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January 19, 2011
One of the best American movies of the 90's. Still fresh and relevant today.
½ October 27, 2011
Not as melodramatic as 'Crash' and its characters are better drawn as well.
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August 9, 2010
An uplifting drama from Larry Kasdan that takes a peek into the modern urban life, about the fear and confined spaces within which everyone's living.
The plot revolves around six characters, each of them having trouble to get on with their daily lives, for several different reasons. As these lives serendipitously criss-cross each other, they're convinced eventually that there's hope at the end of the tunnel.
September 28, 2011
Typical 80's film here. Black people in the 80's were (generally) ridiculously portrayed by Hollywood. This film is an uber example.
August 28, 2011
Its a tad pretentious and overblown overall, but the points it makes on race, integration, change, and understanding are remarkable.
August 7, 2011
Interesting but sad.
½ March 23, 2009
I was very pleasantly surprised by this film. Wonderful directing, writing, and cast. Very profound. About as deep as...I won't say it.
August 7, 2010
Atrocious. Shockingly so. Coming off being perhaps the best screenwriter of the 80s, I can't believe that Kasdan turned out this utter dreck. Every single character's behavior is utterly perplexing, and then they all take pains to explain out loud what they are feeling, and that makes even less sense. The inciting incident of the whole film rings false, and everything that follows does likewise. The thing with The Big Chill, despite its flaws, is that it presented interesting situations, and semi-charming characters. This does neither. It feels like Altman borrowed from it to make Short Cuts at times, but even if he did so, he made the far superior film. A tedious, thorough disappointment.
½ July 17, 2010
goes into the catogory that Little Children and American Beauty go into...only not as good as those films, but still not a bad movie.
June 17, 2010
Your Senator happens to be very Liberal.You know who.
May 17, 2010
Felt a bit long, but it was alright.
May 4, 2010
When a lawyer's (Kevin Kline) car breaks down in a dangerous
Los Angeles neighborhood, a tow-truck driver (Danny Glover) arrives just in time to save his life. The two men begin a deep friendship that sets off a chain of unsettling and surprising events involving their families and friends for years to come.

also stars Steve Martin, Mary McDonnell, Mary-Louise Parker, Alfre Woodard, Jeremy Sisto, Tina Lifford, Patrick Malone and Shaun Baker.

directed by Lawrence Kasdan.
March 21, 2010
Originally saw this in the theater in 1991, and just watched
it again on DVD. I forgot how terrific this film is. It
is similar in many ways to "Crash", so if you liked that
film and haven't seen Grand Canyon, I'm confident you'll
like this too. For my part, I wish it was an Academy Award
winner, because I liked it far more than "Silence of the
Lambs", which won best picture in 1991.
June 21, 2008
A very well done character driven storyline, superbly acted by everyone in the film. The underratedness of this movie is a crime!
½ January 8, 2010
I could stand bits and pieces of this one...Watching the whole thing was out of the question..."
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October 7, 2007
This ensemble drama follows the lives of a couple of Los Angeles residents in the early 90s and their exceedingly pessimistic view on their lives and the state of the world at that time. Carried by excellent performances (Kevin Kline, Mary McDonnell and Steve Martin in a surprisingly serious, yet not entirely humorless role) the film develops a quite mesmerizing pace, despite of a few slow scenes (especially the dream sequences could have used some editing), also thanks to James Newton Howard's great soundtrack score. The fact that the film doesn't feel the need to end in a pretentiously dramatic and bad way is another big plus. It's keeping its optimistic view throughout the small twists of fate the characters have to go through, stating that it pays off to care about others and trying to help them out. And the final moments of the film are as overwhelming and humbling for the characters as for the audience. A smart, touching and heart-warming experience.
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July 17, 2008
nominated for best picture by NBR
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September 29, 2009
Nice film but I?m yet to reach middle-age (I hope) so I?m not really ready for it. Interesting performance from Steve Martin
August 16, 2009
A powerful ensemble film elucidating the apparent randomness of life juxtaposed with the sense that destiny has a purpose for interweaving our lives with others. And how in just the blink of an eye, something seemingly small can happen that has the power to inextricably alter one's life forever. Raw performances mixed with a tenderness that is life affirming.
July 12, 2009
i miss you mary so much!!!!
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