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Anne-marie V July 19, 2013
I stay in South Africa (Benoni) and I would LOVE to have The Student Prince Dvd (Mario Lanza) 1954. I just DONT know where to get it from. PLEASE HELP?????
Greg W March 29, 2012
technicolor musical remake of a 1927 silent
Gregory W September 2, 2011
lavish musical/costume drama but not really my cup 'o tea.
Donald T December 4, 2006
My Most Favourite Movie Ever
Alan W December 31, 2007
This was a good movie
gms1yygy gms1yygy ½ June 29, 2007
A good old fashioned musical! Anne Blythe was lovely and could sing a gentle song. Edmund Purdom was cute (they said), but couldn't sing, so they dubbed Mario Lanza (excellent tenor). Made in 1954 (I was in college then) about a prince who, as a student in Heidelberg, falls in love with a beautiful bar waitress. Doomed romance, of course, but wonderful music.
woodsideat8 woodsideat8 ½ May 20, 2007
Lovely Movie loved the musical numbers from Mario Lanza and Anne Blyth shame Lanza couldnt play the prince Edmund Perdom spoiled the part
brighteyedburd brighteyedburd May 4, 2007
edmond purdom is so sexy in this musical film
Mike M ½ April 18, 2007
A fantastic operetta that leaves out the Hollywood ending. Prince Karl takes a break away from his life as a prince to experience life among the students of the University of Heidelberg and in the process learns to become more humble, laugh, build friendships and of course falls in love with a common bar maid. The kings horrible acting skills in sections has always bothered me in this film and the directors lack of recognizing that.
anarenae3878 anarenae3878 ½ March 24, 2007
i love this movie! the songs are always stuck in my head!
Saidat D February 17, 2007
THE END SUCKED. It was a realistic ending, given that the guy is a prince and the girl a barmaid, but seriously.
thespian8 thespian8 ½ July 28, 2004
Another great day yesterday. I had just finished watching Top Hat when my mother called asking me to run to St. Paul to deliver my sister's school ID to the driver's licence beureau so she could get her permit. I pulled myself off the couch for the trip, and on the way home, decided to make it worthwile by kidnapping Laurent. I rang the doorbell and scared Sebastion half to death, then turned around to see Laurent driving up the street (yes, Laurent was driving, with his mother in the passenger seat). So I kidnapped him and brought him home. We then decided to watch Sweeny Tood, which I have been trying to get Kehoe to see for forever, so I called him and he joined us for the movie. Afterwards, my sister and her friend Anna, came down and all of us played poker- Anna and I were neck in neck at the very end, then we just put it all in, picked up our last hand, and she won. ah well (we weren't playing with money anyway). Then Kehoe left and Laurent and I drove to Como Park and just walked around the lake talking (me in a french accent), then went to his house for some classy TV dinners and bread with jam. He then popped in The Student Prince, an operetta I learned about in my musical theatre class, which was quite enjoyable. We ended the night playing a fighting game on his x-box. The characters really did look like certain people we know- in the first match Laurent was the character he thought was me, and I was him. He didn't play me right though, so I (as Laurent's character) beat him. Second match, we set up Stu against Nikki. Stu went down (but I think that was because Laurent didn't want him to win). The final match, I played as my true self (the sexier character), and Laurent played himself. I ended up taking him down with a final move where I picked him up on my shoulders with his groin in my face. Nevertheless I won! Ha ha! I RULE!

Excited for tonight- Stu's Welcome Back Party (that he's throwing for himself te-he) is tonight, as is a party Alex is throwing! Yay for parties and exciting people at both!
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