn't much to be found. This will only be enjoyed by gorehounds and those who enjoy their slasher flicks extra trashy. There's plenty of bloody violence, shameless sexual content and nudity, a ridiculous premise, holiday cheer, and hilariously bad drama at certain points.

Silent Night, Deadly Night will never be up to par with the greats of slasher films like Black Christmas or Halloween, but it sure does provide a lot of entertainment for those who enjoy trashy, blood-soaked slasher flicks. It's a film that revels gleefully in its offensive premise and it doesn't care who it offends. I love it and I feel that I will many fun years with this one, along with anyone who enjoys these kinds of films.
May 29, 2014
This was entertaining in a guilty/sleazy kind of way. It does run out of steam about half way through (which is not good considering how short it is). Typical low-budget 80's slasher. More funny than scary, but certainly not the best in the genre.
March 31, 2014
Silent Night, Deadly Night is my favorite Christmas Horror movie, I have Silent Night, Deadly Night on DVD. In Silent Night, Deadly Night I liked Billy and Sister Margaret
December 22, 2008
Just gave this the now traditional yearly re-watch, such a fun film, well worth the watch, it's become a new tradition for each Christmas season.

Full of corny performances and cheesy 80's staples, this is an enjoyable little slasher flick that was once the victim of attempted bannings. Now it just feels like a quaint snapshot of the 80's, full of silly characters, quasi-believable situations and gratuitous nudity.

Worth a rental at the very least, if only to get that "Miracle On 34th Street" taste out of your mouth.
December 14, 2013
They made a ton of sequels?
December 10, 2013
This Wasn't New Grounds For The Slasher Genre, But This Cult Classic, May Have Some Bad Special Effects (By Today's Standards), But It's The Story, The Tone & The Atmosphere Which Makes This Film What It Is. This May Not Be An A-Movie, But The Way The Plot & Direction Is Executed You'd Want To Argue. This Plays With The Idea That Santa Punishes The Naughty People, By Death. Basic In It's Death Scenes & Excellent In It's Atmosphere, This Is One For Fans Of The Slasher Genre Who Want More Than Blood And Guts. An Excellent Piece Of Work That's Overlooked By Many, & Is A Film I'd Recommend.
November 21, 2013
Come on people! Silent Night Deadly Night is one of those "so bad it's good" horror films, it also caused quite a controversy. I still think it's worth a watch despite the mediocrity.
Little Dedo
November 2, 2013
An entertaining and campy '80s horror flick. It's not exactly scary, but there are some pretty hilarious death scenes!
October 8, 2013
Christmas Evil is better.
John W.
September 24, 2013
In spite of (or maybe partly because of) all the hubbub when SN/DN was released in the mid-80's, I have fond memories of seeing this one more than once. Low budget? Sure, but it certainly deserves the cult status is enjoys.
July 31, 2013
This is not a good movie, and only a small segment of the viewing public will have any real interest in watching this. It is surprisingly well-made, but considering some of the other films in the slasher genre, that's faint praise. The gore effects are convincing enough, and the acting by the crazy kid is fairly solid (again, for this sort of thing). There are plenty of films that are far gorier, and god knows scarier, than this, but there are few that are so joyously mean-spirited. This is a movie where NOTHING good happens. EVER. And Christmas is HORRIBLE. And Santa Claus is MEAN. A little boy named Billy witnesses his parents being horribly murdered by a madman in a Santa costume. Santa also commits sexual assault on Mommy while the terrified boy watches. Understandably traumatized, Billy and his little brother are sent to live in an oppressive Catholic orphanage. Under the tyrannical rule of a cold-as-ice Mother Superior (character actress Lilyan Chauvin is undeniably memorable), the little boy grows into an unstable adult (Robert Brian Wilson). One absurd turn of events leads to another, and finally Billy goes on a killing spree when his latent homicidal impulse is awakened after donning a Santa suit for a job function. You can basically guess what happens from there. The cinematography is actually impressive, with lots of slick mise-en-scÚne and some beautiful landscapes in the background (the film was shot in Utah, of all places). But the film itself is sleaze, sleaze, sleaze. If you like films like this, you'll probably be entertained by it though. Mother Superior is nearly as scary as Billy, there are lots of boobs on pointless display, numerous children are frightened, threatened, and exploited for cheap scares by the cynical filmmakers, and the gore is plentiful. Plus genre regular Linnea Quigley makes an earlier appearance, along with her boobs, which yes, end up covered in blood. A vile, rotten, nasty good time. But Bob Clark's Black Christmas is a much better movie, honestly.
July 5, 2013
Buen argumento en el que todos reciven una leccion y musica que la hace memorable

Super Reviewer

December 24, 2011
Make no mistake, you sissy, because this hidden cult Christmas garbage is absolutely delightful and unintentionally hilarious. It has everything an R-rated movie demands (actually, do yourself a favor and hunt down the uncut 85-minute version), and even if this wasn't enough, it has GOOD cinematography! Now fancy that! Gotta love the 80s for their macabre, cheap vibe!

August 21, 2008
Tis the season! Storeroom Santa goes on a killing spree on Xmas Eve. In bad taste (to say the least) and some scenes are downright shameful--such as Grandpa telling young Billy that Santa was coming to 'punish' him--but also memorable. Falls short of IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE in terms of holiday classics.
March 31, 2013
Notorious Santa-slasher film is extremely violent & poorly-made.
April 28, 2013
Cheesetastic slasher with some fairly memorable kills and a half-decent story. There is a montage straight out of a sitcom that comes out of nowhere and is stopped dead the second a guy says "fuck", pretty hilarious!
Wesley J.
April 23, 2013
Only worth watching so you can say that you did. Very bad acting. Very bad. Very bad script. Very bad.
March 31, 2013
I could see why people detested the idea of a deranged psychopath dressed as Santa Claus out to dish punishment to people who act naughty. However, even though you'll disagree with me on this, I could say that this is a watchable film, and it does have its moments. I do advise that you should keep it locked away in December, though.
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