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½ November 21, 2011
The Flintstones was one of those films that I really enjoyed when I was younger. Years later, however the film doesn't hold up. I found that despite the two lead roles (which were well casted), the film didn't have anything good to offer. The plot seems a bit too complex for children, and I remember not fully understanding the film when I was younger. The film suffers from quite a poor plot, and it's the main reason why this film misses the mark. The film does have a highpoint, the film looks great and that's about it. The films sets look stunning. However aside from John Goodman and Rick Moranis, the actors here are terrible. A live action adaptation of the classic TV show wasn't the best idea, and the end result of this film showcases that point perfectly. The film tries to have a serious plot to add to its already silly plot, and it doesn't work. Director Brian Levant proves once again he's a sloppy director and can't craft an excellent family film. The Flintstones is a very forgettable family film, and it joins the countless awful family films that has plagued cinema in the last two decades. There are some great family films that are still watchable today, however, this one doesn't stand out, and it's laughably bad. The Flinstones is the type of film that when you're a kid, you enjoy, however when you grow up, you ask yourself "Why did I even like this crap?" This is a pointless film that might have been good, but is ruined by an awful script, bad directing and sloppy acting. Avoid this film. There are so many better family films out there.
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November 13, 2011
Not a good companion to the funny tv series. The plot and humour is its main flaw.
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September 21, 2011
Barney Rubble: You know, Fred, I hear that eatin' too much red meat is bad for you.
Fred Flintstone: What a load of bunk! My father ate it every day of his life and he lived to the ripe old age of thirty-eight.

"Yabba-dabba-doo it."

Probably one of the worst and most brutal family movies I've ever sat through. I watched the whole thing, but I hated myself for every wasted second. This movie is made for the Rosie O'Donnells of Hollywood; not for Rick Moranis, John Goodman and Elizabeth Perkins. This movie is so far beneath the three of them. It's a disaster from start to finish and there is no possible way the makers of this movie could have thought this was going to turn out good.

If you like your jokes to be about rocks, stones and slate then this is your movie. But know what you're getting yourself in for because every joke is about rock, stones and slate. That's it, nothing else, besides the most annoying quote in the world from Fred Flintstone. I really don't think many kids would find this all that entertaining either. If I had watched this when I was a kid, I know I wouldn't have liked it.
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January 24, 2007
I gotta be honest and say that I didn't even like this when I was a kid, but looking at it many years later, I'm kind of fascinated with it. I'm fascinated that a production from Steven Spielberg featuring special effects by Industrial Light & Magic AND creature effects by Jim Henson's Creature Shop AND featuring cameos by Sam Raimi and Chris Rock was ever made in the first place. Not only that, but it isn't the typical sort of cut and dried family entertainment you'd expect it to be. It contains some adult content with lots of innuendos. They aren't an enormous deal but you don't expect them in this type of a movie. The cast is hit and miss (???Rosie O'Donell as Betty???), but I'd say this was well-executed. It's by no means perfect, but it's actually craptastic in my eyes. It's fun, but don't expect anything mind-blowing or particularly grand. It is what it is, and it's much better than I give it credit for.
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½ June 15, 2010
They did a great job re-creating the cartoon, but if I feel like I wana watch the Flintstones, Ill just space out for an hour before I take my morning vitamin...
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December 7, 2009
I like the Flintstones.
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September 11, 2009
Saw this at the theater with my girlfriend and brother when I was 13, and wish I hadn't. I love John Goodman and the original cartoon I always liked well enough, though it wasn't a favorite. This movie just sucked though.
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½ July 13, 2007
The Flintstones come to life in this film. Good adaptation of characters. Barney helps his bestmate Fred get an executive job in the company. He doesn't realise he has to sack all of his colleagues though.
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November 3, 2008
The Flintstones was a great movie. It was one of the more creative movies of it's time - one of the best parts of watching the movie is listening to the dialogue and watching ways the movie uses prehistoric times to fit modern times.

The cast was great. John Goodman and Ric Moranis really nailed the parts as Barney and Fred. They looked and sounded as the parts, the rest of the cast was not so bad either.

In honesty if I was not a Flintstone fan I cannot be so sure that I would of liked this as much as I did - but if your a flintstone fan and watched the cartoon as a child then you'll probably love the memories and humor this movie brings back.
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½ December 16, 2007
An absolute shit storm of embarassing proportions. Moranis is perfect as Barney Rubble but Goodman seems to play rent-a-fatman. John's better than this. As is everybody. Halle Berry and Kyle Maclachlan are just cringe inducing. Some nice puppets and set design can't help a script typed with poo instead of ink. And WHY OH WHY has Betty, one of the hottest cartoon characters ever been played by Rosie O'Donnell? The absolute opposite of attractive. She's more like fried vomit.
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½ August 25, 2007
Utter trash
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½ July 22, 2007
very funny and the type of thing you'd watch to cheer yourself up. Not an everyday film though.
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July 5, 2007
This is actually a decent movie but the cartoon cannot be beat.
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June 27, 2007
Universal Pictures' first Flinstones movie generated a lot of attention, but it was barely watchable.

The casting of John Goodman as Fred was okay physically, but he kept smiling directly at the camera. Rick Moranis worked well as a cute little Barney Rubble. Elizabeth Perkins was a decent Wilma Flinstone. Rosie O'Donnell was way too chubby as Betty Rubble. I can barely remember Pebbles and Bam-Bam even being in this movie! There were nice cameos by Elizabeth Taylor, Kyle MacLachlan and Halle Berry. It was strange that they cast some neanderthal types as extras.

The story was bland and under-developed about Fred and Barney taking a test at their job, and Fred getting the promotion, but then other execs trying to frame Fred for stealing money.

The Bedrock sets had a very small-scale back-lot feel to them, like a plastic Universal Theme Park attraction. CGI wasn't available back then, or they could've done some impressive things. I was hoping they'd use the looping-background gag when they were driving along.

I like how they re-created the opening and closing sequences of the cartoon. It's a cheesy movie, and could've been a cult curiousity in the future, but I think people are trying to forget it ever existed.
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½ June 6, 2007
I think I'm one of the few who likes this movie...Check it out if you used to watch the cartoon.
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½ May 14, 2007
Good sight gags, but Rosie O'Donnell was seriously miscast as Betty Rubble. I always saw Betty as the hottie wife of the neighborhood, not a fat, frumpy mom.
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March 14, 2007
They got Dino's toes wrong.
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January 12, 2007
love goodman and berry, dont like odonnel at all, toss up
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½ December 27, 2006
This one was anice adaptaion.
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November 8, 2006
im a little dissapointed with this movie, there are too much errors in this movie, and the cast was kinda wrong also
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