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½ January 11, 2014
Strange to think this little forgotten 80's comedy is actually an adaptation of a late 18th Century novel. Hardly the kind of thing you'd expect to see Judge Reinhold and Fred Savage in. This overlooked flick came out a few months before 'Big' but failed to do as well unsurprisingly.

One high flying business man and neglectful father swaps places with his very small bullied son. From there on the little boy must try and hold his fathers job together while the dad must battle the daily grind of school. At the same time a couple of baddies are also after the precious object that causes all the commotion. Its easy to grasp, predictable and cheesy but its a fun little jaunt.

It always bothered me that they went to the trouble of having both characters actually change shape, shrink n grow, to make you believe that each of them transformed into the other. Wouldn't it have been easier just for them to swaps minds? why did they have to virtually mutate into each others body shape?. You don't see that of course, its only implied by camera angles and the simple raising and lowering of the floor beneath them, but it just seemed pointless to me.

The other thing I could never work out was this department store in Chicago. Obviously its suppose to be a very prestigious store for wealthy buyers but would it really have such lavish office levels above the store?. I don't know maybe in the US this is how big stores work, maybe here in the UK too in say...Harrods, but it felt so odd. All these snivelling ass kissing suits following the big director around their plush offices, the whole entourage of hierarchy that seems to run the store like the third Reich putting the fear of God into the employees. It is of course so very 80's with the power suits, an all white pompous set of staff and stereotypical male chauvinistic behaviour (bit like 'Trading Places'), but I did like that angle, its so damn retro.

This is one of those comedies that is suppose to be for kids but its actually quite grown up really, a perfect 80's comedy then. Many scenes contain Savage swearing, drinking and talking to adults as if he was one himself. That is the whole point sure but you know in this day and age it would be so watered down and childish, this is a touch edgy at times and its brilliant. Gotta be honest this is probably Savage's best major film too, he really does perform well as an adult I must say, Reinhold also kills it as a big child (he's perfectly cast with his looks), both have lots of cute little moments which will make you laugh.

You can see the how the finale will unfold a mile off but its still good goofy fun as the two bad guys get their obvious comeuppance. Its not a 'Pink Panther' type of tomfoolery don't worry, its a very tolerable silliness that is somewhat believable, there are no real big stunts or action sequences in this. I loved the performances from everyone in this, quick nod to the trio of brown nosing office boy yes men who all came across as 'Waldorf and Statler-like' live action Muppets, Richard Kind being one. Totally underrated in this reviewers opinion and well worth the watch if you enjoy really dated 80's flicks, good Xmas time flick too.
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September 6, 2010
Yes, I know it's the whole Freaky Friday story once again, but this version has two of my favourite actors of the 80s: Judge Reinhold and Fred Savage. It's very 80s and very fun, so I enjoy watching it, even though it's not that great.
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June 10, 2009
the best one out of the bodie switching moives of the 80's
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January 1, 2008
In similar vein to Freaky Friday, Big and Like Father, Like Son, this is a movie about body switching. Cute performances by Judge and Fred.
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May 6, 2007
Yet another bodyswap film in which a so-called comic actor thinks lolloping around with a vacant stare and saying "dude" a lot is acting, and it has exactly the same plot as all the others. As they say is Texas, "Big" is better.
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½ December 11, 2006
Few laughs with father and son Judge Reinhold and Fred Savage in body-swap flick.
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October 14, 2007
Father/son fun. Fred Savage is such a stickler as the dad.
April 25, 2013
Serviceable body switching movie from the 80's when this seemed to be a trend. Fred Savage and Judge Reinhold were mostly believable as the other, however the overall story just wasn't much fun. I've always liked Corinne Bohrer; her star never launched but I still see her occasionally in commercials. I wasn't bored but I wasn't entranced either. Meh.
½ July 14, 2009
I was excited to revisit this film as I enjoyed it so much in my childhood. I must say I didn't recall all the bad language or adult themes, coming from Fred Savage no less! My how times have changed, but I still appreciated how well this remake was done, especially when so many movies about switching places have been done. Judge Reinhold and Fred Savage play their perspective characters to a tee, which is really the highlight. You actually believe they are residing in the new body!
November 10, 2008
I used to absolutely love this movie as a kid. Its Freaky Friday with a father and a son instead of a mother and a daughter. Very very good!
½ November 21, 2007
I saw this movies when it first came out. That's when it was the most funny was when it first came out.
July 24, 2007
Not nearly as charming or entertaining as another, more successful body-swapping film that came out the same year: "Big," with Tom Hanks. However, 80s' staples Fred Savage and Judge Reinhold delight as father and son in this film. Also, a then-unknown Jane Kaczmarek playing the mother was a pleasant surprise.
½ July 6, 2006
Father, Judge Reinhold and Son, Fred Savage, do some body-swapping! Seems like the 80's had several similar movies, and I've enjoyed the ones I've seen!
July 11, 2007
Father & son change places, they make that wish while handling something that's suppose to have mageic powers or something and they wish they could trade places. Another wish come true.
½ March 29, 2007
Another movie trying to cash in on the success of Big. Even using 80's icon Savage can't save it from oblivion!
August 14, 2015
I very much liked vice versa it reminded some of like father like son but funnier
with judge reinhold and fred savage playing the father and part that gets me is judge reinholds character playing the drums in the department store when he's in fred savage body
½ March 11, 2015
Which came first? Vice Versa or Like Father, Like Son? Doesn't matter because they both accomplished being flops except Dudley Moore is way cooler than Judge Reinhold.
½ August 10, 2014
Vice Versa is decent film. It is about a divorced executive and his 11 year old son casually touch a magical Tibetan skull, releasing a mysterious power that transfers the father's mind to the body of the son and vice versa during an argument. Judge Reinhold and Fred Savage give good performances. The screenplay is a little slow in places. Brian Gilbert did an alright job directing this movie. I liked watching this motion picture because of the humor and fantasy.
June 4, 2014
My Favorite Comedy Film Is 1933's Duck Soup.
January 11, 2014
Touching an ancient skull, father and son trade places, and now they must find a way to reverse the spell. Though the occasional scene is amusing, this is just following a trend of the time; the kid suddenly turns into an adult movie that was made consistently popular with Big.
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