The Flash Gets New Director, Tagline

Which is harder: Outrunning yourself, or outrunning bad reviews?

Ever since Warner Bros. put Justice League of America in motion, fans have wondered how it will affect the studio's other DC Comics-derived superhero franchises. JLA's impact on Superman and Batman is still somewhat hazy, but how about that dude in red tights with the lightning bolt on his chest and funny little wings over his ears?

MTV Movies reports that Warner's long-discussed feature-length look at The Flash is still on -- and that it's changed directors again. Shawn Levy has apparently left the project ("for undisclosed reasons") and been replaced by David Dobkin, also known as the guy who helped bring you Wedding Crashers and Fred Claus.

Dobkin confirms to MTV that his Flash "will exist in the same universe as the upcoming flick" and will act "as a direct spin-off," meaning he's in the unusual position of waiting to see who's cast in JLA before making many moves on his own picture. But that doesn't mean he can't share a few bits of information with MTV:

Asked which version of the Flash would be the hero of his flick, Dobkin didn't hesitate. "Wally West," he said.

From Levy to Dobkin, "The Flash" movie has certainly courted directors primarily known for their comedic work. But that doesn't mean they'll treat the character like a joke, Dobkin said. Asked about his vision for the Flash, Dobkin teased us with a somewhat melancholy tagline: "You can't outrun yourself."

Source: MTV Movies



Andrew Raine

This is going to be godawful. Yeah, the Flash isn't the greatest of Comic heroes, but he's up there in the pantheon. Wally West? This is disheartening on so many levels I can scarcely imagine the possibilities... Owen Wilson as Wally West, harnessing the Speed Force while cracking one-liners with Kid Flash, played by Dakota Fanning...

Oct 29 - 05:26 AM


joe fish

But I thought the Flash from the JLA movie was Barry Allen.

Oct 29 - 05:31 AM


Anthony Perez

This one too eh, ah damn it.

Oct 29 - 05:46 AM


Carl Myers

They hinted that the flash from JLA would be both Allen AND West. I'm assuming Allen dies or something. I still think Ryan Renholds would be great for this role, but as it's looking, it's not going to happen. real lame.

Oct 29 - 06:21 AM


Matanuki .

Wally West is a good Flash to go with for the franchise, but if they try to cram in his Kid Flash background without really going into Barry Allen's story? I don't know if I can get too enthusiastic about it. Either way, they're probably gonna wind up having to take some major liberties with the story to make it work.

Oct 29 - 06:22 AM


Cap Nord

The guy behind The Wedding Crashers and Fred Claus is directing The Flash huh? Riiiiggghhhttt!!! As much as I really hate to ask this but where's Sam Raimi when we really need him?

Oct 29 - 06:27 AM


Eric Baker

The guy who made gross splatter flicks making Spider-Man? Riiiiigggghhhhtttt!!!!

You guys seem to think there's no such thing as versatility when it comes to directing. Hell, you want to see Versatility, go watch Peter Jackson's old movies. If you would have told the average New Zealander than Jackson's movies were going to win almost 20 oscars, you would've just been laughed at.

Oct 29 - 06:42 AM



I want to see a sequel to Rounders.

What say you?

Oct 29 - 08:05 AM

blank blank

bob jones

im willing to look over all of the discontinuity issues and all of the messy issues that the JLA movie and its spin offs bring up (same flash actor in the spin off movie, but different superman and batman actors, and a different GL in the spin off, wtf) so long as the spin offs are well made.

so far, its not looking too good. the fact that they keep switching directors (although they got rid of shawn levy, who is a "comedic" director who has never made a funny movie is a good thing), and that they've all been hacks (yes, including goyer, who is a great writer but a crappy director) is really, really ****ing disconcerting.

DC/Warners is shooting itself in the face with this "strategy" and the personnel they are going after. It's really, really sad.

Oct 29 - 08:38 AM

blank blank

bob jones

the more i think about this whole JLA thing, the more i think:

**** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** ****!

Oct 29 - 08:39 AM

Unbreakable Samurai

Unbreakable Samurai

Dobkin is way better than Levy. So at least this is kinda going in a better dirction.

Oct 29 - 08:43 AM


lance berry

Yeah, the JLA movie is supposed to have Barry Allen and Wally West, and begins with Allen's funeral. So that's why Dobkin has to wait to see how that flick plays out. Go to for the whole story. The JLA doesn't even tell an origin tale about how they's just established they've been working together for a while. That flick(and Flash's movie) will either really rock or truly suck Darkseid's balls.

Oct 29 - 08:43 AM

blank blank

bob jones

way to have a spoiler warning, thereign

Oct 29 - 10:20 AM


John Potter

this, like jla, sounds like an idea that'll most likely suck, but could potentially be decent...

Oct 29 - 11:16 AM


Jeremiah Rancourt

I think it will depend on how Fred Claus does at the box office, if this new director sticks around. The studio suits like pulling a newish director from a major property if their last/first big name project crashes and burns.

Oct 29 - 12:02 PM


Francisco "Kiko" Gomez

all i have to say is they have to have an origin story. the way this movie is turning out, im not even going to put my money for this crap fest.

Oct 29 - 12:37 PM


Alec G

Ryan Reynolds IS Wally West. Any other casting choice is a mistake.

Oct 29 - 01:31 PM


Joey Chid

1. a flash movie probably wouldn't work
2. even if they do want to make a flash movie, get somebody more experienced then the guy who did wedding crashers.

Oct 29 - 03:43 PM


Kenneth Linck

The JLA director has already made public that a major character is going to bite it in the film. Considering the history of the pantheon, it seems as though it would either have to be the Flash or the Lantern (unless I'm forgetting someone else who shared his title).

Oct 29 - 07:00 PM


Matt Wiggins

let's calm down a bit on the dobkin-bashing ok? the guy previously attached to direct shat out "just married". it's a vast improvement in my opinion.

Oct 29 - 09:56 PM

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