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The Rookie Reviews

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October 10, 2012
When two offbeat cops with nothing in common take on a syndicate of automotive thieves - queue the racial slurs, cheap sound effects and crusty's worth the price of admission to witness the single most atrocious Hollywood performance of all time courtesy of Pepe Serna as Lieutenant Ray Garcia.
May 19, 2012
Very routine plot with no sparkle or wit to the jokes, nor class to the action that might raise it up to the heights you expect from Eastwood. Well made but very forgettable stuff.
April 24, 2012
By the late 1980's/early 1990's, Clint Eastwood's career was quite uncertain, he'd just made a good film with White Hunter Black Heart (1990), and he was offered this buddy cop film, which was just an excuse to see him shoot up baddies with Dirty Harryisms. It's like all the rest of those cop action films you got back then, and it's very unlike Eastwood to make this film. It has veteran Sgt. Nick Pulovski (Clint) and his partner, Powell (Hal Williams) about to take down a notorious German crime kingpin Strom (Raúl Juliá), who ends up killing Powell, and manages to get away after a high speed highway chase. After this, Pulovski is given a new partner in officer David Ackerman (Charlie Sheen), who Pulovski takes an immediate disliking to because he's inexperienced and young. Against orders, Pulovski and Ackerman continue to investigate the Strom case, and they go after him. When Pulovski is captured and held hostage by one of Strom's henchmen, Marco Rodriguez (Marco Rodriguez), it's up to Ackerman to go and save him and then finish the job they started. It's a very silly action film with a lot of explosions and more stuntmen credited than actors. Eastwood should have known better than to do this, and even at times, he looks like he's bored shitless by this film, the plots confusing, so they just add shootouts and explosions. Luckily for Clint, Unforgiven (1992) was next.
April 19, 2012
not sure why Eastwood agreed to do this. It was like Dirty Harry 6, except awful.
April 4, 2012
eastwood & sheen play off each other really well
March 31, 2012
Ok, so this isn't exactly a great action movie, nor is it a great character study. It has some charm to it though. The score, first of all, is completely out of a 70's action film, and it must be heard to be believed. Seeing Charlie Sheen destroy a bar is a hoot, as is Clint Eastwood getting "raped." I'm not quite sure why I like because I know it's definitely not perfect, but it's interesting nonetheless. If nothing else to see Sheen and Eastwood do a flick together.
March 12, 2012
So how is this not Dirty Harry 6?
March 10, 2012
This is an older movie but it was ok for a Eastwood movie, had its moments of haha funny stuff, but more an action flick then anything. Plus it was nice seeing charlie sheen in something b4 he went crazy.
March 5, 2012
In a retrospective "Clint Eastwood", the French television had the Idea to show
2 films: Untouchable first and then this. I stayed on to hear the comment by a known French moviemaker. He liked Eastwood and put all the blame on the rotten scriptwriter, the ex-stuntman. So he went on: what do you expect of a stuntman and poor Clint had to do this shit and and and . Well we are all human, what a relief!
Sarfaraz Abbasi
July 20, 2011
The Rookie is lame film, with respect to the story and performance, Charlie Sheen's performance is disaster and bad luck for the movie. The dialogues are lame and the ending-scene has been put lamely.
February 27, 2012
This movie has one good actor, Clint Eastwood, the rest are A- and B actors. The police officers are laughable, especially the lieutenant, and the villain, Raul Julia was miscast as a German, when he is clearly Hispanic. Overall this is a cheap popcorn flick but not a good movie.
January 22, 2012
The Start Of My Own Personal Clint Eastwood Season Started Of With This No-Brain Action Flick From 1990. The Film Is Fairly Enjoyable As A Film On It's Own, It's Terrible If You Think About The Story & The Script. This Is A Great Time Filler Despite The Run Time Being 2 Hours.
January 18, 2012
If you like action car chases and Clint Eastwood for not to mention Charlie Sheen this is good =)
December 26, 2011
Not the best Eastwood movie I've seen by a long shot. But it was tolerable and had it's moments when it was outright good.
July 15, 2011
If you want a guarantee, buy a toaster.
September 19, 2011
This is the worst Ive seen Eastwood. He just looks old and washed up in this. Sheen gives a good preformance especially in the 2nd half. It was one of those movies where I was checking how much time I had left with it. Oh, and the ending was cheesy as hell. This was an embarassing effort by Eastwood. Its not often I can say that.

Super Reviewer

August 17, 2008
It was an okay movie. And it was nice to see Clint Eastwood actualy do something instead of just stairing into the sun for two hours
September 6, 2011
Though it is a typical cop film and could easily be disliked by anyone I liked it for the most part. The cast is really good (Clint Eastwood being his typical self), the score is great, the action is well made and thrilling and despite the obvious cliches I had fun, mostly.
Phil H

Super Reviewer

July 28, 2011
First time I've actually seen this uncut it seems as allot of the swearing and violence...err I've never seen before hehe. Clint teams up with a slightly chubby yet fresh faced Charlie Sheen to take down the nasty yet comically dastardly looking Raul Julia in this by the numbers cops v baddies buddie action flick.

It shows how my taste has changed as I recall loving this when I was a teen but watching it now it really is quite lame with terrible performances from everyone, Clint is just 'Dirty Harry' again albeit with more humorous dialog and Sheen is just Sheen like he is in every film he's made.

We move from setup to setup as the good guys plod along piecing together evidence whilst getting into all manner of outrageous problems and taking various body blows. Lots of shooting n missing, stereotypical bad guy characters and one very good car stunt out of a building and voila! your typical Saturday night takeaway 80's/90's action flick, Sheen for the young and Clint for the old.
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