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November 3, 2011
"Make way for the town lasher"
A rich, vibrant musical fantasy based on the Brothers Grimm`s fairy tale that is delightfully fun to watch. Russ Tamblyn plays the diminutive boy Tom who comes to liven up the days of a childless middle-aged couple, a woodcutter and his wife who are granted three wishes by a very beautiful blonde fairy, the Forest Queen (June Thorburn). But then a pair of dastardly villains (played by Terry-Thomas and Peter Sellers) use the boy to steal some gold coins and his foster parents is accused of the theft. Now it`s up Tom Thumb has to save the day by exposing the real thieves. There is also a romantic subplot involving a local musician (Alan Young) who is in love with the immortal Forest Queen and doesn't realize that he can turn her into a mortal via a kiss.

A terrific movie for kids to see! As for the adults, it is sure to appeal to the inner child in each of us! The Yawning man/song almost put me to sleep as well.....almost lol!
September 27, 2006
a classic.. watched it wen i was 4 years old.. and still remb the quote"each peach pear plum in comes tom thumb"
December 27, 2014
A children's film from the 1950s, that has aged very well.
September 24, 2009
This movie deservedly won the Oscar for its Special Effects. Russ Tamblyn was well-cast as Tom. The romantic sub-plot is superfluous and Terry-Thomas and Peter Sellers all but steal the movie as a bumbling pair of thieves. Funny enjoyable puffball of a movie. Well worth watching for the effects and Sellers and Thomas.
½ May 15, 2006
6.5/10. Surprisingly charming family film. Some innovative special effects. The musical numbers are not particularly special but they aren't bad. Agile Russ Tamblyn as the title character is remarkable. Well made great fun.
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