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½ February 10, 2012
okay we get it, schwarzenegger is big and devito is small. please stop! it's jumped the shark! this film again is just some funny lines here or there from arnold only because it's arnold. scripts bad and i put this under a bad carrer move for devito.
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November 27, 2011
Junior is a poorly constructed comedy that should never have been made. The idea behind the film was pretty original, but director Ivan Reitman doesn't know how to properly direct, and make this film watchable. This had the potential of being a witty, original comedy, and though it's original, Junior is a poorly constructed film with an awful script. The film might have had a good premise, but overall it fails to entertain. This one of Arnold Schwarzenegger's worst films and I think that the film might have worked if he wasn't on board. I mean Schwarzenegger is an action star, not a comedy star. Junior is a poor attempt at a comedy, and though the idea might have been interesting, the end result is a film that is dreadful and not worth watching. Ivan Reitman has made one of his worst films with this film, and it could have been much better than this. The film suffers from an awful script, and though it's amusing at time, overall Junior fails to be a memorable comedy and really doesn't cut it. Maybe the film would have worked if the script had been revised a few times. Unfortunately the film is awful, and the plot is poor and the cast though trying their best to make the film entertaining, simply are wasted and just don't deliver anything good on-screen. This might have been a good comedy, but instead it ends up being an awful, forgettable comedy that is definitely not worth your time.
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½ July 29, 2010
Can you really blame me for taking an interest with the events of the past couple of weeks? Looking over the criteria, why wouldn't this be a home run? The director is Ivan Reitman, who makes decent comedies, the cast includes Oscar winner Emma Thompson and always versatile Danny Devito, and the premise and script are pretty decent. So what could be so terrible about this? Ah yes, The Terminator plays the lead role of Dr. Hess, an impregnated man. The critics have ripped this film to shreds, deeming it one of the worst in recent history. This is a bit harsh, even for such a ridiculous movie. Yeah, there are some truly corny and/or creepy scenes, including a dance sequence between Hess and fellow scientist Dr. Reddin (Thompson) where Hess is seven months along, and Reddin flips a shoe onto a dining room table. Still, the only thing that irked me was Arnold. Arnold was never meant to broaden his talents by foraying into comedies, especially not when his character is so cutesy. The Terminator, blowing shit up and trying to kill John Connor? But of course. Dressing in drag while doing lamaze exercises. Not so much. Plus Schwartzenegger's irritating voice can work wonders in films like Jingle All the Way and Commando, but in this film, it just made me giggle. Why gubenator, why?
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September 6, 2010
Another idiotic pregnant man movie, with some big stars who probably just did this movie for the fun of it. This comedy is stupid and unfunny, and I didn't care for it.
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March 25, 2007
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December 10, 2009
I would love to know how it is when a guy gets pregnant. I dont think any man out there will survive even a day.
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½ September 11, 2009
To say the least, "Junior" proposes a VERY original and hilarious concept, and that is of a man being literally pregnant. Dr. Larry Arbogast (Danny DeVito) talks Dr. Alex Hesse (Arnold Schwarzenegger) into going through a secret experiment in which he will be injected with something that will make him pregnant, even though he's a man. However, things go haywire when Dr. Hesse actually decides to go all the way with actually having the baby.
I don't know about everybody else, but the concept of a man having a baby in itself was beyond hilarious to me at first. Since Danny DeVito is one of the main stars, I knew the movie had a great chance of being an effective comedy. To say the least, "Junior" IS hilarious. When you see Arnold Scwarzenegger pregnant and performing some of the antics such as pretending to be a woman and trying to hide the fact that he's pregnant, if you have a sense of humor, then I guarantee that you will bust out laughing!

If you like comedy movies, especially ones that are entirely original, you've gotta at least rent "Junior." But I recommend for all comedy fans to purchase the movie because it's more than worth it!! NOTE: That was my Amazon review from the year 2001. I don't remember it as fondly now, but still funny.
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½ January 13, 2008
If I were Arnold Schwarzenegger I would censor this movie so that the Californians would never, ever see what a travesty their governor truly is.
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January 5, 2008
This is not a very good movie, but it scores points for being an immensely interesting cultural product: it must have been a huge career risk for all the actors involved, and (a trend in my recent movie-watching, this is another film that) takes an interesting premise to disappointing results. To actually live out the "why don't men have to deal with this?" question that so many mothers have certainly asked themselves is an exciting prospect, and a huge challenge to which Schwarzenegger responded relatively well. DeVito is continually stuck with cartoonishly bad lines, though Emma Thompson is pretty good in a non-typical role for her as the always flustered new colleague on campus. Unlike, say, Chuck and Larry, the few interesting questions that this movie raises aren't undercut by fart-like jokes, but rather, by family-film cornball moments. It almost works better, but the actors performances (particularly DeVito's) point to a lack of direction, and drag the film down.

In the end, even if you just laugh at Ahnold delivering ridiculous lines ridiculously ("mayh bohddy... mayh choizcze!"), it's something to watch once. Just never tell anyone... (oops).
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½ October 28, 2007
its an ok film dont know why a bloke wud wanna be a baby carrier but ok ....it has funny bits i think its great for its time but nowadays not even i worth a 3 star !!
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½ October 13, 2007
Good cast. Funny comedy about a man who becomes pregnant.
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½ September 28, 2007
With Arnold pregnant, how can you loose?
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January 18, 2007
pretty funny, cant help compare it to twins though which was much better
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½ December 31, 2006
Oh dear Lord, no...all I can say is, Arnie getting pregnant is rather more believable than the idea of Arnie as a scientist. Yet another one idea schmaltz fest.
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½ December 27, 2006
Arnold was always good for a laugh. Add Danny to the mix and you have a good time.
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½ November 7, 2006
So funny and cute.
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November 1, 2006
Crazy and weird of Arnie's "pregnant" at the first time of sex change in this film.
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July 26, 2006
I just love this film! Ever since i first saw it i knew it would be good!
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½ June 4, 2006
Completely funny!
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April 25, 2008
This is probably by far one of Arnold Schwarzenegger worst films ever. This movie was pretty good enough. Although the beggining was incredibly boring, but after that, the movie were pretty funny and intresting.
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