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March 19, 2015
First note: if I were from Memphis, I would be somewhat offended by this movie. I have been in the city, I remember it beautiful, I do not remember such a junkyard. But I was very badly offended by the portrait of Rome Jarmusch made in Night on Earth, he is such a man, rude, offensive, unpolite, unpleasant (I have seen some interview to him, a really unpleasant person, for me): he is so, a kind of man I would not like to have within my friends, for sure.
Jim Jarmusch insists in showing an America made of rotten buildings, junkyards, rusty cars ... I wonder: if he see his own country this way, why does he not leave it? The world is so great and full of beautiful places (not Rome, of course, a city that, accordin to Jarmusch, is as rotten and dirty and abandoned as Detroit nowadays, plus where peole have sex with pumpkins, sheep, and on the public street).
That said, I have seen this from a streaming with no subtitles at all: including the Japanese and the (short) Italian dialogs (not a problem for me for Italian, but with Japanese I had some ...): I wonder if it is so in the original, or, for some reason, the subtitles were left out in my copy. Anyhow, it was not difficult to follow the story of the japanese couple, even without understanding one word.
Overall, this is not the best Jarmusch I have seen, and I have seen almost everything. It is not also the worst, not as bad as the last production - the worst being, to my opinion, Only Lovers Left Alive, not counting the hideous Night on Earth - but far, very far, from Down By Law or Dead Man.
There is some funny spot, here and there, but Jarmusch jokes sounds, always, as already heard, old, stale; but I see some critics consider him exilarant: maybe my sense of humor is too poor to resonate with his. Or, more simply, my sense of humor is far from the tipical American one (this is a very well known thing since long: great American comedians never appealed any Italian audience, just to name the first coming to mind, Jerry Lewis, Abbott and Costello, the Marx Brothers).
The music is great, here, from the very beginning. Elvis is quoted all the time, but the opening song, Mystery Train, giving the title to the movie, reminds me Bill Monroe. It was not a song of him, but could have been. The ghost I perceived here was Bill, not Elvis: and this is the reason why I score this movie 3 stars: without this feeling, it were probably one and half, in the best case.
Overall, something to see if you have nothing better to do, but just once in life.
March 28, 2014
great direction, short meaningful dialogue, interesting and creative plot structure and narrative
August 24, 2014
America which everyone is a stranger in.
March 25, 2014
"Mystery Train" features three intertwining stories that take place over the course of the same night in Memphis, TN. It's a quite entertaining film from Jim Jarmusch, with a good cast and plenty of humor. The opening story of the Japanese tourists who love Rock & Roll is the best story and quite funny, the second about the Italian women is the weakest of the bunch, but with some decent moments, and the final is the story of three guys who end up on the run from the law...all three stories end up at the same shitty motel. I enjoyed this picture, even if the second two stories failed to live up to the opening story (the last one isn't too bad, its just the second that lags a bit). Anyone who enjoys offbeat humor will probably enjoy this flick.
June 21, 2014
The Asian couple segment is hilarious, but the other vignettes are too dark or depressing for their own good, and the movie doesn't gel as well as it could have. It's just okay.
February 22, 2014
Pulp Fiction is a bad rip off of this film.
½ December 29, 2013
Mystery Train is a film which is a rough amalgam of three stories about three different sets of people and what happens to them during an evening in Memphis. People like to think that the stories are woven together, but that's not really true. They're sort of presented one after another. Other characters may be seen in the background or something along those lines, but there's rarely if ever a repeat of a scene in each of the three stories. This is a film from Jim Jarmusch, so it will be unorthodox, as his films often are. The film's first story has the slowest pace, but it does get you warmed up for the other two stories, which ramp up as they move along. The music and the actors are all great, and the on location photography is real and beautiful. Most probably won't dig it, but I can't help but think that Quentin Tarantino might have been influenced by its style of storytelling. Just a thought. It's great movie, for film and music fans alike.
½ November 26, 2013
Life is a mystery train
September 2, 2013
Tom Waits is a damn good DJ...
April 13, 2010
Funny, touching and generaly interesting stories of ordinary and not so ordinary people in Memphis, Tennessee. The actors are exceptional. Masatoshi Nagase, Youki Kudoh, Screamin' Jay Hawkins and Joe Strummer are standouts. Precious life lessons by Jim Jarmusch again.
½ April 22, 2013
A steady deep descent into the bowels of unglamorized Americana from the persepective of different foreigners. It's quite an enjoyable and funny movie told in three seemingly unrelated chapters.
½ April 17, 2013
A Great film. The different story lines are not all as entertaining as the last one but I did like a lot of there different characters. I liked that Tom Waits was the DJ just as he was in Down by Law.
½ February 15, 2013
Unpredictable, that's what I like!
February 11, 2013
A gorgeous masterpiece. Jarmursch at his best in the weird, deep South.
Super Reviewer
June 15, 2006
This has been near the top of my watch list ever since I first made it...over 5 years ago.
½ July 29, 2012
It´s hard to proof or understand it, but it seems that Mystery Train and many of Jim jarmush´s movies are so realistic, because of that special and unpredictable script and diologs. A really agreable style to watch.
November 25, 2012
i loved this movie and i its one i can watch over & over and it always pulls me in 3 shorts about tourists in memphis& elvis
November 1, 2012
2nd favorite Jarmusch film.
October 19, 2009
Amazing movie. A wonderfully told snapshot of a city and some interesting visitors and inhabitants. The writing, direction and acting are all great, as is the music. So cool to see Joe Strummer in a movie. Any movie.
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