• PG-13, 1 hr. 23 min.
  • Comedy
  • Directed By:
    Jim Abrahams
    In Theaters:
    Jul 31, 1991 Wide
    On DVD:
    Aug 6, 2002
  • Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment


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Hot Shots! Reviews

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August 16, 2014
Topper must deal with past demons & save a mission that's been sabotaged.

Hot Shots! succeeds as a hilarious parody of the well known movie, Top Gun but set during the Iraq war.

Topper is called back into The Navy in order to help them destroy some Iraqi nuclear installations and he must contend with rival pilots and a plot within that could jeopardise the mission.

Lots of laughs with some regular comedic actors and many nods to other popular movies aside from Top Gun.

Super Reviewer

August 16, 2014
Top Gun takes a turn for the funny in Jim Abrahams' Hot Shots!.Flying in at 80+ minutes of screen time, the comedic spoof of a story manages to keep itself together with all the senseless antics. Much like any other comedy, the humor is hit and miss; however, Hot Shots does manage a good number of laughs, as it should with the constant barrage of senseless comedy written into the script.The brain doesn't have to function at a high level to pick up on the fun. At the same time, a lot of it is easily relatable without having to be high on pop culture.The faces of Charlie Sheen, Valeria Golino, and Cary Elwes, among others, do what they have to do in a film of this caliber. Lloyd Bridges is the star of the show. If there are laughs to be had, it is at his expense.Hot Shots! is a comedic quickie and a relaxing sit through. Nothing more, nothing less.
February 12, 2010
Basically the worst spoof imaginable. (First and only viewing - Late teen years)
July 23, 2014
If you think Family Guy throws a lot of jokes at you, try watching Hot Shots!, which I don't think ever went more than 30 seconds without at least one joke. But unfortunately, Hot Shots! felt like it was trying way to hard to be a Mel Brooks movie, except for me, turned out to be a very unfunny parody. The movie is constantly trying to make you laugh, but only made me laugh a couple times. I really don't understand why so many people like this movie.
Jason G.
July 17, 2014
A master at work (Abrahams, Proft, et. al.).
June 13, 2014
A goofy, but mostly funny spoof movie that has a perfect performance from Charlie Sheen and a script that has enough laughs to satisfy.
April 30, 2014
Similar to Airplane's style of humour, expect for many pop culture references and absolute silliness and you'll be sure to enjoy Hot Shots. Cary Elwes also does a great impression of Val Kilmer's Ice Man throughout.
August 1, 2010
Considering Jim Abrahams is part of the creative trio that wrote The Naked Gun or Airplane this is somewhat disappointing. The brand of humor is similar but the detail and continuous flow of gags that make a spoof great are not there. Part of enjoying a spoof is appreciating the source material. This primarily parodies Top Gun, which is not my favorite movie to start with. It parodies several other movies as well, but the story and characters are mainly from Top Gun. It picks up on several of the late 80s to early 90s movie clichés, but several of the references have not aged particularly well. Some of the references are not funny without the connection to the original. This is not bad, but it is a lower level of writing when it cannot stand on its own and still be funny. Charlie Sheen and Cary Elwes both work nicely though. Charlie Sheen says plays the part with straight seriousness but there is a pleasant sarcastic undertone in his delivery that is perfect for a spoof movie like this.
February 21, 2014
Makes me cry with laughter!
January 10, 2014
This Christmas, I received a collection of Abrahams/Zucker films (although I only prefer the few I got), and one of these was Hot Shots, the Top Gun parody that is...errr....ok? Better than my last disappointment from the comedy duo, Top Secret!
One thing about the Zucker/Abrahams films is that their plots are ridiculously bland. The writers pay so much attention to the jokes and slapstick and "whoops, looks like I did something stupid" moments that the plot is just one big clusterf**k, and it's also hard to keep focused with. So, as far as I know, it's Top Gun with Charlie Sheen and he has sexy moments with his psychiatrist lady while, meanwhile, Lloyd Bridges plays an idiotic colonel. That kinda sounds like every Zuckers/Abraham film, doesn't it...
The film is no Airplane! or Naked Gun, but it has its funny moments, and it's much better than that piece of trash Top Secret. Some parts are bland, some parts are funny, some parts don't seem important, it has its many flaws. I wouldn't call it good, either, but it's worth watching if it's on TV or something. It's definitely not a film you would crack up at every scene.
February 15, 2009
Avec un doublage vf exceptionnel, c'est pour moi, un des chef d'uvres de l'absurde. Lloyd Bridges est terrible.
December 16, 2013
I own this on DVD in a two movie pack along with:
* Hot Shots! Part Deux (1993)
December 3, 2013
maybe this movie is funny at it era, but i don`t feel the same way. just a few scenes can make me laugh, i don`t know maybe the jokes didn`t suit me well. the idea is parody built from advertising, another movies and political situation in that time. this is the beginning of american series "Two and Half Men",collaboration between Charlie Sheen and Jon Cryer.
Bengel W.
September 29, 2013
The comedy is thick, fast and layered so have your eyes glued to the show. Nibbles: Veggies and dip
September 23, 2013
I've not seen Top Gun in full but I've seen bits here and there so I know what goes on and who is who, and Hot Shots! spoofs Cruise' action adventure movie spectacularly. Within the first few minutes a typical Aircraft carrier is filled with gags from pilots cooking sausages using the jet engines, gardeners using leaf-blowers to clear the runway and numerous other gags that work so well and stay consistent throughout the entire movie. Charlie Sheen is Topper Harley, a maverick pilot undermined by the great legacy of his father, with immense pressure bearing down on him he suffers panic attacks, but all this seriousness makes for great laughs, look out the for the moment his heart literally pumps his chest and he snaps the chair handles in half. Charlie Sheen is a brilliant lead, and he has great chemistry with Jon Cryer, of course, and Valeria Golino's psychiatrist, the tension and innuendo between the two is priceless. I love a good spoof, my favourite is The Naked Gun and that will always remain my favourite spoof, it's unbeatable but Hot Shots! is high up there, it's a damn funny movie that takes a classic and turns it topsy turvy for comedic spin.
September 19, 2013
funny and that's all
June 16, 2013
This spoof is not the funniest movie ever and is parodying a bad movie. But it has a hilarious cast, Lloyd Bridges definitely being the funniest. Hot Shots does get dull in places but is an enjoyable movie overall.
August 7, 2007
Perhaps the love for films like Hot Shots is specific to those of us who were of a certain age during its release, maybe, it doesn't translate so well to the "Scary Movie" generation. Either way, it still holds up for me. From top to bottom its hilarious, nostalgic and clever. Lloyd Bridges is simply a delight. Some of the references are now way to old to remember their origin (has anyone watched 9 and a half weeks in the last 20 years?!?) but it doesn't seem to matter. It is a faithful spoof of Top Gun (and any other Tony Scott film for that matter) and is just plain fun. Not as quality as Flying High and Naked Gun but miles better than Loaded Weapon. Great.
July 6, 2013
It's funny, as spoofs should be. However, not THAT fun.
March 16, 2012
Maybe at Hot Shot!'s time this was funny, but this film was just boring and lacking in humor when it faced so many potential situations to handle it. It also struggled to find a balance between humor and seriousness. Hot Shots is a massive overrated Fail which was worse than the standard Spoof film.
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