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November 13, 2007
An opulent and enthralling screen version of Bizet's celebrated opera.
November 4, 2005
I'm confused because I'm not really sure what to make of this movie. Maybe it is because I'm not very familiar with opera in general. I don't know. But this movie didn't do much for me at all. I REALLY enjoyed the music, don't get me wrong. That was great....and I guess for opera singers, they did a pretty decent job of acting. The direction seemed pretty good too. I guess it was mostly the story itself. How freaking depressing! The music made up a bit for that, though, at least for me. I thought the music was fun. I was very disturbed by many things, though:

*The goriness of the opening credits....seeing that bull move around in somewhat slow motion with a spear through his "hump" and blood pouring out and pieces of his flesh/hide flying here and there....ugg. And it looked pretty they filmed a real bullfight...who knows, maybe they did...I'm gonna go see if I can find out....anyhow...totally grossed me out and took away all of the romanticism associated with bullfighting for me.

*Guess I'm a shallow person who expects the actors/actresses to fit their roll a little more appropriately....wasn't Carmen suppose to be a beautiful temptress? I can get how she was being tempting...but beautiful???? Guess there just must not be any good looking good opera singers out there, or at least that were available at the time...sorry...I know that is mean...but to honest, it bothered me!

*SHAVE THOSE FRIGGIN' PITS FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!!! Talk about turning off any sort of sexual appeal....totally killed the mood

*Carmen's constant fascination with teasing by pulling her skirt up all the time...I can see how that could be sexy and tempting etc...but at least in this movie, with this actress, it was a total gross out for me.

*I just didn't feel the chemistry between any of the characters....maybe I would have if I had paid closer attention while watching....but I was a little too bored.

*And finally, does my lack of romantic feeling while watching this movie mean I'm not a romantic??? Everything that I've ever heard of Carmen has lead me to believe that I should have felt that way....but I just didn't. Can't be me...just can't...I AM a helpless romantic.

I gave it 6 out of 10 mostly for the music. My husband fell asleep during it....if that tells you anything.
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