Ole! Tour Mexico Through the Movies!

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo using our cinematic road map!

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Hola, amigos! In honor of Cinco de Mayo, we've put together a cinematic tour of Mexico. Get a plate of your favorite Mexican food, pour yourself a shot of tequila, and use our handy map of Mexico to rediscover your favorite movies set south of the border!

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Federal District

Let's start in the Federal District. Here you'll find Mexico City, the country's capital and its most vital source for arts, culture, and economy. Though it probably benefited little from Man on Fire being set there. The film starred Denzel Washington as an ex-CIA agent determined to save a young kidnapped girl (Dakota Fanning), focusing on Mexico City's criminal gangs, gritty architecture, and the fiery explosions that regularly occur there.

Need a more intimate guide to Mexico City? Check out the artists-in-residence in Frida, the glitz and glamour of The Matador, or the social realism as seen in Y tu Mama Tambien, Amores perros, and Los Olvidados.